13 Garage Cabinet Systems That Are Worth The Investment

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The garage can become a catch-all spot for all sorts of household stuff, from tools to sports equipment. It's no surprise that the space can become cluttered very quickly. Shelves, tote bins, and other garage storage ideas can help, but if you really want to keep your garage tidy, a garage cabinet system can offer more space and excellent organization features. We've rounded up some of the top garage organization systems that are well worth the investment. From customizable shelf systems to floor-to-ceiling cabinets, there should be an option here to help get your garage organized (and keep it that way).

We chose garage cabinet systems from reputable brands, trusted to create good storage basics. The garage storage systems on our list are highly-rated, with hundreds of positive product reviews. They received at least 4 stars on average (including reviews for the individual products that are part of the cabinet system, as sometimes the individual products have more rating than the whole system). To fit different garages and applications, we chose a variety of products. Many of the garage cabinets on this list come in multiple sizes to fit most garages.

Garage cabinet systems take the thought out of creating a layout, but they're far from the only option. Keep in mind that you can often create your own layout (most brands also offer the components individually). Keep reading to learn more about the top garage cabinet systems for an organized garage.

NewAge Products Bold Series 6-Cabinets Steel Garage Storage System

The NewAge Products Bold Series 6-Cabinets Steel Garage Storage System ($1,499.99 at Lowe's) is a great option if you want your garage storage system to stand out. Living up to its namesake, not only is the system practical, but it's also stylish, with a bold but minimalist design. It comes in a few colorways including black, charcoal gray, and platinum — and if you really want eye-catching cabinets, a bright red. These cabinets are made of heavy-duty 24-gauge steel with a durable powder-coat paint finish, so it's built to stand up to heavy daily use. Full-length integrated aluminum handles means you can open the cabinet anywhere along the vertical length of the door. Inside, adjustable-height steel shelves fit a range of items, and lockable doors prevent unauthorized access.

This cabinet system includes six pieces: two freestanding lockers, one rolling cabinet, one base cabinet, two wall cabinets, and your choice of worktop (stainless steel or bamboo). Keep in mind that the fixed cabinets must be anchored to the wall for safety. The rolling cabinet won't be anchored, so it's anti-tip and has locking casters for safety. If you're storing heavier items, you'll want to check the weight limit of each part of your cabinet system. With the large freestanding lockers holding 800 pounds each (150 pounds per shelf), this system should be suitable for most households. Not the perfect size? Choose from different layouts and sizes by checking out the NewAge Products line at Lowe's.

Gladiator 17-Piece Steel Garage Storage System

Take full advantage of wall space with the Gladiator 17-Piece Steel Garage Storage System ($1,789.84 at The Home Depot). It's another option that's very customizable (shop a variety of layouts at The Home Depot or individual components at Gladiator). This system includes two freestanding cabinets, two wall cabinets, two short freestanding cabinets (which serve as the bases for the two included worktops). They're made of steel, lending a classic industrial look that should fit into most contemporary homes. These cabinets have an array of fixed and adjustable shelves inside, with the highest weight limit being 45 pounds per shelf, so it's better for lighter storage.

This set includes more than cabinets though; the system also comes with additional wall storage that you can customize. Called GearTrack channels, these are wall-mounted bases that you can slide a wide range of accessories into. This system comes with eight GearTrack channels and an accessory kit that includes a few hooks, bins, baskets, screws, and end caps (it's these finishing touches that make these top brands stand out). It's possible to buy more GearTrack pieces and accessories from Gladiator, and the brand makes useful items like a golf storage pack ($135.99) and a sports gear storage pack ($71.99).

Kobalt Tool & Garage Storage System

The Kobalt brand is Lowe's store brand, and like many store brands, it offers similar items as name brands, but for a lower price tag. Kobalt sells tools and accessories, including garage storage systems, and it's possible to bundle pieces into a cabinet system at Lowe's (price varies according to the products chosen). One downside is that the pieces are only available from Lowe's, so if some cabinets are out of stock, there aren't alternate retailers to shop.

Similar to comparable garage cabinet systems, the Kobalt system is also made of heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish. The individual pieces are easy to assemble and chock full of organization features. For example, the 48-inch two-door Jumbo and 36-inch two-door Tall cabinets have adjustable shelves and a pegboard surface inside so you can easily customize the interior layout. The 36-inch two-door two-drawer Drawer Cabinet has a drawer-within-a-drawer to improve organization. Make sure to consider the Work Table as well, which features a solid wood top and adjustable height.

