TikTok's DIY Wood Pallet Loungers Are Perfect For Hanging By The Pool

Whether the lounge chairs by your pool have become old and dingy, or you're just looking for a budget-friendly way to spruce up your outdoor space, this wood pallet project is perfect. On TikTok, Heather Bray (@heatherrbray) shared a video showing how she transformed some wood pallets into classic lounge chairs. With just a couple of pallets, a saw, a drill or nail gun, and some wood stain or paint, you can create a cute, functional lounge chair to help you enjoy your pool days. Since there are tons of places to find free pallets, this project should be inexpensive, especially if you already have some tools and supplies on hand.

When gathering materials for this project, try to find rather long, rectangular pallets. This will make it easier to get the right shape for your chair. Once your chair is finished, you can add cushions if you'd like to customize this project further and make it cozier, or you could just leave the wooden chairs bare for a more rustic design. Depending on how you choose to style your lounger, it could help you make your small pool look like a resort.

Building your wood pallet lounge chair

Depending on the size of the pallets you find, you may only need two to complete this project. Ideally, they'll already have supports going through the middle and two sides to simplify the building process. Having more on hand could prove helpful, as you can break them down for scrap wood to add extra support to your lounger if needed.

With this project, you'll want a longer pallet as the seat for your lounger and a shorter, square-shaped one to act as the backrest. You should cut them so that the base has more than enough room for you to stretch out your legs while sitting up, and so that both have the same width and will align well. Pallets typically have two layers: a top and a bottom. Saw off part of the bottom section of your seat, starting above the last plank. This will open up room for you to attach the backrest so that it can sit flush against the seat. Now, line up the base of your backrest with the seat of your lounge chair and drill or nail it into place at an angle. You could choose to have it mostly sitting upright, or you might want more of an incline to lay back by your pool.

Finishing your DIY wood pallet lounger

If you find that your lounger sits lower than you'd like, you can add legs to it using wood from spare pallets. Deconstruct a pallet into individual wooden slats. Cut slices from these slats into "legs" to fit under your chair and lift it. Depending on the angle of your chair, you might need to cut the bottom of your leg diagonally, so that it won't wobble against the ground. Drill these legs into the seat of your chair in each corner. Supports can also be added across these legs in the front and back of your lounger. If you'd like, you use two more boards to connect the backrest and seat by attaching them to the sides of your chair.

Once your chair is constructed, you'll need to sand it to ensure you don't get any splinters while trying to lie down and relax. After sanding, you might use a wood stain or sealant to make your lounge chair more luxurious looking. Alternatively, painting your wood pallet lounger could give it a different aesthetic, and you could choose a color that compliments the design of your pool area. Though these chairs look like typical pool loungers, they could also add more seating to your patio or porch. Upgrade your backyard on a budget with this wood pallet DIY, while also creating a comfy place to relax.