This TikTok Organization Trick Is A Game Changer For Busy Parents & Messy Closets

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Whether you're trying to keep all your kids' clothes neat and easy for them to find or you're looking for ideas to organize a small closet, this TikTok hack could save you time and make getting ready in the morning so much easier. A video posted by June and Ivory Boutique shows how you can use stackable bins to make your child's closet more accessible for them, but a similar method could be used to straighten up your own closet.

With children, storing their clothes in clear bins or ones with an open front will help them to find what they need quickly, and each bin could be organized by what's inside or sorted with ready-to-go outfits. Because these bins are rather small, even young children should be able to reach everything on their own, and you can even label the bins to make it easier. Alternatively, you might implement clear plastic drawer sets. In an adult's closet, you can get more creative and use whatever type of basket, bin, or drawers you'd like to keep everything where it should be.

Organizing your kid's closet with TikTok's trick

First, you'll need to decide what type of bin would best suit your child and your budget. While the TikTok video shows Brightroom all purpose storage bins ($12 each at Target), you might opt for a less expensive option, especially if you have multiple children. Dollar Tree has similar storage solutions, such as the white stackable bin ($5). If you're looking for something more colorful and whimsical, you might try the mini plastic storage bins ($1.25 at Dollar Tree). Alternatively, you could use simple drawers instead, like the Brightroom three drawer cart at Target for $16. Similarly, Dollar Tree has the plastic stackable drawers for $5 each.

Once you have your bins, you can remove the brand labels to make them look better, and even decorate them if you'd like. You might paint some sides of the bins, or allow your kids to cover them in their favorite stickers. Now, you'll want to label the bins or drawers to make the clothes easy to locate. You might choose to have a drawer for each day of the week with a set of pajamas and an outfit preselected. With multiple kids, each could have their own set of storage on separate sides of the same closet. Otherwise, you might use drawers and label each with the type of clothing inside. This organization tip will make your child's closet so much easier to navigate, and should be simple to set up.

Using this organization trick for a messy closet

Cluttered closets can make doing laundry and getting dressed for the day a big hassle, but you can also use bins, baskets, and small sets of drawers to free up storage space in your closet. This could be helpful for a linen closet, a craft space, or your regular bedroom closet. Rather than using clear drawers or bins, you might consider more decorative options, such as the Brightroom three drawer tower ($27 at Target), which is more aesthetically pleasing. For around the same price, Walmart has a plastic three drawer system that looks woven. Baskets can also be placed on closet shelves or on the floor to organize shoes and accessories, like the Lakeside set of three storage baskets (about $36 at Target).

With your clothing, you may not want to label the drawers, bins, or baskets, but if you're trying to organize a craft or linen closet, this could be really helpful and make it faster to find what you need. If you have closet drawers that need some help, the aforementioned clear bins could be set side by side in your drawers to add organization. You could also use a similar method as with kids' closets and stack open front bins on the floor of your closet to have some extra room. However you decide to implement it, this TikTok organization trick will help to make your or your kids' closets easier to look through and less cluttered.