Keep Mason Jar Lids From Cluttering Up Your Cabinets With A Space-Saving Hack

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Mason jars are incredibly versatile, so it is no surprise that many homeowners crowd their kitchen cabinets with this popular glassware. They can be used for storing household items or pre-prepared meals, but they also double as drinkware. Some homeowners even use Mason jars as home décor (but are they going out of style?). It's super convenient to have a large collection of these jars on hand at all times, but this takes up precious kitchen cabinet space. Luckily, you can craft a solution to this problem by attaching both ends of a piece of twine to the inside of a cabinet door and stringing your Mason jar lid rings onto it. The lids that lie in the center of the rings can be stacked inside champagne cups or decorative glass containers.

Once this DIY is complete, you will have a string of Mason jar lid rings stored neatly and discreetly inside a cabinet door of your choice. You will no longer have to shuffle through stacks of lids or worry about these items cluttering your cabinets. This should also free up a bit more space so that you can store other kitchen essentials where your lids once were. You should be able to keep your kitchen cabinets organized with this genius hack.

How to create this Mason jar lid ring storage hack

Take a look at the TikTok video posted by user @asmalllife to see how this DIY needs to come together. As you can see, you can either drill holes into the inside of a kitchen cabinet door to screw your hooks or use Command hooks. You can purchase cup hooks like those shown in the video from Home Depot. The store sells a pack of six Everbilt Cup Hooks for $6.48. If you prefer to use Command hooks to avoid drilling holes, you may want to snag them from Amazon. The Command Small Wire Toggle Hooks should work for this project. They are priced at $10.40.

After attaching your hooks, measure and cut the length of twine you will need to hang your Mason jar lid rings. Follow the instructions outlined in the video to affix the string to your hooks and slide your Mason jar lid rings in place. You can purchase twine from your local craft store or order some from Amazon if you prefer to shop online. The website's PerkHomy Natural Jute Twine is 600 feet long and priced at only $5.99. This is a great choice for those who would like to have extra twine on hand for other DIY projects.

Stack your Mason jar lids in decorative glassware

You will need to use a different kitchen storage organization hack for storing essentials if you have Mason jar lids that do not detach into a center component and a ring. As you can see in the TikTok video posted by @asmalllife, champagne cups were used to hold stacks of the center components of the two-piece Mason jar lids. Glass Mason jars with this type of lid are also known as canning jars. You could use the same glassware storage method for organizing lids that do not detach into two parts. Simply stack them on top of one another and place them in your favorite decorative glassware. This is an aesthetically pleasing way to keep things neat and organized. You can display the decorative glassware on your countertop or place it in a cabinet.

Consider repurposing glassware you already own for this organization hack. You will likely find a piece in your home that is the perfect size to hold your Mason jar lids. If you do not have glass items that would work for this DIY, your local thrift store is a great place to find decorative glassware. Feel free to snag something from Amazon instead if you prefer. The footed Diamond Star Glass bowl should be wide enough to hold your Mason jar lids. It is priced at $29.57 on Amazon.