Fixer To Fabulous Proves One Dated Bathroom Counter Trend Should Stay In The Past

Are you designing a new home or renovating your current one? You should steer clear of certain trends if you want to create a modern, functional space because the two have to go hand in hand. According to "Fixer To Fabulous" stars Dave and Jenny Marrs, popular home trends like tray ceilings and cultured marble countertops are out simply because they don't look good anymore and they no longer fit into current interiors. That includes cultured marble. 

Cultured marble is especially dated because it falls short on an aesthetic level when compared to the real thing. It is budget-friendly, which is a plus, but its plastic appearance reveals its cheapness. Like low-quality countertops, there are other bathroom decor trends that should be left in the past because they will devalue the space you've worked hard to put together. 

Bulky bathtubs, overwhelming wallpaper patterns, and tacky decorations, for example, don't make good use of the space and make it feel dated. The aim for all the elements you choose for your bathroom, like any other room in the home, should always be to fit in and elevate the space. And cultured marble just doesn't cut it. 

Cultured marble is durable but there are better options

Cultured marble for the bathroom counter caught on because of its practicality. It is durable and more affordable than actual marble, and it is also low maintenance. However, Jenny Marrs had an issue with this material in Season 5 of "Fixer to Fabulous" when the client's counter had an unattractive blue veining and ended up replacing it with black granite. Despite the advantages listed above, cultured marble has become dated and its appearance can never duplicate that of real marble. Luckily, there are better options out there that will deliver on affordability and durability without compromising on style.

Some countertop materials that will look much better for your bathroom counter than cultured marble are porcelain, soapstone, and granite. Granite is even better than real marble because it is more resistant to stains and scratches and requires less frequent staining. And if you already have a cultured marble countertop in your bathroom? Update it with epoxy paint. It will be quicker and cheaper than replacing it entirely.