Where The Cast Of Game Of Thrones Calls Home

Hey, are you looking for an undiscovered show to watch? If so, this series called "Game of Thrones" might be up your street — not sure if you've heard of it, but it's pretty small-scale. We jest, of course — you'd have to be living under a literal Casterly Rock to not have heard of the TV juggernaut, which during its eight-year run was nominated for an eye-watering 32 Emmy Awards; at one point it even drew in 10 million viewers per episode during its seventh season (per Statista). The scale of "Game of Thrones" was unparalleled, both in cost of filming and in death count (over 3,500 characters met their end in the final season), and the scale of the stardom of the cast also reached epic proportions, turning people into celebrities overnight.

To match their fame, the stars of "Game of Thrones" kitted themselves out with some incredible property to boot — and now that we're over the infamous final season (which creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss now regret, stating on Twitter via Vanity Fair that "everything we could make a mistake in, we did"), we're ready to take a look. While we've had to inevitably leave some cast members out (Gwendoline Christie, Maisie Williams, and Peter Dinklage's New York crib won't be covered here), here at House Digest we've got the in-depth lowdown on more than a few of the stars' homes. Check out these properties that'd give King's Landing a run for its money.

Sophie Turner's home with Joe Jonas is pure luxury

Sophie Turner was an unknown when she made her debut as Sansa Stark back in 2011, but over the course of "Game of Thrones," she became one of the most well-known faces in the world. After her marriage to singer Joe Jonas in 2019, the two pooled their considerable wealth to purchase a $14.1 million mansion in Encino, per Mansion Global. The 15,000-square-foot property gave the young family more than enough room to stretch out, with an open-plan living area that has a stone fireplace as its centerpiece. Throughout the mansion, sprawling wooden floors offset white and stone effects across the nine bedrooms, extending out into extensive outside space (complete, of course, with pool).

Elsewhere in the home, the master bath comes equipped with a spa area, and the property also plays host to a range of unique amenities like a hair salon, a wine room, an aquarium, and a putting green. Turner and Jonas listed the property in June 2021, for a pretty tidy upsell of $16.75 million.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Los Angeles home is modern and simple

When Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stepped onto screens in the first episode of "Game of Thrones" (and then when he and Cersei ... never mind), it was clear he was in for a lot of success. Coster-Waldau successfully translated this into his property choices, purchasing a second three-bedroom home in addition to his primary residence in Denmark, in the Hollywood Hills (via Architectural Digest). He shows off the midcentury property, a light, airy, multi-level space, in a video tour with Architectural Digest. "I fell in love with it," the actor says as he guides us through the main living area, which has a modern and simple design that extends into the outdoor space.

Coster-Waldau also isn't afraid to bring his work home. In the tour, he shows us a fan-made Brienne of Tarth doll that he keeps on the property, as well as a pretty "Game of Thrones"-y art piece sitting next to the couch, a pile of chains that look as though they could be worn by Jaime Lannister himself. "I know it's art but ... I don't understand it," states Coster-Waldau as he picks them up and places them back down again. Don't worry too much, Nikolaj.

Lena Headey's house is a touch of Britain in L.A.

As Cersei Lannister, Lena Headey may have called Casterly Rock home, but in real life, she's more of a fan of the California sun. The star prefers to keep her stylistic choices closer to her native England's traditions, veering away from what she calls "grand Los Angelean features" and keeping things modest yet modern, as shown in People. Her mid-century San Fernando Valley bungalow, which she listed for $1.945 million in 2020, has clean lines throughout offset by colorful and characterful statements, such as in the kitchen, where wooden floors (sourced from an old Kentucky farm) meet blue patterned tiles and a silver-patterned backsplash.

As Headey renovated the home herself, with project manager Ted Broden, there were plenty of opportunities to retain old features while incorporating new ones. For instance, the house proudly puts the structural beams on display, giving the space an industrial feel, added to by the poured concrete sitting space next to the swimming pool where she chills out with her kids.

Emilia Clarke's home is colorful and characterful

Emilia Clarke's journey through Westeros, from an exiled young woman down on her luck to one of the most powerful characters in the "Game of Thrones" world, was nothing short of massive. So, too, has been her journey to stardom, and luckily for Clarke, she's found some great places to call home. The London-based actor lives in Hampstead, in a vibrant home that bursts with color and detail, as seen in Hello! magazine. The kitchen is an eclectic mélange of bright yellows, detailed tiles, and open shelving, with flowers and plants adding verdant greens and life to the space.

