The Youngest Celebrities Who Own Their Own Homes

For most people, having a place to call your own is the ultimate goal. But as time goes on and house prices increase year after year (with the average home price in the U.S. standing at $303,288 as of September 2021 according to Zillow, a 17.7% increase from 12 months earlier), owning a house has become harder to achieve. While buying a place used to signal arrival to adulthood in a bygone era, nowadays Millennials and Gen Z face a longer wait, with the average age of buying a home in the U.S. standing at 34 years old in 2018, according to Zillow.

But some people beat the curve — and it helps if you're rich and famous. For those who achieved fame at an early age, buying a property with their income is a canny move, and the sheer amounts that some young stars can command means that the homes they're able to buy will blow you away. Here at House Digest, we're taking an inside look at the property portfolios of some of the world's brightest young stars.

Kylie Jenner's property portfolio is jaw-dropping

There are young celebrities that buy homes –- and then there's Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul reportedly became a billionaire at 21 and is worth $700 million as of 2021, according to Celebrity Net Worth. If you needed to shift any more cash, Kylie, you know where we are *waves*.

What do you do with all of that cash? Well, if you're Kylie, you buy property — and boy, did she. The youngest member of the Kardashian clan bought her first "starter home" at just 17, a $2.7 million, 4,900-square-foot property in Calabasas (via TMZ), and has since become a regular real estate tycoon. Her portfolio now includes a $13.5 million mansion in La Quinta, a $12 million Hidden Hills estate, a further plot of land worth $15 million in the same area, and her most recent (and jaw-dropping) purchase, a $36.5 million estate in Holmby Hills, per Architectural Digest.

While all of her properties ooze style, the Holmby Hills home takes the cake. The estate, design in an ultra-modern concrete design, incorporates a single-story main house that stretches across over 15,000 square feet and has two separate guest apartments, shares Architectural Digest. With a total of 14 bathrooms and seven bedrooms, the house has everything Kylie and her young family need, with a luxurious chef's kitchen, a home gym, an outdoor theater space, a sports court, a pool, and twenty parking spaces. What were you doing when you were 24?

Emma Chamberlain bought her starter home at just 18

YouTube gave rise to an entirely new type of fame, where the young can shoot to celebrity status seemingly overnight through the videos they're putting online. Such was the case with Emma Chamberlain, whose incredibly popular videos led to a meteoric rise to ubiquity that saw her buying a $3.9 million starter home at just 18, according to Dirt. The gorgeous WeHo property was a far cry from the standard one-bedroom apartment most young buyers kick off with; the four-bedroom home was built in a ravishing modern aesthetic, boasts high-ceilinged rooms, and has an open-plan indoor-outdoor living giving Chamberlain plenty of space to relax.

But she didn't stop there. Just a year later, Chamberlain decided to move on and upgrade to a larger pad in Beverley Hills, says Dirt. The five-bedroom, seven-bedroom property, built in 1955, is almost lodge-like in its décor. Extending across a 0.56-acre plot, it has eye-catching wood effects running throughout, a stone deck fringed by eucalyptus trees, and a garden that exudes Zen and calm. Inside, the master bedroom comes complete with its own fireplace and a beamed vaulted ceiling, the perfect room for staying cozy on a winter's day.

Lil Nas X has a gorgeous home in Sherman Oaks

Lil Nas X's shine shows no signs of dimming, and the hardworking music star has converted his youthful success into bricks and mortar. The "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" singer bought his first home at 21 for $2.35 million in March 2021 in Sherman Oaks, according to Taste of Country, and his excitement was clear. A picture posted on his Instagram showed him holding his keys to the new place proudly, and gave fans a view into the sumptuous black-and-white interiors and marble-topped kitchen counters.

Lil Nas X's 2,580-square-foot home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms throughout, with the master suite equipped with a private balcony and walk-in wardrobe. In the master bathroom sits a free-standing tub and rain shower, and the other bedrooms adjoin to bathrooms giving his guests en-suite access. Throughout, the 12-foot ceilings give height to the already impressive spaces in the property, and the backyard gives a touch of nature and offers imposing views of the surrounding California landscape. This is one young celebrity purchase we can get behind!

Finneas has an incredible Malibu cottage

Initially most famous for his work with sister Billie Eilish, multi-talented young musician Finneas has become a huge star in his own right. And while his younger sister reportedly still resides with the parents in Los Angeles, Finneas has started building his property portfolio — and in September 2020, he laid down a $5.2 million check for an oceanfront home in Malibu at just 22, according to Dirt. At 22, we were eating instant ramen in our parents' kitchens. So like, pretty much the same thing, right?

