Ways To Incorporate TikTok's Trending Garden Girl Aesthetic Into Your Home Decor

While social media isn't always the best place to take lifestyle advice, TikTok's trending garden girl aesthetic breathes new life into nature-inspired decor. Much like the cottage core trend of 2020, this theme draws on simple rural beauty, making the most of your outdoor space and bringing some of those elements inside. Videos exploring the aesthetic range in scope from vibrant parties on the lawn to cozy outdoor seating areas brimming with natural wood tones, abundant lighting, and greenery. There's no comprehensive guide on the origin of the herbaceous movement, but elements within the garden girl motif hint at the coastal grandmother decor TikTok trend of 2022 and the more recent French coquette aesthetic of 2024. It's a compilation of outdoor elements and flirtatious feminine charm wrapped around a sunny cottage vibe. And the trend is only expanding.

The aesthetic isn't contained within home decor. In fact, the look is making a splash in fashion as well. Floral accessories, gloves, and straw purses are some of the staples within this movement. Even the 2024 Met Gala went with a Garden of Time theme. Everywhere you look, botanicals are taking center stage. So, how can you incorporate this look into your living space? Check out some simple ways to embrace your inner garden girl inside and outside the home.

Bringing the garden inside

It takes ages to design and plant the perfect cottage garden, so why leave it all outside? Part of the garden girl aesthetic is inviting the natural world into your home. Some of these floral elements come directly from the earth in the form of fresh bouquets, planter pots, and dried herbs hanging in the kitchen. Others are less literal, capturing the essence of your garden in the form of framed floral prints, herbaceous wallpaper, and plant-patterned curtains. Add ornamental elements like a vintage watering can for emphasis. Along with nature-themed decor, this motif focuses on soft feminine touches. Channel your inner Bridgerton heroine by lining shelves with lacy runners, placing frilly doilies on the coffee table, and setting out a traditional English tea set. You can even get crafty.

Consider DIYing some botanical elements for a rustic feel. Pressing fresh blooms in wax paper and framing them is an easy and affordable way to make your own hanging artwork. You can also handcraft a floral mirror. Purchase silk flowers at any local craft store or The Dollar Tree, and apply them to the outside frame of a mirror using a glue gun. Crafting your artwork gives you the advantage of choosing the species and color of flowers to match other furnishings. With the inside of your home complete, it's time to head outside.

Exploring your outdoor garden girl design options

Outdoor seating is a garden girl staple. To bridge your indoor and outdoor motif, consider a kitchen window bar. If you're lucky enough to have a main-level window facing the backyard, give it a try. In a TikTok video by user @saraahfl, folding shutters allow a kitchen window to open onto an exterior countertop where bar chairs stand on a wooden deck. Pink blooms in the garden box below add a touch of floral elegance. A pale color scheme and natural furnishings strengthen the botanical feel.

White, pastels, and wood finishes also play a big part in the garden vibe, enhancing the soft beauty of your space. White wicker tables, gingham tablecloths, picnic blankets, and wooden chairs let you sit and enjoy the floral ambiance. Dial up the femininity with touches of lace, ruffled hems, and plenty of fresh blooms. Beyond the seating area, add character to your garden with timeless decor. Add big features like an archway or a flower-laden gazebo and smaller garden ornaments to enhance your outdoor space. For example, you can upcycle old wicker baskets by removing the bottom to add a little country flair. Place the basket over the top of plants blooming in garden beds to create the illusion that your yard is filled with baskets of flowers. From your living room and reading nook to your patio and beyond, sprinkle your home with your brand garden girl magic for a floral look of your own.