Amalficore: Trendy Ways To Bring A Summer Coastal Look Into Your Home

Swimming in the clear blue waters to cool down your body after lazing on a sun bed for the better part of a day sounds like the perfect summer escape. Add visual treats in the form of colorful homes and stores, earthy courtyards, meandering alleyways, and exuberant greenery to the mix, and the reason millions of tourists flock to Italy's Amalfi Coast becomes abundantly clear. However, if you can't hit pause on your real life to jet set to this coastal location, embrace Amalficore to bring the Amalfi Coast home.

As a design trend, Amalficore merges the coastal beauty of Amalfi's beaches with the rustic charm of the small town. It's as simple as that. Simply put, think of bringing the essence of the mesmerizing Amalfi Coast in Netflix's "Ripley" to life to ensure your home is summer-ready. This means lemon or orange patterns, earthy tones, handmade furnishings, and vibrant indoor plants are all fair game. So, try out this showstopping design trend if you're over quiet luxury in 2024. Besides, the popular trend is ideal for homeowners looking to fulfill their dreams of vacationing in the south of Italy by revamping their interior decor or making a few well-placed changes.

Go all out to embrace the Amalficore trend for your home

To decorate your home like a beach house in the south of Italy, dress your walls in crystalline blues and relaxing whites. Otherwise, dedicate an accent wall to showcase Amalficore's sea-inspired charm and create an ideal backdrop for your furniture and other decor items. Further, invest in paintings, cheeky posters, or printed artwork featuring the Amalfi Coast in all its glory and splendor to set the scene for your coastal masterpiece. Alternatively, put up pictures of your Italian adventure in the living room if you have already been to the breathtaking coast.

Another idea to turn your living room into a beachy escape is to outfit it with naturally textured furniture like wood, rattan, or cane. Artfully displaying Amalfi coast-inspired travel books and local legends on your coffee table is sure to spark interesting conversations and give you actionable ideas for your next coastal trip. To complete the sunshine and beach look, install transparent and light curtains in front of the windows. While you capitalize on natural light, strategically place a couple of mirrors around the space to further brighten the room. Once the sun goes down, select Mediterranean-themed light fixtures, like pendant and lantern, for a warm glow.

Small ways to bring the Amalficore trend home

If you aren't ready to go all out and paint your walls a new color to embrace the Amalficore trend, there are small ways you can bring the Mediterranean style home. For starters, think of ways to pay homage to Amalfi Coast's iconic and lush lemon and orange trees. This could include using patterned cloth napkins on your dining table or bringing the real deal home, aka citrus plants. Bonus points if you choose terracotta or vintage pots to house the plants.

You don't have to necessarily limit yourself to citrus-y plants. Flowering plants and herbs reminiscent of the coastal region will make wonderful substitutes. Don't worry if you're afflicted with a brown (or black) thumb; simply get good quality lifelike faux plants to add a touch of lush greenery inside your home. Changing the throw, pillow, and cushion covers can work wonders, too. Simply choose earthy tones or pops of yellow and orange to add visual interest. Patterned or printed rugs in dazzling shades of lemon yellows and zesty oranges will help complete the look. Moreover, stringing a garland of fairy lights, lighting a few candles, and springing for a gorgeous fragrance diffuser will set a romantic tone.