Finneas (who also owns a $2.7 million home in Los Feliz and a bungalow in Highland Park) has truly struck gold with this property. The Malibu cottage exhibits an enviable indoor-outdoor living vibe, with the ocean-blue and pale interiors perfectly reflecting the incredible ocean views from both the inside of the property and the wooden deck. The open-plan great room incorporates a modern kitchen with an impressive range cooker and island to eat at, a living space, a dining area, and a trendy black fireplace. The master bedroom opens up to a balcony overlooking the ocean, and the master bathroom has an enormous rain shower opposite dual sinks.

Loren Gray's starter home has an awesome backyard

For most of us, TikTok seemed to spring up overnight, but those savvier individuals who joined it way back when it was known as have been mastering it for years. Loren Gray, who joined the platform in 2015 (per Seventeen), was one of those people; in a few short years the social media star and singer has gone from obscurity to global fame, culminating in her first house purchase at 19, which she showed the world in a Youtube video tour.

Gray is clearly ecstatic about buying the property, and we can see why. The home has a beautiful grey-and-white interior running through the space, with a show-stopping spiral staircase in the center of the house. Gray also clearly feels the kitchen is the heart of the home, with the space feeling huge and homey at the same time, helped by its wooden cabinets and massive center island. It's all about the backyard in this house though, with the garden containing a large swimming pool, a waterfall, and a waterslide. Part of the reason that Gray is so excited about the outdoor space is, as she says, she hasn't had a yard "literally ever." Time to make plenty of memories in her new one!

Trae Young's house is over 8,000 square feet

As has been the case for decades, major-league sports can make stars of the young and talented in what seems like minutes. Trae Young, one of the most exciting young NBA players out there, is a testament to this — and the outrageously skilled baller has translated his work into the property he's bought. Young spent $1.5 million on a huge property in his home state of Oklahoma in 2019 (back when he was 21), according to TMZ, and what he got for the money is pretty stunning.

With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the 8,100-square-foot property also comes with a separate pool house to accompany, you guessed it, the pool. Inside the home, dark marble floors offset the white walls and help to create a classic feel in the kitchen, which has dark wood paneling, a cream backsplash, and a hanging light fixture over the center island (which also contains the microwave). The entrance space stretches over two stories, with an enormous hanging candelabra adding a further punch of class to the home's feel. As with any house, though, the additions are what makes it, and Young understood that — adding a whopping 14 TVs to the property. Can we come round for movie night?

JoJo Siwa's house is truly unique

Would you expect Jojo Siwa to hold back? We didn't think so — and that's as true for her property as for anywhere else. The YouTuber and dance star bought a Tarzana, California mansion in 2019 at just 16 years old for $3.425 million, states CBNC News, and her exuberant style can be seen on display throughout in a house tour Siwa posted on her YouTube channel.

Those with sensory overload need not apply, because we're telling you: Siwa goes big on the decor. Immediately upon entry to the 6,111 square foot property, boasting six bedrooms and seven bathrooms (per Dirt), in the gargantuan entrance hall in black-and-white you're greeted with a model unicorn with a rainbow mane, and an enormous model lollipop (also with a rainbow effect) standing beside it. Next to the entrance hall sits an "Ice Cream Candy Room," with virtually every type of candy you could want lined up on the bar and a personal 7-Eleven station sitting opposite, with a nacho maker, slushie maker, and pizza warmer. The keyword is color here, folks — and Siwa mixes it up seasonally, too. When Christmas rolls around, Siwa's home turns into a winter wonderland, with rainbow Christmas trees and decorations positively flooding the property, as another YouTube house tour shows.

Jaden Smith's home didn't come without drama

When your parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, you can probably expect to do things a little differently from other kids. Jaden Smith is proof of this, not only in the case of his already illustrious career as an actor and rapper, but in his acquisition of a $4 million mansion in Hidden Hills at the tender age of 18, reports the Daily Mail. The Mediterranean-inspired home, which has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, extends over 6,000 square feet — and while it was originally bought through the Smith family trust, it's now where the young Jaden calls home.

And apparently, that initially caused a few frustrations. As the Daily Mail noted, upon moving in, Smith was allegedly having a little too much fun with his friends in the area, disrupting his new neighbors. To be fair to him, we'd expect at 18 years old we weren't much better.

Bretman Rock's Hawaiian home is full of personality

The always-iconic Bretman Rock knows a thing or two about style, and the young star's Hawaiian villa proves that a million times over. The three-story mansion, designed by interior design firm MCYIA (according to Architectural Digest), is in line with his vision for ​​"the house to feel as if a cool, gay island kid got really rich ... I wanted to live that fantasy."

