Love It Or List It Shows Us A Stunning Way To Fill A Bathroom With Natural Lighting

If you're searching for a way to brighten your bathroom, Hilary Farr is full of clever concepts. On "Love It or List It," she is known for her breathtaking interior and exterior transformations. On the show, clients are offered the opportunity to keep their renovated home or list it and purchase a new property. It's no surprise that in Season 19, Episode 7, Luke and Jim chose to love their newly remodeled home. This episode showcases one of the best "Love It or List It" bathroom makeovers. One of the major factors that contributed to their decision to keep the house was Farr's addition of a brightly lit master bathroom. She replaced an unused bedroom with a bathroom underneath the lofted rafters. Because it was located directly underneath the rooftop, this gave her the opportunity to add tons of natural light.

Since your bathroom is the most personal space in your home, it's important to make it feel serene and welcoming. A dark, dimly lit bathroom is not only impractical, but also creates an undesirable ambiance. Whether you're considering completely remodeling your bathroom or you simply want to give it an affordable refresh, these tricks will help you maximize the natural light. Make your space feel larger with elements like skylights, mirrors, and more. Each hack has several modifications depending on your unique space and budget.

Add authentic or artificial skylights

The biggest transformation in Luke and Jim's bathroom was the addition of custom skylights. If you're lucky enough to have your bathroom on the top floor, skylights can be a worthy investment to make. They are also a great way to add natural light without sacrificing privacy. If you don't have roof access from your bathroom, carving out larger windows is also an excellent way to increase your home's value. Opt for a frosted finish if your bathroom faces the street or a neighboring building. You can also buy frosted window stickers from Amazon that will increase privacy while still allowing light to shine through.

If you don't have the option of adding larger windows or skylights, you can purchase a faux skylight from Amazon. This creative alternative to natural light will create the effect of a recessed skylight in your ceiling. You can also change the color of light to create different effects. This inventive option is further proof that the perfect bathroom lighting is key to making your space feel airy and rejuvenating.

Maximize mirrors and reflective surfaces

While Farr focused primarily on adding windows to Luke and Jim's master bath, there are ways to achieve this look without embarking on a full renovation. Mirrors have long been a designer favorite for their ability to make a room appear more spacious. This tip is widely recommended for a reason. Not only can larger mirrors create the illusion of a larger space, but they can also reflect sources of natural light. A simple way to create a brighter room is to swap out your current mirror for something larger. Replacing your bathroom mirror is an easy way to give your space an update. Try a wall-to-wall mirror for the most striking option. You can also install LED strips behind your mirror to create the appearance of a natural aura of light.

Beyond the mirror itself, Farr's renovation is proof that using reflective surfaces throughout your bathroom can have a similar effect. Rather than matte finishes, go for the glow! For this space, she chose shiny materials like chrome over brushed metals. For your countertops, dare to go with something that makes a statement like shiny quartz –- as Farr did in this renovation. All of these sparkling additions will create a space that looks light and feels luxurious.