40 Gray And White Bathroom Designs That Are Instant Classics

While certain color trends or materials come in and out of fashion, gray and white bathrooms often stand the test of time better than their more bold counterparts because they offer a classic look that appeals to a wide range of design aesthetics. There's just something about the minimalist palette and clean, bright tones that will make any bathroom feel like a private spa retreat. As an added bonus, since so many bathroom appliances come in white, embracing white and gray as the primary color palette for your bathroom can lend cohesion to the space.

If you're hesitant about embracing this stark hue, fearing that you'll have your work cut out for you with endless cleaning, don't be; there are plenty of tricks to keep things sparkling clean, such as these four tips that The Mark, a luxury hotel in New York City, shared with Elle Decor.

We've rounded up 40 gorgeous gray and white bathroom designs that will have you rushing to revamp your space to create a light, sunny oasis.

1. Vintage whimsy

A white and gray color palette doesn't have to mean a sleek, modern style. A unique accent wall with a whimsical patterned tile adds personality and complements the simplicity of a freestanding tub with chrome hardware, and white brick walls throughout add vintage flair.

2. Ornate luxury

Feel like royalty by adding visual interest with eye-catching architectural features rather than with color. This space features gorgeous wall sconces, ornate columns that frame the freestanding tub, and a chandelier that makes the bathtub the star of the room.

3. Modern minimalist

This bathroom is perfect for those who love clean, sleek lines. A glossy, floating, pale gray vanity is installed onto a textured white wall, and large mirrors reflect light into the space. Rectangular gray tiles stretch across the floor and up the walls around the tub, adding cohesion.

4. Textured tiles

This space uses different patterns and tiles within the same color palette to pack a serious design punch. The tub is surrounded by mottled rectangular tiles, portions of the shower are accentuated with glimmering small square tiles, and a thin patterned band stretches around the space. The combination adds interest without becoming too cluttered visually.

5. Warm wood accents

Simple square gray tiles and a darker band of painted gray along the top portion of the wall create an eye-catching look that still allows the pale herringbone wood floors to shine. A combination of charcoal hardware and white appliances complete this simple yet stunning space.

6. Minimalist luxury

A massive window fills this bathroom with natural sunlight, and the gray marble tiles create a luxurious, serene ambience. Metallic accents in the rounded mirrors above each sink show that, with a pale gray and white color scheme, it's easy to make design elements pop.

7. Sleek simplicity

A small space receives an infusion of style thanks to the simple color palette. Consistent textured dark gray tile throughout, paired with all glass shower walls, create the illusion of more space. White painted walls and ceilings add a simple backdrop, drawing the eye upwards.

8. Chic and clean

White subway tiles add a sleek, classic look to this bathroom, and a splash of gray paint and slate gray tiles break up the all-white color scheme. The addition of a simple sconce and textured bath mat add warmth, and the chrome fixtures gleam in the neutral space.

9. Vintage showstopper

A fireplace in the bathroom is automatically a showstopper, especially in a gorgeous marble material. The architectural details do all the talking in this space, from the panelled walls to the large window. The freestanding tub, surrounded by a simple curtain, brings a touch of modernity to the vintage design.

10. Small space sophistication

By keeping the same pale gray tile throughout this small bathroom and pairing it with sleek white accessories, a large medicine cabinet covered in mirrored panels, and a simple small-square tiled floor, this space looks chic and much larger than its actual footprint.

11. Weathered wood

This small space packs a style punch thanks to a wood accent wall and a simple, chic color scheme. The unexpected dark tub pops against the stark white walls, and the sleek lines draw the eye along in the narrow floor plan, elongating the room.

12. Statement pieces

The white wall and large gray tiles provide the perfect neutral backdrop for the show-stopping tub and tiled art piece to shine. An unexpected floor lamp adds a retro industrial feel, while plants bring a burst of natural color to the space.

13. Bringing nature indoors

Narrow, pale gray tiles and dark charcoal paint, paired with avant-garde bucket sinks and asymmetrical lights, create an intriguing yet minimalist space. The room is brought to life with a large living wall, a skylight over the tub, and a rock feature with plants studded throughout.

14. Stone showstopper

An all-gray color scheme gets added complexity thanks to a mixture of textures, from a concrete vanity to large square tiles scaling each wall. The true showstopper, however, is the unique stone sink with a rough exterior that contrasts with the shining chrome hardware.

15. Yin and yang

This bathroom covers both ends of the color spectrum, with the luxurious marble tile on the floor and ceiling receiving contrast from the painted charcoal gray trim and accessories. The glass shower wall, white tub, and white toilet all blend in to the tile, creating a space-expanding illusion.

16. Classic elegance

Pale gray walls and flooring get an unexpected twist with the addition of darker trim around the windows, door, and along the baseboards, proving your trim doesn't have to be white to be classic and elegant. Small charcoal tiles add visual interest to the sink, and the moody color palette carries through in the black hardware.

17. Simple yet stunning

Embrace the dark side with deep gray paint and a decorative accent wall panel behind the white toilet. The color palette adds a flair of drama to the simple space, proving you don't need bright hues to make an impact.

18. Pale paradise

A bath lover's paradise — this white freestanding tub is the focal point in the gorgeous white bathroom. Two tile shapes — square on the floor, rectangular on the walls — add visual interest, and the marble vanity in the middle of it all brings a hint of pattern and texture to the all-white bathroom.

19. Terrazzo walls

Terrazzo isn't restricted to bold colorways or pale shades — this bathroom features a unique tile with speckles of different gray hues, making a serious impact in the small space. Wood accents bring warmth, and the sleek white fixtures pop against the dark stone.

