Easily Repurpose Old Pillowcases Into A Handy Moving Essential

Making a big move is stressful, so any hacks that make the process easier are a major relief. Common moving tips you may have heard likely include making a checklist, decluttering before the move, and hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting. One hack you may still be unfamiliar with involves repurposing pillow cases; to make things easier, simply place items in pillow cases to prevent them from being scratched or otherwise damaged during the moving process.

Of course, you will still need to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or any other form of protective packing wrap with a cushion to keep these pieces from breaking. However, a pillow case adds an additional layer of protection. It can be used to keep scuffs off of your shoes, protect your small electronics from dust, or create a shield against spills that might occur while your belongings are rattling around in a moving truck. The best part about this trick is arguably the fact that you likely already have pillow cases on hand.

How to use a pillow case to protect your belongings

There are a few different ways to use pillow cases to protect your belongings during a move. For wardrobe items like shoes or purses, simply place the item inside of the pillow case and fold the extra fabric over. If you would like to secure the pillow case, feel free to use a hair tie or string to close the opening. For small pieces of clothing like T-shirts or children's clothes, you can create a garment bag out of a pillowcase.

Simply cut a hole on the center of the sealed end of it so that you can stick a hanger through it. Slide the pillowcase over your small clothing items, ensuring that the hangar pokes through the hole you cut previously. Finally, you can also use a pillowcase to protect your bed sheets before you place them in a moving box. Simply fold each item in your sheet set into a square or rectangular shape small enough to fit inside. Slide them into your pillowcase once complete. You might need to separate your sheet set pieces into two or three pillowcases if they are a larger size.

Other ways to protect your items while moving

Along with using pillow cases, there are quite a few other ways you should be protecting your items while moving. Fragile items that are prone to shattering, like glasses or plates, should be layered between bubble wrap. To do this properly, grab a box and cover the bottom with bubble wrap. Next, place your items inside. You can wrap them in a pillow case for extra protection. Add a layer of bubble wrap over your items, and place any additional fragile items on top; continue until the box is full. This will protect your fragile items from shaking around in the box, which could cause them to break.

Electronics are best protected in their original packaging. This is why it is important to keep those old laptop or computer boxes on hand rather than throwing them out. If you do not have the original packaging for your electronics, you will need to cover them in bubble wrap carefully and place them in an appropriately sized box. You can place smaller electronics in a pillow case before the bubble wrapping step to protect them from scratches. These tips should help you protect your most vulnerable items from damage during your next move.