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The Essential Menards Drill Kit You Need To Have In Your Garage

When putting together a list of tools that every homeowner should have, a cordless power drill belongs near the top of the list. They're highly versatile — this is one of the best power tools for a kitchen remodelbuilding a home workshop in the garage, or simply hanging a picture. Cordless drills work for making holes, inserting screws, assembling wood, and similar tasks.

Newcomers to DIY projects often need a cordless drill kit for their home garage that provides basic features at a great price. We researched multiple options before deciding to recommend the Masterforce Ultra Compact 20-Volt Brushless ½-inch Drill Kit. This is a versatile cordless power tool that beginners can figure out how to use in almost no time. The kit includes a 2.0 Ah cordless battery, a soft bag, and a charger, so beginners can start using it right away without spending extra money on accessories. 

We've tried a lot of cordless drills during home DIY projects. We also sourced multiple online reviews to help us figure out the best model that fits the needs of beginners without breaking the bank. The Masterforce certainly isn't the most powerful or durable cordless drill, so if you're going to rely on this tool for many hours of work per day, look elsewhere. Beginners don't usually need a high-end product, though. We'll discuss our methodology in more detail at the end of this article.

Key features in this power drill

The Masterforce drill has basic features and a lightweight design. It weighs only 3.3 pounds with the battery attached, so beginners won't experience arm fatigue over a long day of driving screws. According to the company, this model is 21% more compact than similar products. 

If you're trying to compare this drill to a professional-level model in terms of features, you're going to be disappointed. However, it compares favorably to other low-priced power options by offering a maximum of 1,850 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 525 inch-pounds of torque. Milwaukee offers a similar kit with its M18 model that includes everything the Masterforce drill has but for $199 at Home Depot — double what you pay for the alternative. The Milwaukee M18 also only offers up to 1,800 RPM and 500 inch-pounds of torque.

The Masterforce drill comes with a brushless motor, which is important in ensuring the product's longevity. Unlike brushed designs, the brushless model doesn't generate frictional heat, which can shorten your tool's lifespan. Typically, brushless motors are found with mid-to-high-end drills. Masterforce is a Menards house brand, so this big box hardware store is the best place to find this tool — sometimes, the only place. You can also purchase it for $111.22 at Menards or $181.99 at Amazon.

How we selected the Masterforce cordless power drill kit

Some people dislike cheap cordless drills from big box hardware retailer house brands — think Ryobi, Kobalt, and Masterforce. However, during our hands-on reviews of power tools, we've found that these products tend to work well for basic DIY jobs. We wouldn't recommend them to a professional who needs to use them for several hours a day every day, but they provide more than adequate features for beginners.

Menards doesn't include customer feedback on its online site, so it's not easy to track down reviews for the Masterforce cordless drill. However, a few professional reviewers on the web and on YouTube appreciate the power and value that the drill provides. Indeed, Masterforce-branded tools may not have had the best reputation several years ago, but its product quality seems to have greatly improved in the past few years when it focused on offering 20-volt options. We've noticed this improvement, and it seems we're not alone.