The Smartest Place To Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner Aside From Your Toilet

Thanks to TikTok hacks, our cleaning products are now working double duty. Dryer sheets are now dish sponges, vinegar is fabric softener, and toilet bowl cleaner is apparently a powerful kitchen-cleaning agent. But that's a good thing! You are now getting more bang for your buck when it comes to cleaning supplies, and these hacks often make cleaning much easier. And at the top of that multitasking list is toilet bowl cleaner, which disinfects and polishes more than just the toilet bowl.

For example, you can clean your bathtub with toilet bowl cleaner. TikTok user Morgan Brittaney finds that covering her bathtub with Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner helps break down her tub's grime much faster than other cleaners, helping her finish the chore in half the time. But the bathroom isn't the only place in the house where you can use the magic blue liquid: It also works well in the kitchen.

You can use toilet bowl cleaner in the kitchen

It might sound a tad outside of the box, but you can also use toilet bowl cleaner in the kitchen. Specifically, you can use toilet bowl cleaner on tile grout. When TikTok user Savannah Meyer moved into her new house, she was faced with kitchen tiles that were lined with dirty grout. She saw on the app that toilet bowl cleaner could be used to clean tough grout stains, so she decided to try it out herself. In her TikTok video, Meyer shows a closeup of her kitchen tiles and dark gray grout. She then pours the toilet bowl cleaner on the lines of the grout, and lets it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to penetrate the dirt and grime. After the allotted time is up, Mayer takes a scrub brush and the grime immediately begins to slough off, turning the blue liquid black. "It's disgusting," she tells her followers.

White grout was revealed when Mayer wiped away the mess, proving that the toilet bowl cleaner trick actually works. If you have dark or black grout lining your tiles, this toilet bowl cleaner hack just might make them look brand new again!