50 Halloween Table Decor Ideas You Can Easily Do Yourself

It's that ghoulish time of year again, when kids dress up as superheroes and monsters, spider webs decorate front porches and windows, and living rooms and filled with pumpkins and bats. Halloween is equal parts spooky and festive, and many people love to decorate their homes for the macabre season. While Instagram and Pinterest are filled with ideas on how to decorate your living room for the spooky holiday, we think all tables should get as much attention. Whether you're hosting a Halloween party in your kitchen or just want to decorate the dining room in hair-raising accents, there are plenty of Halloween table décor ideas you can easily do yourself. 

These table décor accents can run the gamut from simple fall décor if you don't like to decorate your house too ghoulishly, to spine-chilling tablescapes that include skeletons and witches' cauldrons. You can decorate your table in classic Halloween decorations like jack-o-lanterns, or you can try something different like purple pumpkins. There is something for everyone. 

1. Ceramic pumpkin décor

If you're not particularly crafty, save yourself the headache of DIYing table décor and just invest in a few ceramic pumpkins from a store like HomeGoods. Place those pumpkins on top of your place mats or plates, and revel in how they instantly evoke a Halloween mood.

2. Minimalist Halloween décor

Opt for minimalist table décor if you don't like to get overly festive with Halloween. Put a handful of mini pumpkins into a bowl, brush off some black candlesticks, and put dried foliage into a vase. 

3. Throw some hay onto the table

A simple way to bring the Halloween spirit to your dining room table is to spread hay around its center and scatter mini pumpkins across its bed. 

4. Cluster mini jack-o-lanterns together

Cluster small jack-o-lanterns together on your dining room table by using a place mat or tray. Then add a bowl to add some visual height. 

5. Glass bottle centerpiece

For those that have a more monochromatic aesthetic, evoke the Halloween spirit by creating a black and white table. Use glass bottles as candlestick holders so they feel light and airy, and cover your table with a black tablecloth to help the centerpiece pop. 

6. Create a Halloween village

You're probably used to seeing festive holiday villages only during Christmas season, but they're just as festive during Halloween! Create a mini village on your table by flanking the houses with pumpkins and leaves to make them feel Halloween-friendly.

7. Farmhouse style Halloween décor

If you have a farmhouse aesthetic, channel that in your Halloween décor by laying down a burlap table runner, snagging a white washed container, and filling it with white pumpkins and dried flowers. 

8. Black and orange pumpkin décor

If you want to stay relatively minimalist during the Halloween season, then decorate your table with a row of pumpkins that alternate between orange and black. 

9. Pumpkins with witch hats

If you're the type of person who places a pumpkin on your dining room table and considers the house decorated, then take your Halloween décor up a notch by elevating your pumpkin with a pointy witch hat. 

10. White jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lanterns are a time-honored tradition during Halloween, but you can make yours stand out on the table by painting them white. They're unexpected and minimalist all at once. 

11. Flower pumpkin bouquet

Convert a pumpkin into a vase by hallowing it out and then filling it with autumn flowers and berries. 

12. Cobweb table runners

If you're looking for a creative table runner, try using a spider web. You can stretch it out over your table, and then decorate it with candles and spiders. 

13. Spooky black and white table décor

For those that enjoy a black and white color scheme, make a spooky Halloween table by utilizing glass cake stands, black and white pumpkins, a spider web table cloth, and black twig accents. 

14. Jack-o-lantern trays

An easy way to bring Halloween décor to your table is to grab a tray and fill it up with mini pumpkins and playful jack-o-lanterns. It can act as your centerpiece all season long. 

15. Bouquet bats

Add some elegance to your Halloween décor by using a white pumpkin as a vase, and filling it with white peonies and roses. Then to give the bouquet a Halloween touch, accent the blooms with paper bats. 

16. Pumpkin table runner

Create a table runner out of pumpkins by lining them across the table. Be sure to use the biggest pumpkin in the center, and then flank it with smaller gourds and a smattering of candles. 

17. Cornucopia centerpiece

Create a charming Halloween table by grabbing a wicker cornucopia and filling it with white and gold pumpkins along with pine cones and white leaves. 

18. Colorful pumpkin table runner

If you like a little more color in your house, create a colorful pumpkin table runner by lining up differently hued pumpkins down the center of your table. Choose colors like purple, silver, lilac, and yellow for an especially eye-catching composition. 

19. Skeleton accents

What is spookier than having a skeleton dinner guest? Set up a skeleton at one of your dining room seats to really evoke a spooky Halloween aesthetic. 

20. Spooky plate décor

Another easy way to make your dining table spookier is to use themed place settings. Opt for black and white dishes, along with Halloween-themed appetizer plates that sit on top. 

21. Country chic Halloween décor

Give your Halloween décor a country chic twist by using burlap place mats, chalk white pumpkins, and cotton stalks in amber jars. 

22. Leaf accents

Quickly give your table setting a Halloween touch by wrapping your utensils in twine and topping them off with a leaf. 

23. All-black table settings

Go full-on goth with your table setting by only using black items. Use a black table cloth, black plates, and black napkins, and top them off with a rubber spider.

