TikTok's Favorite Cleaner Will Leave Your Dirty Oven Doors Sparkling Clean

Is your oven door looking worse for wear these days? If it's coated with cooked-on grease, there's no telling how many times you'll have to scrub the same spot before wiping it clean. According to TikTok, no cleaning product is better suited to clean your oven door than The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste (available for $6 at Walmart). Content creators can't stop raving about this tub of pink goop, and for good reason. Don't be fooled by its bubble gum appearance; this TikTok-viral tool is tough on grime and grease. Even if your oven door hasn't been cleaned in years, the cleaning enthusiasts of TikTok have proven that the cleaning paste really does work miracles.

According to The Pink Stuff's website, the Miracle Cleaning Paste tackles everything from grimy saucepans and cooktops to glass and shower tiles to boats and brass. According to them, "the list is endless." Plus, it is naturally formulated and works just as hard as abrasive cleaners, so you can achieve the same level of cleanliness without the harsh chemicals. From these videos, it's clear that it's one of the most genius TikTok cleaning products you will find. Let's take a closer look at this TikTok-trendy product and how to use it to make your oven door shine again.

The Pink Stuff works like magic on dirty ovens

It's safe to say that The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is the MVP of #CleanTok. The app is filled with videos of cleaning enthusiasts using this product to make their kitchen appliances gleam like new. One popular video by @keepinupwith_kj shows the dramatic transformation of grimy oven doors. After scrubbing it with the pink paste, the TikToker said that it "literally worked a miracle." In another video, @imjustamom1 uses the product on a grease stain inside an oven and says it only took five minutes to remove it. "I'm very happy with the turn out, would definitely recommend if you haven't tried it already," the TikToker writes. A popular video by @newbuild_newlyweds says the stuff worked like "magic" on their oven.

The product even works wonders on an oven that hasn't been cleaned in three years, according to a viral video posted by @emneale. After much scrubbing, the miracle paste got the job done. So, if your oven doors could use a transformation as dramatic as this one, stubborn grime doesn't stand a chance against this oven cleaner. Before you slather your cooking appliances in pink paste, it's important to know how to use this product effectively and avoid accidentally damaging the surfaces. 

How to use The Pink Stuff to get your oven doors sparkling like new

The Miracle Cleaning Paste is easy to use, but depending on the condition of your oven, you may have to repeat the steps a few times to get the best results. To begin, dab a soft cloth or sponge into the tub of paste. Any sponge will do, but many TikTokers use the popular Scrub Daddy sponge for its ability to scour any surface without causing scratches. Gently scrub your oven door and rinse it clean with hot water. Do not allow the paste to dry, and place the lid back onto the container after you've used it to preserve its condition. If your oven door is hot or warm, wait until it has cooled off before you clean it. 

Although this product is naturally formulated and can be used on practically any surface, it may still cause damage if not used correctly. It is important to apply light pressure on glass, polished steel, and ceramic to avoid scratches. This is especially important when cleaning the glass surface on your oven doors. Using a microfiber cloth or a sponge like the right Scrub Daddy will help prevent surface damage. If you're still concerned about scratches, you can always test the product on a smaller area first. Now that you know how to use the Miracle Cleaning Paste, you can tackle the rest of the kitchen if you're feeling ambitious.