Items Pro Organizers Store In Their High Cabinets For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

When it comes to organizing a kitchen, high cabinets can be a conundrum. Thankfully, cabinets don't go up to the ceiling, or organizing could be a real headache. But oftentimes, they're still too high to easily access or out of sight enough that they don't come to mind. Perhaps those are two major reasons why experts recommend storing lesser-used items in them to keep clutter at bay. 

Those out-of-the-way cupboards tucked above a fridge or perched atop the oven are common kitchen elements. So it only makes sense to make use of them, even if you need a step stool to reach them. And even though you could stash pantry overstock in some of those cabinets, experts recommend not keeping food in the cabinet above the stove. That's largely because of the heat rising from the oven or stovetop. 

All that extra heat and moisture can shorten the life of perishables and non-perishables alike, hence the food storage avoidance. Even if foodstuffs aren't meant to be stuffed into this particular cabinet, you should still feel free to use it for your other storage needs. After all, Nana's Christmas cookware won't be worse for wear up there. 

Declutter those counters by storing small appliances instead

You know that milk frother you bought on a whim and swore you'd use? Or that juicer you absolutely had to have that works twice a month (at most)? They're taking up valuable counter real estate. These are the kinds of appliances you can easily store up in a high kitchen cabinet until you're ready to use them. Plus, you don't have to worry about hiding these small appliances to feign kitchen decluttering. 

The key to a successful small-appliance stash, however, is weighing your options — literally. You don't want to lug your 30-pound KitchenAid stand mixer down from a high cabinet, even if you only use it occasionally. Storing high is better for items that don't pose as much of a safety concern. After all, if you're climbing on a ladder, that's just asking for trouble. Save that space instead for things like hand mixers, blenders, juicers, griddles, or even the nostalgic popcorn popper. 

For those heftier small appliances, you can still declutter your counter without risking the transfer to a high cabinet. You can create hidden storage with this stylish trend instead – no stepladders required. 

Stash seasonal items up top

Along with lesser-used items, like that kitschy but delightful Snoopy shaved ice machine, upper cabinet storage is ideal for seasonal or holiday items. After all, you're probably not reaching for pastel egg cups or snowman-adorned platters in August. So keeping them out of reach makes sense. However, professional organizer Di Ter Avest of Di Is Organized advises keeping like items together however you store them.

"Group your holiday dishes, glasses, and linens, as well as any baking supplies such as cookie cutters, colored sprinkles, candle holders, and birthday signs, and organize them in a basket or spacial dinnerware containers," she told Livingetc. "This makes it easy to get them in and out, and nothing gets lost in the back." Organizing even in smaller high cabinets is crucial. That way, you don't have to dig around while balancing on a ladder or make return trips for any items left behind.