We'd say that fantasy space has well and truly been created, as we can see in a Youtube tour from Architectural Digest showing off his home. The décor reflects Rock's Hawaiian and Filipino identity, and individual and natural-inspired style statements adorn the space — including a terrarium with a neon sign saying "Da Baddest," in true Rock fashion, hanging over it. Throughout the house, there's a huge amount of local artwork, with Rock saying that he loves to support locally made pieces. The true wow moment, however, is when Rock takes us outside to exhibit the frankly once-in-a-lifetime views from his home, with the Hawaiian mountains and lush landscape sitting right next to his extensive outdoor patio.

Naomi Osaka's home is midcentury-modern

Naomi Osaka's rise to tennis superstardom is the stuff of legend, and with the player racking up over $37 million in earnings during 2020 (per Forbes), a higher amount in 12 months than any other female athlete in history — and all that money needs to end up somewhere. And in June 2021, the 23-year-old Osaka spent a chunk of it ($7 million, to be precise) on a Beverley Hills home formerly owned by no other than Nick Jonas, states the New York Post.

The midcentury-modern-inspired home, originally built in the '60s, was given a renovation in 2015 by SPACE International and Ground Up LA. Now, a minimalist feel runs through the property, with floor-to-ceiling windows and clean lines and angles giving a sense of space and order to the 4,100-square-foot home. The property is built with outdoor access in mind, with the master bedroom giving direct access to the exterior courtyard and pool. In the master bathroom, the shower and freestanding tub offer a view of the greenery outside, and the peaceful nature of the location (situated high in the hills) gives it a feeling of escape.

Lamar Jackson shares his home with his family

Lamar Jackson has achieved more on the football field than the vast majority of people would in a lifetime, and the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has the property to show for it. Jackson purchased an eight-bedroom home in Owings Mills, Maryland, at age 21 in 2018 for $900,000 cash, per the New York Post, and since then the property has upped in value to an impressive $1.3 million.

Jackson, who shares the property with his mother and brother, has plenty of exterior space to relax in the 3.3-acre lot. Equipped with a pool, the house also has a sprawling patio and is given true privacy by a grove of trees surrounding it. Inside, the 9-foot high ceilings are mirrored by wooden floors, and the windows stretching between them give a real sense of space. In addition to the multitude of bedrooms, there are also over five bathrooms and two half-baths, a gym, a wet bar, a recreation room, and a three-car garage.

Elle Fanning shared her home with her sister

Elle Fanning and her sister, Dakota Fanning, have been two of the most recognizable young stars in Hollywood for years now. Additionally, their co-owned home in the San Fernando Valley, according to Architectural Digest, younger sibling Elle was a homeowner before most of us were out of college. The home, which the Fannings listed in 2020 at $2.7 million, was built over 4,550 square feet of space in a classic Cape Cod-style, and is decorated throughout in a similarly timeless aesthetic, with marble, blues, and whites creating an elegant feel.

With six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, there was more than enough space for Elle and Dakota to share — although we have to wonder who got the enviable master suite, which offered a marble-fronted fireplace and access to the master bathroom with a walk-in wardrobe and free-standing tub. With the swimming pool with attached spa out back, as well as a grill area and covered patio, we're sure they enjoyed plenty of family time in the evergreen L.A. sun.

Willow Smith's Malibu house is seriously impressive

Never to be outdone by older brother Jaden Smith, Willow Smith's property portfolio started when she was young — when she was still in her teens, in fact, with a $3.1 million starter home in Malibu, according to Dirt. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom property extends over almost 3,000 square feet of space, was built in 2011, and is conveniently situated near her parents' home deep in the L.A. hills — in the recording studio of which Willow started her showbiz journey by recording "Whip My Hair," per Architectural Digest.

Willow's Malibu abode has views to die for, with a panoramic vista over the Malibu bay viewable both from the luscious green outdoor space with additional patio and from within the property, thanks to the full-length windows wrapping around the building. Inside, the ultra-modern great room is airy and dazzlingly white, with grey floors and blue touches throughout. There's also a totally unique three-sided fireplace (hey, it can get chilly in Malibu sometimes ... sometimes.) Due to its elevated location, the home offers peak privacy to the young star.

Tana Mongeau bought her house from another YouTuber

Few YouTubers have made an impact like Tana Mongeau has, and the young star no signs of stopping — neither in her takeover of social media or of slowing down on her property purchases. Mongeau (worth $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth) first showed viewers inside her home in 2019, with a YouTube video tour that showed off her eclectic tastes.

Since then, Mongeau's elected to keep her property purchases in the family. In July 2021, Mongeau purchased fellow YouTuber David Dobrik's Studio City home, according to HITC. The 2,900 square foot property, sitting behind gates in a private location at the end of a cul-de-sac, was originally built in 1953 and showcases a Spanish-villa style. Mongeau has access to three bedrooms and four bathrooms throughout the property (with three of the bathrooms acting as en-suites), and the home offers extensive views of the city and hardwood floors adorning its spacious rooms.