If You're Not Using Vodka To Remove Carpet Stains, You're Doing It Wrong

When it comes to cleaning hacks, there are some popular ingredients that pop up again and again, like vinegar or baking soda or dryer sheets. People swear by these common household items, and for good reason: They're powerhouse cleaners that can pack a serious punch against stains or lingering odors all around the house. However, there's one type of liquid that's often overlooked; it doesn't make many appearances on household cleaning lists, but it should.

Whether you're dealing with a fresh spill of red wine on your white carpet or a reappearing problem, there's a way to kick carpet stains to the curb and leave them there. You don't need to buy an assortment of fancy cleaning products or go through the hassle of renting a carpet cleaner. Believe it or not, you probably already have the only product you need — and it's sitting on your bar cart or inside your liquor cabinet.

Vodka is your stain fighting secret weapon

Maybe your Grey Goose only comes out when it's time for a martini, or you just reach for Tito's when you're splashing it into cranberry juice. If you have stubborn stains in your carpet, grab whatever vodka you've got and prepare to be amazed. Since any type of plain (unflavored) vodka will work, save the good stuff for your cocktails and use a cheap brand to treat stains.

According to Wonder How To, alcohol-based cleaners are highly effective because alcohol can cut through grease and break it down in ways that other cleaners cannot. If you're in a pinch and don't have vodka on hand, another clear alcohol can act as a substitute.

First, you want to treat the stain as quickly as you can and while it's still fresh, if possible. Hunker suggests blotting the spot with a white sponge or rag. You want to use white so there's no accidental color transfer from the sponge/rag to the stain. Next, pour some vodka onto a separate sponge or rag (still using white) and dab it on top of the stain. Make sure you don't rub it in! The motion of rubbing can grind some stains deeper into the carpet fibers. Lay the vodka-soaked rag on top of the stained area for several minutes so it has enough time to work. Finally, remove the rag and let the spot air dry. You can repeat these steps if there's any lingering mark remaining.