The home is a far cry from Clarke's previous residence in L.A., a modern, minimalist space extending over 2,817 square feet in Venice, California (per Forbes). With two bedrooms and three bathrooms, there wasn't a lot of space for Daenerys Targaryen to keep her dragons, but as a consolation there was a 30-foot pool to hang out by, flanked by olive trees and a courtyard that transitioned seamlessly into the indoor space. Inside, the home has an industrial aesthetic, with bare concrete walls allowing the space to be flooded with light. Clarke sold the home at the end of 2020 for a cool $4.4 million.

Jason Momoa's house is action-packed

Who'd have thought that Jason Momoa likes the outdoor lifestyle? The former "Game of Thrones" star, who wowed audiences as Khal Drogo, lives on a hilltop property in Los Angeles with his wife, Lisa Bonet, and kids Lola and Nakoa-Wolf. The home fully incorporates Momoa's active lifestyle and love of sports and includes a skateboard ramp that we bet his kids love, and a 25-foot climbing wall, as discussed in a profile on Momoa for Men's Journal. The $3.5 million Topanga home has a vast grounds of 10 acres, plenty of space for Momoa's other activities (like, for example, axe throwing, as shown in Hello! magazine – we mean, this dude did play Aquaman, so the action vibes are kinda to be expected).

Inside the property, it's a more muted affair, with white walls and banisters running through the multi-level home. Elsewhere, the kitchen appears to be adorned with dark cupboards that have elegant silver handles offsetting them and decked out with all the mod-con appliances.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie call Suffolk home

Actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's chemistry didn't just exist on-screen in Jon Snow and Ygritte's relationship. The real-life pair married in 2018, and instead of opting for an L.A. lifestyle, chose to keep things a little closer to home by moving into a farmhouse in Suffolk which they purchased in 2017, according to the Daily Mail. The abode, which they bought for £1.75 million, is a Grade II-protected listed property and dates back to the 15th century. The classic English country house has a thatched roof and extensive grounds which show off the Suffolk countryside — although Harington and Leslie kept things up-to-date by applying for a £1 million heating refurbishment of the property in 2020.

Unfortunately, the six-bedroom home has also been a source of stress for the couple. As the Daily Mail reports, Harington and Leslie have faced constant intrusion from fans and trespassers hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars, and in 2021 applied for planning permission to erect new gates for the property, to protect their (and their family's) privacy.

Sean Bean's London home is all old charm

Sean Bean's time on "Game of Thrones" may have been brief, but he made such a splash in the nine episodes he appeared in that his name has become synonymous with the series. But long before the show, Bean enjoyed an illustrious acting career, which contributed to his ability to purchase a massive eight-bedroom property in North London, which went onto the market for £6 million in 2018, per the Daily Mail. The mansion, which sits on 1.5 acres of land, was bought by the star way before his turn as Ned Stark for £1.8 million, and also contains six bathrooms and two separate kitchens over its three sprawling floors.

The historic 19th-century home also has a tennis court on its grounds, with rolling garden space incorporating an antique fountain and lined by trees. Inside the house, it's a combination of old English country charm and modern aesthetics. The kitchen, with its all-white surfaces, marble tiles, and appliances (and the occasional splash of purple), is accessed by formidable oak doors that complement the wooden floors and paneled walls. In the entrance foyer, a chandelier hangs in the approach to a pretty grand staircase leading up to the upper levels, and the house even comes complete with a very "Game of Thrones"-style lengthy dining table. Plenty of space to plot your next move, Ned (if you didn't, you know ... have your head cut off).

Michiel Huisman's house is a classic New York loft

As Daario Naharis on "Game of Thrones," Dutch actor Michiel Huisman cemented his position as one of Hollywood's most desirable stars. And he thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his labor by splashing out on a $2.2 million loft in the Flatiron district back in 2016, according to 6sqft. The corner loft is a total suntrap, and light floods the interiors of the property and its shabby-chic design, helped by the 12-foot ceilings and historic loft windows that give the actor a view of the city.