Husky 4-Piece Extra Wide Heavy Duty Garage Storage System

The Husky 4-Piece Extra Wide Heavy Duty Garage Storage System ($1,849.99 from The Home Depot) has a particularly sleek look due to the entire cabinet being single color — choose from matte black or bright red. Besides looking nice, this system is also incredibly durable. Each piece is made of tough 20-gauge steel. Included is one locker, two wall cabinets, one shorter two-door cabinet (with a worktop), and a light. As expected from a major brand, other layouts are available. Shop other options at The Home Depot. The brand's steel cabinets (including the above 4-piece system) come with a lifetime warranty.

For simple setup, this system arrives assembled and ready to install. Once put up, you have plenty of storage flexibility as well, with adjustable shelves and drawers. The locker doors open 180 degrees so they won't get in the way. They're also complete with three-way locking doors for top-notch security, so this set is particularly great for storing expensive or hazardous tools and hobby supplies.

Craftsman Garage Storage System

A large cabinet system, like the previous options, aren't always necessary. If you want garage cabinets on a smaller scale — and with a lower price tag — the Craftsman Garage Storage System ($839.98 at Lowe's) is a good choice. This bundle from Lowe's includes two freestanding tall Craftsman cabinets, one 32-inches wide and one 48-inches wide. It also comes with a couple of accessories, including a Craftsman tool set in a hard case and a heavy-duty plastic tote. Shoppers have the freedom to omit or add more of each product to the bundle to customize the system.

The lockers are made of heavy-duty steel and have adjustable shelves inside, each of which can hold 100 pounds. The base of the cabinets can support 200 pounds each for storing heavier items. Magnetic catches help to keep the doors closed, and even better, it's possible to lock the cabinet doors. If you need to keep tools charging while stored inside, there are two openings in the back of each cabinet to place power cords through. These cabinets are available in all-black or in Craftsman's classic black and red colors.

Sterilite Adjustable 4-Shelf Gray Storage Cabinets

The Sterilite Adjustable 4-Shelf Gray Storage Cabinets ($246.38 for a set of two from Wayfair) is an affordable option that will appeal to renters and shoppers on a budget. It's made of plastic, so it's lighter-duty and also much lighter in weight compared to steel cabinets. Since this system is from storage brand name Sterilite, you can trust its made of high-quality plastic that won't crack or snap. Plastic also won't rust, so it's safe in damp garages. At only 45 pounds each, the cabinets are easy for renters to move this cabinet system from place to place.

This system includes two tall cabinets. Each has four height-adjustable shelves to fit a variety of items. One downside to this plastic shelving is the lower weight limit; each shelf only holds 40 pounds. That's still good enough for most toolboxes and sports gear though. To make sure items like balls don't fall out, the doors close securely. Need more protection? The doors can fit standard-sized padlocks to lock the cabinet up.

Seville Classics UltraHD 7-Piece Storage Cabinet System

The Seville Classics UltraHD 7-Piece Storage Cabinet System ($1,099.99 from Seville Classics) has an ultra sleek look that's sure to catch the eye. It's completely made of steel and has an UltraGuard fingerprint-resistant coating on the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. It's possible to choose the side colors of the cabinets (choose from granite, graphite, and white cabinet sides), while the front remains a shiny textured steel.

This system includes two large rolling storage cabinets, two stacking top cabinets, two pegboards (with accessories), and an adjustable-height workbench. Other storage cabinet bundle options are available from Seville Classics if this isn't the perfect fit. Most systems consist of the large rolling cabinets and stacking top cabinets, which are both full of useful features. Both have latching and lockable doors and share high weight capacities as well. The top cabinets can hold up to 300 pounds, and the rolling storage cabinets 600 pounds total (150 pounds per shelf). It's possible to buy additional shelves ($49.99) for the large rolling unit. Though the cabinets are on wheels so they're easier to move around, for safety, it's still a good idea to anchor the cabinets to the wall.

Rubbermaid Four-Piece Garage Cabinet Kit

From reputable storage brand Rubbermaid, the Rubbermaid Four-Piece Garage Cabinet Kit ($867.41 from Lowe's) is an affordable and practical pick. This is another lighter-duty cabinet option, made of thick and sturdy plastic. It's easy to assemble, with a snap-together design (with no need for tools, unlike many other garage cabinet systems). Since it's made from plastic, it's also lighter in weight, and it's resistant to rusting and denting, a common complaint with metal cabinets, as well as rotting or peeling, which can plague wooden cabinets.

This kit includes two tall cabinets, a short cabinet, and a wall-mounted cabinet. Though made of plastic, the two tall cabinets have a weight capacity of 690 pounds each on their fixed shelves. The short cabinet holds 336 pounds and also has fixed shelves, one solid and one vented. The wall-mounted cabinet holds up to 105 pounds. Altogether, this system boasts an impressive weight limit, especially considering its made of plastic. To keep heavy items and more safe, each piece has lockable doors (lock not included). Shop individual pieces of this system at Lowe's.

