The Genius Pool Noodle Hack That Makes Painting Doors So Much Easier

Painting various surfaces throughout a home presents challenges. You must prevent paint from dripping onto your floor, complete the proper preparation process, choose the right paint finishes, and more. Tackling doors can be particularly tricky as they typically include a textured surface, which requires special care. This becomes even more difficult when a door does not stay in place. Painting an unstable door can lead to mishaps like paint drips on your floor or walls that can be difficult to remove. If you do not have a stopper on hand, consider using a pool noodle to help stabilize your door.

This simple hack eliminates the need to grab other items to jam under the door to keep it from swinging back and forth. Newspaper or cardboard, for example, will not be as effective as a pool noodle because those flat paper items can easily slide out from underneath the door. The texture and shape of a pool noodle make it perfect to use as a door stopper. Repurposing an item you may already have at home is also a great way to save money. This clever pool noodle painting hack can be a major relief after you've spent a pretty penny on painting supplies.

How to use a pool noodle to keep a door in place

To repurpose a pool noodle into a DIY door stopper alternative to use when painting, start out by cutting a small piece off with scissors. You will need to cut away a section large enough so that it can grip onto the outside corner of your door without sliding away. The exact measurement will depend on the size of your door, but it should typically only need to be no more than a few inches long. After you have cut an appropriately-sized piece of pool noodle, grab your scissors and create an opening down the middle lengthwise. This will allow you to slide the pool noodle piece onto the bottom of your door easily.

Now, you are all set to use your pool noodle as a door stopper. It really is that easy, Simply slide the sliced foam onto the bottom outside corner of your door. It should hold the door open while you are painting. Once you are finished, simply remove the pool noodle. Do not toss it in the trash right away because you can continue to use it as needed. This hack is ideal for those looking to save money and time by repurposing an old pool noodle. However, you may also purchase a new one if you do not have your own already. Consider grabbing a pool noodle from Dollar Tree for only $1.25.