Try TikTok's Stunning Wood Pallet Upcycle To DIY A Rustic Floating Coffee Table

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Floating or lift-top coffee tables can be the ultimate in functionality. Acting as a regular low table when not in use, these ingenious tables feature a raiseable table top on hinges that rise to accommodate a variety of convenient uses. The height allows a better surface for working, dining, or playing games. Lift-top tables are perfect for small spaces or dual-use living rooms. While these multifunctional pieces can be found at many retailers, they are usually expensive when finely crafted, costing at least $100 for one that is well-made and highly rated. However, an ingenious TikTok DIY from @beardedpalletworks shows how to create a gorgeous floating table from salvaged pallet wood and hinges. This gorgeous DIY surface is as multi-functional as it is beautiful. 

The table is indistinguishable from much higher-end manufactured models and can be completely customized to size and amenities. In addition, since it uses 95% recycled wood and hinges you can find inexpensively on Amazon, it's a very budget-friendly and eco-friendly DIY project.

Building a lift-top table from pallet wood

To create the table, begin by disassembling the wood palettes into individual planks. A pallet-buster is useful for disassembly, or you can use a crowbar. Ready the wood by removing any nails or hardware and sanding each piece for staining later. To build the body of the table, you will be creating a simple "box" in the form of two wooden frames sandwiched together with wood glue. Measure your cuts to the desired dimensions of the table. To affix boards together, use  glue for a firm seal reinforced by wood nails between the planks and pocket hole screws at the corners for extra stability. 

The adjustable table top is fashioned from planks glued and nailed together then installed with hinges along the inside of the table You will also need some wood blocks nailed into the interior to rest the tabletop on when closed. Other DIY tutorials suggest using wood battens bolted to the base and top. For the legs, @beardedpalletworks uses two perpendicular planks glued and nailed together and attached at the corners. You can also use wood fence 4 x 4 inch posts screwed into the bottom or pre-manufactured legs in your desired style. If you want a shelf for extra underneath, make another flat panel from several planks and attach at the base of the wooden legs. When assembled, fill any visible nail holes with wood putty and sand any rough spots for a smooth finish.

Customizing your floating table

To customize your table to fit your décor, paint or stain as desired. Stained pallet tables are particularly beautiful since pallet wood often comes from multiple wood sources in a single pallet, which take stain differently from board to board, resulting in a rich rustic look perfect for industrial or modern farmhouse style rooms. Or paint the table a single color like white, gray, or rich matte black for a more contemporary style.

The table design, due to ease of customization, can be square or rectangular depending on how you measure out your dimensions to cut the pallet boards. You can also make the interior cabinet deeper, which will give you some room for storing things inside like work supplies, throw blankets, board games or other items out of sight when the tabletop is down. Different height configurations for hinges allow you to raise it for the best ergonomics for working and dining depending on the height of seating. For a wider table, you can also make a design that only raises the part of the table nearest the sofa.