You've Been Cleaning Your Bathroom Shower Doors Wrong This Entire Time

Those dryer sheets you have in your laundry room do a whole lot more than just soften your towels and sweaters in the dryer: They're also a powerful cleaning agent that can help you clean your kitchen and bathroom more efficiently and in half the time (via HuffPost). For example, you can use dryer sheets to clean dirty dishes that have grease and food buildup, and you can use dryer sheets to clean baseboards that have dust buildup and trapped pet hair. These nifty sheets have a lot of unexpected uses, and while they're an asset in the kitchen and in your cleaning caddy, they're also pretty handy in the bathroom.

Bathrooms obviously aren't the easiest places to clean; they're prone to grime and scum buildup, which take a lot of muscle power to banish. But that's not the only thing you have to struggle with, as you also have to battle streaks that are left behind by products — but dryer sheets can help with that.

Use dryer sheets on glass surfaces

Rather than using streak-producing paper towels on glass surfaces, you can use dryer sheets instead. In fact, a TikTok user created a helpful tutorial on the platform to show how dryer sheets cut through hard water stains on shower doors. These water stains are created by mineral deposits left by hard water, and they usually require a bit of muscle power to buff away. However, dryer sheets can help make that task much easier!

In the tutorial, the TikTok user grabs a dryer sheet from its packaging and runs it under the sink faucet. Once the sheet is damp, she uses it to clean the shower door using a circular motion. The hard water stains disappear immediately, revealing a sparkling shower door. According to HuffPost, the ingredients in dryer sheets that soften clothes also soften the grime and mineral deposits on the glass, which helps wipe away the stains easier. The sheet itself is also mildly abrasive, thanks to the fibers it's made out of, which also helps break down the deposits. 

If you struggle with cleaning water stains from your shower door, give this dryer sheet hack a try!