20. Marble and glass dream

Make the most of a gorgeous view with a massive window and sparkling marble tiles. The marble vanity adds cohesion, the mirrored cabinets reflect the view, and the glass shower doors enclose a super-sized walk in shower — either bathe with a view, or shower in the lap of luxury, you can't go wrong.

21. Concrete chic

A simple color palette is given an edgy vibe thanks to the addition of textured concrete walls. Dark gray accents contrast the pale concrete, and wood floors add another element of texture to the space. Plus, any decorative accents pop against the neutral backdrop.

22. Serene and spa-like

Bring the relaxing spa feel home with this minimalist bathroom that features large, white tiled flooring and a dark charcoal wall color. A unique, symmetrical freestanding tub serves as the focal point, and a massive window bench offers a spot for reflection and relaxation.

23. Tropical haven

A unique indoor-outdoor configuration makes this bathroom a tropical haven, with a minimalist shower outdoors and a luxe freestanding tub. The concrete wall and floor-to-ceiling glass windows and door add cohesion and bring the natural world in, with the exterior wood slat flooring adding functionality.

24. Fashion forward

This minimalist bathroom places accessories as the main focal points, with a sleek white ledge offering a spot to display all kinds of wares. A mannequin, window seat, and bench offer additional storage, and you can survey all the decorative elements while soaking in the small freestanding tub.

25. Cool slate

Charcoal gray and white are a match made in heaven in this small yet chic bathroom. Slate tiles create a luxurious atmosphere, and the simple white shower curtain and modern white vanity contrast the dark walls and flooring beautifully.

26. Asymmetrical luxury

From the gleaming chrome faucets to the minimalist sinks to the herringbone flooring, every element of this minimalist space packs a design punch. A small hanging pendant light introduces an element of asymmetry that is mirrored in the unique L-shaped window.

27. Modern marvel

This small space mixes up the gray rectangular tiles on the wall with white hexagonal tiles along the floor for an unexpected burst of geometric chic. And, it's all in the details — wood panels on the vanity add warmth, and an illuminated mirror brings brightness to the room.

28. Rustic textures

The slate stone wall adds an element of rustic texture to this bathroom and contrasts beautifully against the pale wood herringbone-patterned flooring. The showstopper tub with faceted exterior and the side table introduce geometric components to the space, and the hanging Edison bulbs create a warm ambience.

29. Scandinavian chic

White brick walls behind the tub and shower and eye-catching patterned flooring make a major design impact in this small space. A glass wall encloses the shower without taking up any visual real estate, and windows fill the room with light. This bathroom proves you can incorporate textures and patterns without necessarily having to add color.

30. Industrial chic

Painting the ceiling beams a dark charcoal gray draws the eye towards the unusual architectural details in this otherwise stark space. The vanity adds an industrial feel, while the addition of wall scones with gold interiors and a potted plant bring in necessary texture and pops of color.

31. Chic marble touches

A very simple bathroom gets a burst of elegance thanks to the addition of a marble-topped vanity, and eye-catching marble subway tiles in the shower. Juxtaposing the gray vanity with the white framed mirror also adds an unexpected touch.

32. Cozy nook and gorgeous finishes

A sleek, freestanding tub is tucked into a nook bathed in natural sunlight in this stunning bathroom with a unique layout. The arched nook features enclaves for extra storage, vintage-inspired tiles beneath the tub, and rectangular tiles that stretch along the walls and across the arch, creating a private oasis.

33. Two-tone modern

Simple white square tiles cover the floor of this space, with eye-catching abstract print gray tiles drawing the eye towards the walls. The half-tiled wall makes the space seem taller, and a modern floating toilet, bidet, and tub complete the stunning two-tone bathroom with an extra-deep sink.

34. Wonderful windows

The massive arched windows along one wall of this bathroom are the architectural hero in this space, and the simple white paint accentuates the natural sunlight streaming in. Extra-wide doors leading to the bedroom and bold molding along the ceiling add luxurious details to the room, and the eye-catching floor design shines thanks to the neutral color palette.

35. Glitz and glamour

Tiles don't have to be an afterthought — this bathroom goes all in with eye-catching white-and-charcoal tiles that have a marbled appearance. Tiles stretch along the walls and floor, encasing the space in luxury, and an ornate chandelier in the middle adds glamour. A mirrored vanity reflects light and blends into the wall, making the room seem massive.

36. Sleek and chic

Subway tiles aren't your only option in a minimalist white bathroom. The unique shape of the white tiles in this room add visual interest without changing the color palette, and the built-in shelf with the same tile creates storage while still maintaining a sleek look.

37. Winter wonderland

A floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the frosty terrain outside sets the tone for this simple yet stunning bathroom. One wall features large, square gray tiles with a sleek floating vanity, while another incorporates textured paint in a slightly darker hue to define the tub area and create distinct zones in the room.

38. Architectural elements

Beams criss-crossing the ceiling in a square pattern paired with a wall panel that features vertical wooden slats add some serious design flair to this room. The pale textured wall allows the architectural elements to take center stage, and the freestanding tub and large hanging clock add visual interest without overshadowing the room's natural beauty.

39. Polished and pretty

An all-white color palette doesn't have to make a bathroom feel too industrial or medical — large rectangular tiles encase the space, and textured crown moulding and recessed lighting add a gorgeous glow. The glass-enclosed shower and corner tub make the most of the floor plan, while the textiles and a potted plant add softness to the room.

40. Urban retreat

The city views through the massive windows are the focal point of this bathroom, and the dark gray tiles add just enough visual interest to make an impact without detracting from them. A white floating sink and toilet marry form and function, and a glass-panelled shower means you can enjoy the view even while sudsing up.