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Riviera: Here's How To Pull Off The Trending Coastal Living Room Look

If relaxed elegance and soft colors call to you, then the Riviera coastal look could be ideal for your living room. This trend is characterized by a mixture of design elements, some of which are opposites. There's blending the old with the new, and simplicity with luxuriousness. It's not a fussy style, and you can zhush it up as much as you like, or keep things on the more minimal side. The cool thing is that you don't have to live on the coast to embrace this design aesthetic. All you have to do is choose your color palette and furnishings wisely, and your living room will evoke the charm and sophistication that this region of the world is so well-known for.

Riviera coastal has a subtle but distinct European flair that separates it from nautical or beachy interior design. With its combination of influences, this style has a timelessness and quiet luxury vibe that won't soon fall out of fashion. Here are some of the hallmarks of the Riviera coastal style and tips for making it your own. 

Hallmarks of Riviera coastal interior style

What's the difference between coastal décor and Riviera coastal? Coastal has more of a laidback, simple feel; it's easy to envision yourself or your kids plopping down on that blue-and-white striped couch after a day at the beach. The walls may be white and the furniture weathered. Riviera coastal, however, is a bit more elevated. It evokes the Riviera — French or Italian. The climate is warm and the culture is rich, and a living room done in this style is the same. Add in hints of 1920s Art Deco and neat lines, and you're off to a stylish start.

Lots of natural light, a mix of old and new, neoclassical elements, and a bit of Mediterranean chic all fit the Riviera coastal aesthetic. It can be quite eclectic, making it easy to put your unique stamp on things. A living room done in Riviera coastal may include a French provincial-style sofa and a wrought iron chandelier. As for colors, look to blues, creams, whites, and soft grays. This isn't the style for loud, bright shades or busy patterns, so put the leopard print away. Instead, embrace colors that evoke the sea. Nature is another characteristic of Riviera coastal. Wood pieces and a seamless flow from the living room to the backyard patio (bonus points if your home is near water) are what you're going for.

Make the Riviera coastal trend your own

One of the best aspects of the Riviera coastal trend is the ability to make it truly your own. That vintage sofa you scored from the consignment shop, with the curved wooden legs and pale gray fabric? It will look right at home next to an Art Deco-esque accent chest, like this one from Lamps Plus. Don't forget to bring in the light for that coastal feel. Even if you don't live by the sea or have floor-to-ceiling windows, you can still make the most of what you have. To let windows feel larger, ditch the heavy drapes and use light-colored, floor-length curtains in sheer or breezy fabrics. For horizontal windows, create the illusion of verticality with patterns that travel upward, as seen on this curtain set from Wayfair. Well-placed mirrors can make your living room feel brighter, and an ornate, arched piece like this one from Amazon is perfect. While this isn't as minimalist as some Scandinavian design, it's also not as opulent and colorful as French baroque. If you're looking around your living room and wondering if you should add one more piece of furniture, the answer is probably "no."

Because the foundational colors of Riviera coastal are soft and neutral, you have the freedom to create your preferred color palette. Stick with whites and beiges, or opt for blues in all tones. Done right, a Riviera coastal living room might make you believe you're in a villa on that dream European vacation.