TikTok's Genius Paper Towel Holder Hack To Save Space Storing Coffee Mugs

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If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you know how difficult it can be to make space for all of your hot beverage preparation supplies. Items like coffee pods and sweetener packets easily create clutter if you do not assign them specific storage space. Coffee mugs can also take up a lot of room, especially for those who own a large collection. Rather than cramming coffee cups into stuffed kitchen cabinets, try this hack instead. Consider displaying them on your countertop by hanging them from a paper towel holder. 

TikTok user @notablerose shared a video showing what this crafty DIY looks like once it has all come together. To assemble, simply slide the handle of each mug onto the center of the holder. You can place a cake turntable under the paper towel holder to make it easier to rotate the stacked mugs. Consider attaching the paper towel holder to the cake turntable with glue to stabilize this DIY. 

Overall, this project is super easy and affordable. It can be assembled in just a few minutes. Feel free to place your finished coffee mug holder anywhere you see fit. However, if you have used our guide to design an at-home coffee station, you may want to set it there. Coffee or tea lovers who own many mugs can make more than one of these DIYs to accommodate their entire collection.

How to assemble this affordable coffee mug holder

Before building this DIY coffee mug organizer, round up all of your supplies. You can snag a paper towel holder from a variety of retail stores, but Dollar Tree is likely the most affordable option. The store's Cooking Concepts Nickel Colored Wire Paper Towel Holder is priced at only $1.25. You can also grab glue from Dollar Tree. Consider using a glue gun and the Crafter's Square Mini Hot Glue Sticks for this DIY. Lastly, Amazon sells the Kootek Cake Stand for $13.99.

To build this DIY, start by applying a few drops of hot glue onto the cake stand where the paper towel holder will be placed. Next, press the paper towel holder onto the stand and allow the glue to dry completely. Now you should be good to go ahead and load your DIY TikTok coffee mug storage system. To make this DIY a bit more aesthetically pleasing, paint the cake stand a color of your choice before adding the paper towel holder.