You're Probably Cleaning Your Curtains The Wrong Way

You have decided on the perfect height to hang your curtains, and they look amazing. But chances are, you haven't given much thought much about cleaning them. Cleaning window treatments is one of those "spring cleaning tasks" that you likely don't think a lot about tackling other than perhaps the annual deep clean, along with cleaning the walls or dusting the ceiling fans. The chore may pop into your mind every now and then, but you mostly assume that curtains aren't that grimy and don't require much maintenance. However, that's not necessarily true. It's common to underestimate how often we should be dusting, and curtains are dirt magnets because they are actually like filters next to open windows. If you don't clean them regularly, you will have dust buildup in your room — even if you can't physically see it like dust on a side table.

There is a relatable reason why most people avoid cleaning their curtains. Unless you bought budget cotton drapes, cleaning curtains can be a little tricky. Many people worry that if they throw their curtains into the washing machine, they will come out damaged, and others don't want to pay the high dry cleaning bill that would come with laundering an entire household of drapes. Hence why most people simply choose to vacuum their curtains. While that method works well, there is a particular vacuuming technique that makes the task so much more effective, and you might not be doing it. Read further to learn more.

Take down your curtains

It can be pretty tempting to vacuum your curtains exactly where they are, hanging right up on the curtain rods. Fear not, because that is actually a really great and acceptable technique, but only if you vacuum your curtains weekly. But if you clean them monthly, quarterly, or even at longer intervals, vacuuming your curtains while they're hanging on the rods is not a thorough enough process to get the job done. 

It will be much more work, but what you should do instead, according to The Spruce, is take down all your curtains that you are cleaning, and lay them down nicely on your bed in order to have full access to the fabric. Then, put a nylon stocking over your vacuum attachment to ensure the hose doesn't suck in the fabric of your curtains, and vacuum the drape slowly. Instead of quickly swiping the brush up and down, you will want to move the nozzle or soft brush attachment at a snail's pace when vacuuming, which will allow you to pick up more dust and dirt. The process should not be rushed so you can do a thorough job. According to Today, this method will clean up to 85% of the dust that is trapped in fabric!

Make it a new routine to clean your curtains using this method, and your rooms will feel much cleaner and way less dusty. Once you get the job done you will be so happy that you did!