Husky 3-Piece Ready-to-Assemble Steel Garage Storage System

The Husky 3-Piece Ready-to-Assemble Steel Garage Storage System ($1,017.00 at The Home Depot) is excellent for those looking for a very sturdy, but small, cabinet system. This is another Husky system, but on a much smaller scale, with a workbench and two rolling short cabinets that tuck perfectly underneath the tabletop. If you don't have too much to store, or you're adding onto an existing garage cabinet system, this is a great pick. It provides a high-quality work table for all your building, repairing, and tinkering needs, with plenty of movable storage space underneath. Even better, the workbench height is adjustable and it can hold up to 3,000 pounds for your largest projects.

The components of this set are built out of durable, powder-coated 24-gauge steel. This is another product backed under Husky's lifetime warranty. With a total weight capacity of 672 pounds, adjustable shelves, and an interior pegboard, these small cabinets can store a lot in a small footprint. A magnetic door closure and key lock improves safety. Choose from a black or bold red finish to suit your garage space. 

WFX Utility Acko 6 Piece Storage System

The WFX Utility Acko 6 Piece Storage System ($1,449.99 from Wayfair) is a stylish pick if you're looking for a garage cabinet system that looks more like your kitchen or utility room cabinets. It's made of engineered wood instead of metal or plastic. The rectangular design and cabinet hardware is more reminiscent of kitchen cabinets, so you can have a cozier look in the garage. It's available in light gray, black, and white. Since it's made of engineered wood, though, you'll want to install it in a finished garage with heat and moisture controls to prevent water damage or warping.

Included in this system are four cabinets: two freestanding tall cabinets and two wall-mounted cabinets. Two sets of drawers are also included, with a melamine worktop on top. This system offers ample storage, with various fixed and adjustable shelves, each holding up to 30 pounds. These cabinets are more decorative and intended for light-duty storage, so if you're looking for something more substantial with a higher weight limit, choose a heavy-duty metal storage system instead.

IKEA Bror Storage Combo with Cabinet and Workbench

IKEA has some excellent kitchen cabinet systems that are absolutely worth their price, especially if you're looking for a modern cabinet system on a modest budget. The IKEA BROR Storage Combo with Cabinet and Workbench ($996 from IKEA) is one cabinet pick that is perfect for the garage. This cabinet storage combo with a workbench is in typical IKEA style: simple, but nice looking. Like other IKEA furniture, it comes as a flatpack and is easy to assemble. It's made of galvanized steel with an epoxy and polyester powder coating that resists rust. Made to withstand moist conditions, it's usable in damp indoor rooms, like a garage or mudroom.

This set includes two freestanding cabinets with lockable doors and two shorter drawers with a wood worktop surface. Of course, other options are available (it's IKEA, after all), including a single shelf unit and drawers ($498) or the flexibility to create your own system using the BROR Planner.

Manhattan Comfort Fortress Collection 6 Piece Storage Set

The Manhattan Comfort Fortress Collection 6 Piece Storage Set ($1,215.05 on Amazon) is another heavy-duty utilitarian pick, with an industrial look that's typical of metal garage cabinet systems. This system includes a freestanding cabinet, two mobile chests, two wall mounted cabinets, and a work table. All these pieces are crafted from 25-gauge steel, so they're built for heavy use over a long time. Shoppers can choose from a handful of neutral colors, each with a textured pattern on the doors to add a little bit of visual interest to otherwise plain cabinets.

This cabinet system shares many of the features of some of the other best garage cabinet systems on the market. Most if its shelves are height-adjustable. The two mobile chests are on lockable wheels and fit perfectly under the worktop to conserve space when you're ready to pack up the garage. Each cabinet door has its own unique lock, improving security, and allowing you to give others partial access when needed. It's also possible to buy the individual components to build your own garage cabinet system.

Suncast Platinum 3-Piece Storage Cabinet System

The Suncast Platinum 3-Piece Storage Cabinet System ($439.97 from Menards) is a 3-piece garage cabinet system that provides basic storage for those who want some simple garage cabinets, without extra work tops or accessories. This set is made of resin, so it's durable and lightweight enough for easy installation. Much lighter than metal, it's also not too difficult to move each piece to another location (ideal for renters). The resin construction resists rusts, dents, and scratches, so it will look nice for years to come as well. Like many of Suncasts top outdoor shed kits, this cabinet system uses multi-wall panels for extra stability.

This simple system includes one tall cabinet, one base cabinet, and one wall cabinet. Each internal shelf holds a maximum of 75 pounds for the floor cabinets (both the tall and base storage cabinet) and 50 pounds for the wall cabinet. Metal reinforcement provides the strength for the resin shelves to have this capacity. The cabinet doors are lockable too for that added layer of protection.