The Pool Noodle Hack That Keeps Air-Dried Laundry Crease-Free & Clotheslines Fresh

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Air-drying clothes has plenty of benefits, from a fresh sunny scent to reduced energy consumption. Unfortunately, clotheslines can get dirty, over time collecting grime and possibly mildew. Even if your clothesline is clean, you run the risk of creased clothing. One way to keep hang-dry clothes wrinkle-free is to suspend items from their tops and bottoms, without folding them over the line. But even if you do this, the clothespins can leave little creases as well. However, TikToker @missytoolesulliva has a great idea for keeping line-dry clothes fresh and crease-free: place a pool noodle over your washing line and hang garments from there. This adds a layer of padding to your clothesline while also protecting your garments from an old, musty rope. When your clothes are dry, simply bring them indoors with your pool noodles, protecting them from the elements. 

If you don't have a pool noodle, you can purchase them at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. They're 54" long, so you may need several if you have a lot of items to line dry. You'll also need to cut your noodles lengthways so you can easily pop them on and off your washing line. Utility knives are one of the best tools to use when cutting pool noodles, and work well for cuts that run the length of the noodle. Just take precautions when cutting your pool noodles in half, investing in cut-resistant gloves. Amazon sells a two-pack for $10. You can also purchase a utility knife on Amazon for $10. 

How to use pool noodles to air-dry laundry

Once your pool noodles are cut down the middle, you just need to snap them over your clothesline. To avoid creases, simply hang your items directly over the pool noodles. Worried about wind? Attach a couple clothespins to the sides of lightweight items. If you want to use hangers, @missytoolesulliva says wire hangers are the best, as you can place them directly into your pool noodle, piercing the foam exterior with the wire hooks. This keeps your hangers securely in place if the wind kicks up.

Pool noodle hacks can keep your home clean and organized, but the foam tubes get dirty easily, especially if birds and bugs land on them. You can use dish soap or a combination of water and white vinegar to clean your pool noodles, giving them a rinse afterward to ensure they're free from any leftover dirt or debris. Just ensure they're dry before placing them back on your washing line, to prevent the rope beneath from developing mildew. If this does happen, you just need a bucket with warm, soapy water, white vinegar, and an old rag to clean your clothesline. You'll remove whatever stubborn grime accumulated from animals, insects, and the environment, offering your clothes a clean place to line-dry. 

Using a clothesline to air-dry laundry is a great idea. But the resulting creases can add more work to your routine if you need to iron afterward. This time-saving technique is definitely one of the smartest pool noodle laundry hacks to try out.