24. Lantern accents

Add a cozy touch to your table design by adding black lanterns with white candles. Their flickering lights during the evening will put you in a ghostly mood. 

25. Pumpkin tower décor

If you want to make a statement, try creating a pumpkin tower on your table. Stack mini pumpkins on top of a bigger pumpkin with hot glue, creating a playful tower. 

26. Minimalist pumpkin décor

Not all Halloween décor has to be flashy. You can still put your guests into the holiday spirit by topping off their place settings with small pumpkin dishes.

27. Halloween book décor

Turn your favorite Halloween book into décor by transforming it into a table centerpiece. Put it on a tray and prop it against a vase of dried flowers

28. Burlap table runner

If you like the idea of a pumpkin table runner but think it feels a little bare when you just use gourds, try popping a burlap table runner underneath to give the design a little more texture and color. 

29. Painted pumpkins

If you're feeling artistic this season, try transforming some of your pumpkins by painting them. You can do everything from painting a pumpkin entirely white to drawing on black stripes to stenciling on gold bones. 

30. Gothic style table décor

Not all gothic décor has to be chilling; it can also be romantic. The secret to creating a romantic gothic table is to use gold candlesticks and serving platters, as well as blooms in loud, cheerful colors like pink, orange, and purple. 

31. Cauldron centerpieces

Turn your dining room table into a coven's table by creating a cauldron centerpiece. You can also stick a candle into the cauldron to further set the witchy mood. 

32. Quirky Halloween signs

An easy way to bring the Halloween spirit to your home is to decorate with quirky signs that will put everyone into an autumnal mood. An easy way to DIY this is to use a lightbox and input your own message. 

33. Purple color scheme

The traditional Halloween color scheme is black and orange, but you can shake things up by making purple the standout hue. Use purple crystal glassware and incorporate purple blooms in a pumpkin bouquet. 

34. Vampire pumpkin décor

Give your pumpkins a vampire twist by adding fangs into their jack-o-lantern faces. 

35. Sunflower décor

Incorporate sunflowers into your table décor to give your dining room a Tim Burton-like effect. The sunflowers give off a Halloween aesthetic, especially when they're paired with jack-o-lanterns and flickering candles. 

36. Witch hat napkin ring

Guests love thoughtful touches, which is why everyone will be delighted with this tiny witch hat napkin ring. It's a small detail, but it's as cute as it is festive.

37. Cobweb pumpkins

Make your table a touch spookier by stretching spider webs over your pumpkin décor. Don't forget the spiders as well!

38. Cobweb lantern décor

The same idea goes for your lanterns. Set up a few lanterns on your dining table, and cover them with fake spider webs and rubber spiders. Just be sure to use battery operated candles rather than real wax candles in order to be safe. 

39. Elegant Halloween table

If you have an elegant aesthetic, you don't have to trade in your classic style to be festive. Instead, play with Halloween colors but use upscale table settings. You can set the table with purple goblets, black plates, and dark-hued blooms to evoke a spooky atmosphere. 

40. Repurposed cupcake stand

Use a cupcake stand as a Halloween centerpiece by filling each tier with Halloween-themed items. Use everything from pumpkins to skulls to black and white gnomes to pull off a festive vignette. 

41. Minimalist Halloween décor

If your home is minimalist, keep that same theme during Halloween. Decorate your table with a single pumpkin and an orange and red bouquet in a simple white vase. 

42. Polka dot pumpkins

If your entire house is white, then extend that same theme to your pumpkins. Paint them white, add polka dots to a few of them, and put them on a bed of fir branches to create a white-themed Halloween.

43. Halloween basket décor

Don't underestimate the power of a basket. Spray paint a spare wicker basket black, and fill it with red and orange dried blooms. This can then be used as your table centerpiece. 

44. Wooden table runner

Trade in your cloth table runner for a wooden one instead. Go to your local craft store and buy unfinished, natural wood slices of varying sizes, which you can then arrange into a faux table runner. 

45. Bat-accented pumpkins

If you want to decorate your table with pumpkins but want to give them an original twist, try adding some paper bats to the gourds. 

46. Cobweb tablecloth

Make your table feel a touch more festive by smoothing down a black spiderweb table cloth. You can then accent it with pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns to really cinch the theme. 

47. Pumpkins in a bowl

Create an elegant Halloween table by pouring small pumpkins into a glass bowl as a centerpiece, and then flanking the bowl with white tapered candles and luscious fall bouquets. 

48. Witch hat accents

For an eye-catching Halloween table centerpiece, stack two pumpkins on top of each other and top off the tower with a sheer witch hat. Make sure you place the hat at a jaunty angle to avoid making it look like a snowman! 

49. Ghoulish Halloween setting

Go full ghoul with your Halloween décor by incorporating black jack-o-lanterns, spiderweb-covered candlestick holders, and tree branches in a vase covered in cob webs and bats. It will make a spine-chilling table.

50. Pink Halloween décor

If you want a more playful Halloween table, then use pink accents in your setup. Use a pink satin tablecloth and pink bouquets, which will pop against the black and brass décor like brass candlestick holders and black pumpkins.