Inside Dakota Johnson's Gorgeous Home

For any design lover, getting a glimpse into a celebrity's home can be absolutely thrilling. After all, celebrities often have massive budgets to work with when it comes to decorating or renovating, and they often snap up properties that are seriously impressive to begin with. There's also a wide variety in the types of homes that celebrities choose for their luxurious digs — some prefer to dwell in sprawling estates with bedrooms that stretch into the double digits and endless perfectly landscaped grounds, while some are all about those Malibu ocean views, and others still favor the penthouse living and urban panoramas that high-rise apartments can offer.

Growing up as the daughter of actor Don Johnson and actress Melanie Griffith, actress Dakota Johnson was likely exposed to plenty of celebrofity-approved surroundings at a young age. When it came to finding her own perfect spot to put down roots, she wasn't afraid to embrace the things she loved and valued in a home, adding her own personal spin to things and finding a property that satisfied what she really wanted out of a space. Back in March 2020, Johnson invited Architectural Digest into her private space for a tour that took fans through various rooms in her home as she explained some of the reasoning behind her design choices and preferences (via YouTube). If you're a fan of mid-century modern design, wood, super-sized windows, natural light, and lush greenery, you won't want to miss Johnson's house tour.

The history of Dakota Johson's home

As Johnson revealed while leading Architectural Digest through the space for her tour, the mid-century modern marvel she owns was actually the first house she ever bought, and was only the second one she looked at. (When you know, you know! She certainly made her realtor's job easy with her decisiveness.) The actress apparently spent just one day touring Los Angeles properties with her realtor, and fell for the home she ended up buying quite quickly (via YouTube). At the time the tour was filmed, she had been living in the house for around five years.

The property was created by architect Carl Maston (via Architectural Digest), and Maston himself actually lived in the space with his wife for a period of time. In order to transform it according to her own vision and put her personal stamp on it, Johnson teamed up with the Los Angeles and Nashville-based design firm Pierce & Ward to bring to life what she wanted in the space. And, the property seems to be a favorite of creatives, both architects and those in the entertainment industry. The previous owner was writer and producer Ryan Murphy, who fans may know from "Glee" or "American Horror Story." As Johnson revealed, Murphy apparently opted to move because his family needed a bit more space, allowing Johnson to scoop up the enviable property.

A beautiful kitchen made for a foodie

While many floor plans are wide open, offering a direct line of vision from the kitchen to other spaces in the home, Johnson's home has a kitchen that's a bit more tucked away, making it seem cozy despite the spaciousness of the rest of the home. A skylight in the middle of the kitchen area fills the space with natural light (via YouTube). Johnson revealed that she decided on the gorgeous green hue for her cabinets. Sleek silver hardware completes the look, and most of the upper cabinets have doors with large glass panels inserted, offering a glimpse at the contents inside, including some of the bold dishes she has collected over the years.

Johnson also doesn't seem like the type to keep her counters absolutely bare and free of any clutter, instead preferring to show off her style in the form of a few additions. Several wood cutting boards were positioned on the counter, leaning against the backsplash, and there was also a kettle in a worn bronze hue placed atop the gas range — perfect for those who love to cook! There were also a few small pieces of artwork scattered along the counter and two different vessels filled with fresh green limes. They make a style statement on their own, but can also be used to whip up a quick vinaigrette, cocktail, or stir fry — fresh lime juice is a staple ingredient in so many dishes.

Personality-packed artwork and accessories

Johnson has small accessories and pieces placed artfully throughout her space, which serve to showcase her quirky taste and sense of style, as well as items that show off some important connections in her life. She has a beautiful photo of her grandmother next to a tiger in addition to gifted books from Patti Smith in her office. Johnson pridefully showcased an unusual wax mushroom statue with a whimsical retro quality that is placed on an office shelf and humbly glossed over some of her awards in her tour for Architectural Digest (via YouTube).

Given that Johnson's office is often where she reads scripts she's considering, as she revealed during the tour, it makes sense that it would be the place where she stores the awards she's won over the years, including a People's Choice Award from 2016. And, despite being in the industry herself, she's also apparently a Netflix fan, as she included a Funko POP of the character Barb from Stranger Things for a pop culture twist amidst all her vintage wares. Johnson, like many other celebrities, also seems to enjoy having a few crystals placed throughout her space. Several different crystals were arranged on a credenza in her dining room, and she also had a large frosted white crystal affixed to a plain black base tucked away in one corner, serving almost as a sculpture.

A cozy space for gathering

A recurrent theme throughout Johnson's home is a love for vintage items of all kinds, from furniture to accessories and light fixtures. One of the focal points of her living room is a massive two-sided brick fireplace, and two walls that consist almost entirely of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors fill the space with natural light (via YouTube). In fact, the home doesn't have a single front door — several of the doors can serve as an entrance, another unique detail in the space. An accent wall in warm wood tones brings in those mid-century modern vibes to tie it all together.

Several of the key pieces in her living room were actually there before she even moved in. A stunning coffee table with a glass top and bamboo base was something that she bought with the house, she noted. The large couches in the space are likewise vintage, although Johnson had them re-covered with a luxe crushed mohair fabric in blush tones. An antique piano is positioned in the corner, maintaining the vintage vibes of Johnson's entire house, and the living room also features a record player and a cabinet packed with vinyl records for playing during cozy evenings in. Johnson even revealed a particular quirk of the property, in which the sunlight reflecting off the surface in her outdoor pool casts unique little waves of light over the white wood planks on the sloped ceiling during certain parts of the day.

An outdoor paradise

While the interior of Johnson's home is a total vintage showstopper, the exterior also has plenty of eye-catching details (via YouTube) and is styled in a way that makes it seem like a private oasis. The primary feature is a long, narrow pool that stretches along one side of the house, with sleek lounge chairs surroundings it. Johnson also arranged several seating areas within her spacious backyard, including a historic table and chair set that she mentioned was crafted from wood that came from Winston Churchill's yacht as well as two decorative chairs that she mentioned were likely too delicate to be kept outdoors, but were placed there because she just couldn't resist, choosing form over function in that instance.

The Californian slice of paradise has a few lemon and orange trees on the property, and Johnson also arranged several potted flowers throughout the backyard to add some pizzazz. The backyard space is two-tiered, with the bottom level being home to a beautiful lap pool. A flight of stone stairs leads to another stunning outdoor area that features towering bamboo plants, which offer some shade and privacy. That particular elevated space has a hot tub and a set of sliding doors that lead to Johnson's bedroom.