Inside the living space, a step leading up to the plush leather sofas gives a sense of being perched on a throne (no doubt catnip for GoT alumni), and the space is festooned with trendy art pieces that come together in a gallery-style space on one side. The kitchen continues the apartment's casual charm with open shelving lining the walls above the cooking area and a massive center island that has a sofa incorporated into it. Redbrick tiles turn into light beige squares as the apartment leads through to library space, with more unique seating options. The dual-level open loft then opens up to more space for relaxing and sleeping in — or just simply enjoying the astonishing views of Cityscape and Union Square.

Julian Glover has lived in his house for decades

"Game of Thrones" was the perfect combination of actors at the start of their careers and veteran pros flexing their chops, and as Grand Maester Pycelle, esteemed British actor Julian Glover brought real gravitas to Westeros. When he wasn't scheming onscreen, Glover took his days off in the house that he's lived in for over four decades, a home located in South London that he shares with his wife, Isla Blair, as noted by the Daily Mail.

Glover's home, like the actor, is full of character. The property features a conservatory, the actor's favorite room, with wooden floor paneling, wraparound windows, and a view of the London greenery outside. The space is full of personal mementos from both his long acting career and his life. A French sculpture, given to Glover by Blair on the opening night of playing Henry IV with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1993, was said to remind her of the eponymous character he was about to play. Perhaps most touching, however, is the dollhouse that they keep in the corner of the conservatory, bought from a local toy shop for their granddaughters to enjoy when they come and visit.

Carice van Houten's home is full of nature

Fewer characters were as stately and striking (and terrifying) as Melisandre on "Game of Thrones" — and Dutch actor Carice van Houten brought that elegance home with her, to her charming and modern property in Amsterdam, shared Harper's Bazaar Netherlands. The property is a joy to behold, with ultra-high ceilings giving it a sense of space and grandness, particularly in the main living area; that's where sitting spaces flow effortlessly to one another, punctuated by a grand piano, a cherry blossom tree, plants, and hanging lighting fixtures.

In the kitchen, wooden cupboards, paneling on the center island, and green plants help bring warmth to the otherwise white kitchen, which also contains two bright pink stools for van Houten's guests to sit on. A staircase leads down to a children's bedroom, with natural light brightening up the already-colorful space. And to top it all off, a massive walk-in closet contains a huge amount of shelving and dark wooden floors, with open rails giving a full view of the hanging clothes. Truly, this is a space fit for Melisandre's robes themselves.

Richard Madden rented from a fellow Game of Thrones castmate

British actor Richard Madden may have brought his rugged British charm to both "Game of Thrones" and the part of Robb Stark, but it appears he prefers a very L.A. lifestyle — although he hasn't seemed to find himself a permanent place just yet. No doubt, though, Madden will feel right at home in the house of fellow GoT alum Emilia Clarke, where he was said to have spent lockdown in 2020 with fellow actor Froy Gutierrez, reports The Sun.

The luxury property, bought for £3.8 million by Clarke in 2016, set Madden back £20,000 per month to rent (for a two-bedroom property, no less ... excuse us while we take stock of our own two-bedroom rentals, and inevitably, our life choices). But on the plus side, with gorgeous minimalist architecture and floor-to-ceiling windows that flank the living space, allowing the light to highlight the modern furnishings and black fireplace, the property, and the relaxation that was no doubt afforded the actor, is worth every cent. Elsewhere in the property, the up-to-date kitchen pairs wooden tones with blacks and whites (per Forbes), creating a warm and sleek aesthetic.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson's house isn't as big as you might think

Of all of the iconic moments in "Game of Thrones" (and there were many), few get close to the first time Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson appeared onscreen as The Mountain and promptly showed everyone what brute strength really looked like. Standing at 6 foot 9 inches and weighing over 400 pounds (per Men's Health), you might expect the Icelandic actor and strongman to quite literally live in the gym, but instead he mainly resides in a pretty modest two-bedroom home in Reykjavik with his young family.

Björnsson's social media gives us a glimpse into the home, which seems to embrace a simple and elegant monochrome design. Posing with an adorable snap with his son on Instagram, the house pairs simple white walls with textured black marble floors, with splashes of color from potted plants and functional pieces of furniture. Elsewhere, the living space incorporates high ceilings (well, they don't call him The Mountain for nothing!) and tasteful overhead lighting with tiled countertops and dark wood wall paneling (via Instagram). The space, which also has elegant wooden flooring running through it, appeared to be the ideal spot to celebrate his son's first birthday.