The Pool Noodle DIY That Will Turn Your Ceiling Into A Zany Statement Piece

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Whether you're trying to add color or texture to a room or you just want your home to stand out, this ingenious pool noodle hack can make your house more unique and interesting. By cutting up pool noodles into discs, you can use them to make an interesting pattern on your ceiling. This would be a great option for a children's bedroom or playroom, but could also be implemented in an entertaining space, bar area, or living room, depending on how you style it.

If you're going for a big pop of color, you'll probably want to use traditional pool noodles ($1.25 each at Dollar Tree or $1 per noodle at Target); however, if you're trying to cover an entire ceiling, you may end up needing hundreds of these foam noodles to complete the job, depending on the size of the ceiling. In this case, you might look into purchasing your noodles in bulk. Home Depot has a 40-pack of assorted noodles for about $115. This option is a bit more expensive per noodle, but it could be difficult to get enough from one store otherwise. Alternatively, you might consider purchasing noodles that are all the same color or a neutral color for a different aesthetic. On Amazon, you can find six packs of deluxe foam noodles for about $29, but you can select from a variety of colors, including black, white, and brown.

Prepping for your pool noodle ceiling

Before you start this DIY ceiling design, you'll have to prepare your pool noodles. Start by measuring the surface area of your ceiling and deciding whether you want full coverage from your foam noodles or a sparser design, where they are more spread out. This should help you determine how many noodles you'll need. It's also important to think about how you want the texture of your ceiling to look before you cut your noodles. To add more texture, you might cut your discs into various lengths, so that some are shorter or longer. For a more structured look, try to cut your discs to the exact same size.

Now, it's time to cut your pool noodles. A serrated knife is a great option, though you might also use another tool like a boxcutter. For those that want their discs all the same size, you may want to measure your preferred width on the noodles and make pencil markings to guide you as you cut. 

Creating your zany pool noodle statement ceiling

Once you've cut all your pool noodle pieces, you'll want to plan how you're putting them onto your ceiling. Consider where your light fixtures are, as these foam noodles are generally made of polyethylene, which is a flammable substance. Make sure to keep your foam discs away from light fixtures that produce heat to avoid melting your pool noodles. If you want a fully covered ceiling and have recessed lighting with LED bulbs, this is a great choice to use this DIY with, as these bulbs shouldn't get hot. For those that are making a design or only putting some foam discs onto your ceiling, you may want to use a pencil to map out and mark where each one will go.

Now, you'll need a sturdy construction glue, like the liquid nails adhesive for around $7 at Home Depot. Ensure that your ceiling is clean before you start gluing so that the foam sticks properly. Now, apply a bit of glue to one of your discs and press it onto the ceiling. Repeat this process until your ceiling is covered or you are satisfied with your design.