Keep Your Bathroom Organized With This Clever IKEA Plant Stand Hack

With all the hygiene products and essential supplies, bathrooms can become cluttered quickly, especially if they're small. Luckily, an IKEA plant stand can be a stylish way to store toilet paper or any other bathroom necessity and help to keep everything neat. Though the thought may have never crossed your mind, plant stands can easily be repurposed to hold a variety of supplies. Since many of IKEA's floor plant stands are rather compact, this could be a great solution for people with small bathrooms, and depending on what you want, there are tons of styles.

For those without much space, the wooden ASKHOLMEN plant stand (about $35) can fit flush in a corner and has three shelves to hold your bathroom essentials. Alternatively, the round OLIVBLAD stand (just under $16) is made of chic, black metal and has two large, shallow dishes to stash your stuff. If you'd like a similar design but prefer the look of wood, the DAKSJUS stand (about $22) is bamboo and has a larger shelf on the bottom and a smaller one on top. On the other hand, some might be looking for a plant stand that's deeper and can somewhat hide what's stored inside. Though the TOLKNING rattan plant stand is more expensive, selling for just under $65, it has a deeper dish and a more intricate design. Browsing your local IKEA store could also present more options that are more suitable for your needs. 

Organizing your bathroom with an IKEA plant stand

Though it's rather unconventional, an IKEA plant stand is a helpful item you can use to organize your bathroom. Once you've picked out your plant stand, you'll need to decide how you want to use it and what you'll store inside of it. You could stick your plant stand in the corner of your bathroom to hold extra towels so they're ready to grab when you step out of the shower or finish washing your hands. A plant stand could also be placed beside the toilet for easy access to your toilet paper, and depending on the size and shape of the stand, you might throw some magazines in there as well.

Another great way to implement a plant stand in your bathroom could be to place it next to your sink and store your toothbrushes, lotion, face cream, hand soap, and other miscellaneous toiletries. This should help to free up any counter space and make your bathroom look less cluttered. Depending on the design of the stand, you may also be able to hang loofahs or washcloths on the side of the stand to dry. Because you're not adding any mounted shelving or cabinetry, this IKEA hack can be a renter-friendly solution for bathroom storage that still looks stylish.