14 Beautiful Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas For Less Clutter & More Storage Space

A well-appointed laundry room can be one of the most used and convenient spaces in any home. While some homes feature large spaces that allow you to spread out while doing laundry, others are more compact, tucked into alcoves and dual-use rooms. Good storage is necessary no matter the dimensions of your space, with a number of cabinet or cabinet-like solutions perfect for adding additional space to keep things in place and neatly stowed away. They include everything from elaborate custom built-in cabinets and shelving to more adaptable solutions for small spaces like carts and pull-out hampers to help organize your laundry room

Finding the right storage solution for your laundry room can help you maintain a cleaner space for a dirty task. Many of these ideas offer a perfect place to store detergents and other necessities while keeping a handle on the dirty clothes with bins, baskets, and laundry bags. Controlling the mess and chaos can ultimately make doing laundry not necessarily a fun task, but a pleasant one.

1. Built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinets in your laundry room can provide quite a lot of storage in a relatively small space. You can easily keep items like laundry soap, sheets, an iron, and other supplies behind closed doors, resulting in a much less cluttered look overall. Built-in cabinets may also allow you to save space elsewhere, like bedroom or linen closets. The space inside a bank of cabinets can quite easily keep items like bedding, out-of-season clothes, extra pillows, and other kinds of cleaning tools and supplies.

2. Freestanding open shelves

If you don't have the space for doored cabinets, you can still help control clutter in your laundry room by using freestanding, stylish open shelving. For open storage, think of clever ways you can make your laundry supplies and implements pretty, such as jars, baskets, boxes, and crates. Use open organizers to keep folded items like towels and sheets stowed neatly on the shelves. You can also use the shelves to add other things to the space like plants, photos, or artwork to further personalize the space.

3. Sink cabinet

Laundry room sinks, while useful, can be large and ungainly, especially if it's an older sink that's seen a lot of wear. Consider enclosing the sink in a cabinet, which will not only hide unsightly basins and plumbing, but can be a spot to stash items like detergent or other cleaning materials. If you cannot build a cabinet around an existing shelf, consider covering the bottom with a curtain rod and some fabric for discreet storage. Or add a shelf underneath the sink for open storage and hide things in a large bin. You can also build a faux cabinet that covers up the exterior.

4. Floating shelves

Floating shelves make use of space up high in your laundry room, making them great for holding supplies and folded items. Build a simple shelf with wood planks attached to the wall studs with L-brackets, or install a bank of shelves in an alcove space above your machines. Individual smaller shelves can help you work around and camouflage unsightly items like electrical boxes or thermostats that you may find in such spaces. Since items like jugs of laundry soap can be heavy, make sure any floating shelves are carefully secured to the wall.

5. Pull-out laundry hampers

Laundry hampers are one of the best additions to any laundry room, allowing you to easily sort clothing without it piling up everywhere. For a set-up that is functional and neatly arranged, install an open or closed cabinet that has pull-out or tilt-out bins for both storage and laundry sorting. You can also install wheeled casters on the bottom of the bins to move them around the laundry room and other areas as needed. Augment existing deep cabinets with metal brackets that allow you to hang canvas laundry bags.

6. Dresser or bureau

Consider placing an old dresser or other drawered unit in your laundry room as a place to store your linens and off-season items. Keeping towels, sheets, and other bulky items in the laundry area frees up space in other parts of your home. Deeper drawers can also accommodate other kinds of bins and organizers to help keep things neatly arranged. For an excellent storage solution that will also give you a long top surface perfect for folding and sorting laundry, use a larger, lower bureau with lots of drawers.

7. Freestanding cupboard

If you lack built-in shelves or cupboards, use a freestanding piece (like this one from Amazon) to add extra storage for detergents and laundry-related tools. You can also store linens safely inside, excellent for keeping them clean and tucked away. A low cabinet next to your machines will give you a spot to place your basket to load and unload, while a tall utility cabinet or armoire can also contain space for hanging items as they dry. For a bit of ingenuity, install a fold-out drying rack or ironing board on the inside door of a taller cabinet.

8. Wall of shelves

An entire wall of shelves works great in smaller laundry spaces since you can organize everything from baskets and bins to larger hampers and tuck them into the shelves and cubbies. You can build the shelves around your machines, putting everything within easy reach, which is a great approach for a small laundry closet, one-wall laundry room, or laundry set-up in a walk-in closet. Different shelf sizes can be customized to what you intend to store on each shelf or compartment, giving you a lot of options for keeping things organized with your home needs in mind.

9. Drying rack cabinet

A useful amenity in any laundry room, a proper drying rack can be great for delicate items that you do not want to put in the dryer. While many homes use a freestanding, portable drying rack, a functional alternative is adding one to your cabinetry. You can build a pull- or fold-out version that attaches to built-ins or freestanding cabinets, or mount a small, shallow cabinet on the wall that hides the rack. Simply fold it out when in use and tuck it away out of sight the rest of the time. 

10. Wheeled cart

If your laundry room is on the smaller side without room for shelving or cabinets, a cart on wheels can be a great alternative. Not only can it accommodate bins and folded items, but it can be moved around your home to help collect laundry and put it away. Store your soaps on the bottom, place folded items in the middle, and leave the top clear as a small workspace for folding. Wheeled utility carts are excellent options, as are repurposed kitchen islands with wheels and butcher's carts. In a larger laundry room, these carts can work perfectly as a center island to add more workspace.

11. Metal lockers

Lockers can be a stylish and functional way to store items in your laundry room, granting an immediate industrial look to the space. Even better, they come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including tall lockers that can hold large items like mops and brooms, mid-height models that make great freestanding cabinets for linens, and small stacked lockers perfect for storing detergent and other laundry supplies neatly and out of sight. The metal is durable and won't warp in a humid environment, making them great for garage and basement laundry spaces.

12. Laundry closet

If you lack a dedicated room for doing laundry in your home, you can easily transform an ordinary closet into an all-in-one laundry setup that maximizes both functionality and storage. Place the machines together flanked by additional shelving, doored bins, or drawers, and add a hanging rack across the top of the closet for drying and storing items until you can put them away. Use the closet's existing doors if they are wide enough to accommodate the washer and dryer, or use a curtain to hide the area when not in use.

13. Slender storage

For small spaces, consider adding some slender storage between your washer and dryer or surrounding elements like counters or walls. Many home retailers sell slender shelving units that slip into narrow spaces on wheels and feature deep bins that can hold bottles, brushes, and dryer sheets. You can slide the unit back into the narrow space when not in use. Other models attach magnetically directly to the side of your washer or dryer and offer racks and shelves that sits compactly along the side and don't take up any additional room on the floor. 

14. Ironing board cabinet

Many homes from the last century featured built in ironing board closets, which allowed you to safely store them away when not in use. Even if you don't have a recessed space, you can build a wall-mounted ironing board cabinet to hide the board away, many of which also offer a space to store your iron, sprays, and other essentials. Or, use an ironing board that attaches inside a cabinet door or folds out or a pull-out ironing board on a special mount that swivels to make using the board easy.