Jenn Todryk's Smart Advice For Making A Small Living Room Feel Larger

Furniture plays a huge role in how a space is perceived. For instance, one way to make the most of a small living room is to avoid bulky furniture pieces and get small ones that have legs to raise them off the ground because the empty space will make the room feel larger. Jenn Todryk also has a furniture-related tip, although it might seem counterintuitive. In the reveal of Season 3 Episode 7 of HGTV's "No Demo Reno," the client commented on how big the living room looked and Todryk explained what the problem was with the previous design. "You only had one piece of furniture here and sometimes if you do that, it makes the space look smaller than when you put a lotta stuff in," she said (via YouTube).

When designing a small living room, minimalism is the perfect design aesthetic. If you like your stuff, however, you don't have to worry about limiting yourself to a sparsely furnished home. Even with a full room like the one Jenn Todryk designed, you can observe the less is more rule through the sizes, colors, and styles you choose for your furniture and other elements. Think monochrome, sleek and compact pieces, and simple designs.

Fill up the space, but be smart about it

Jenn Todryk's smart advice is to fill up the room because it will feel larger when it seems like a lot can fit into it. In the episode, all the old living room had was a foosball table that was placed right in the center, and it made it feel like there wasn't a lot of space left for anything else. After, there was a sofa with a coffee table in front of it and two seats on both sides of the sofa complete with side tables between them. This showed that the room could hold multiple pieces of furniture and still look comfortable.

Two tips to help with this are to get furniture that fits the area perfectly and to avoid too many small pieces. Getting the right dimensions is everything, especially when space is limited, so you want to get furniture that fits your living room exactly right with some space left around each piece. Instead of throwing in several small pieces, focus on one or two big anchor pieces because they will be better at creating the illusion of more space. It also helps to incorporate the living room seating trend of social seating. When the sofa and chairs are arranged to face each other, the room will take on a cozy feel instead of a cramped one.