The Toilet Paper Storage Mistake You're Making In Your Guest Bathroom

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Setting up a guest bathroom takes considerable forethought and consideration. That's because you want to make sure it has enough amenities to make your dinner party or overnight guests as comfortable as possible. Picking a signature scent makes it memorable and more pleasant to be in, while offering luxury hand soap, individual hand towels, and extra conveniences like feminine hygiene products and flushable wipes give it a luxury hotel vibe. But you know what ruins that vibe? Rooting around for toilet paper only to not find it. To ensure you don't put your guests in the awkward position of having to ask you for a roll of TP, make sure you display it prominently in the room. An easy — and stylish — way to do so is in a large glass vase.

This makes the rolls easy to spot, but the vessel protects it from any moisture or possible dirt. And if you choose a vase that matches the aesthetic of the bathroom, it doubles as a decor piece in addition to a storage unit. Even better, if you decide you no longer like to store your toilet paper using the vase, you can easily repurpose it for another part of your house. Here is a closer look at this toilet paper storage solution.

How to use a vase to store toilet paper

When choosing a vase to store your extra toilet paper, first you want to understand the dimensions of your rolls. The last thing you want is to spend an afternoon hunting down the perfect vase only to learn your TP doesn't actually fit in it. For example, if you use a standard size roll, it will be 4 inches in diameter, but if you like to cost-save and use jumbo rolls, those are usually 5 inches. To make things easier for you, either bring a tape measure or a roll of new TP with you when you go shopping. 

Once you have your pick, you can then find the perfect place to display it. If you have a large enough sink vanity, consider putting it right on the edge so guests see it as they walk in. If you don't have that kind of space, consider putting it on the floor right next to the toilet. Or, if you'd rather not have it on the floor, consider getting a corner side table you can slip into a corner of the room, and put it on top. Such an example is International Concepts Corner Accent Table, which costs $42 at Walmart.

What kind of vase to buy for your toilet paper storage

It can be tricky to decide what kind of vase is appropriate for this hack, but basically anything big enough will work. You want it tall enough to fit a minimum of two rolls and wide enough so your guests aren't struggling to take them out. If you want something relatively minimalist, consider getting a glass cylinder vase, such as the WGVI one from Amazon. It clocks in at $21, but it comes in a bevy of size options, from 4 to 26 inches tall. This allows you to choose the one that fits the amount of rolls you're planning to store.

If you want something a little less contemporary and more traditional, consider getting a footed vase. This will give it more of a classic aesthetic thanks to its winged opening. An example of this would be the 10-inch Clear Footed Glass Vase by Bloom Room, which costs $8 at Joann. It's tall enough to comfortably house two rolls.