The Best Celeb-Owned Beach Houses

From Leonardo DiCaprio's Carbon Beach house in Malibu to Celina Dion's Bahamian-style Floridian estate, celebrities are known for having some of the best beach houses across the country. While many celebs choose to use their beach houses as a second home, some A-listers like Lady Gaga and Cindy Crawford have chosen to settle down permanently in their beachside manors. Though Malibu is known for being filled with star-studded households, many artists such as Rihanna and fashion designer Donna Karan have decided to get even further away from the city in places like Barbados and Turks and Caicos.

Having the privilege of being able to own an ocean-front home is one that many only dream of, as is even having the ability to own more than one property. While some stars prefer to find seclusion in the mountains or in a mansion on Lake Como, there really is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than an ocean view and being able to walk straight out to the sand. That being said, here is our list of the best celeb-owned beach houses that are sure to serve up some inspiration!

Leonardo DiCaprio has a huge oceanfront property

Since having his career take off in the '90s, Leonardo DiCaprio has owned three different ocean-front properties in Malibu. From his Malibu Colony Beach house (via Forbes) in the coveted Malibu Colony community to a smaller yet incredibly stunning Carbon Beach home that he put on the market in September of 2021, DiCaprio has certainly managed to find his way around Los Angeles real estate. According to Architectural Digest, DiCaprio has even made quite the name for himself in Los Feliz after purchasing Robert Pattinson's four-bedroom home for $7.1 million, proving that this A-list actor really loves living in Los Angeles.

However, after saying goodbye to his two former homes in Malibu, DiCaprio moved on to bigger and better things, having purchased a $13.8 million retreat that boasts ocean views and optimal privacy (though no photos have been released since the deal was done privately). In addition to this, DiCaprio still owns a $23 million Paradise Cove property that he bought in another off-market deal, per Variety, though it does not appear that much construction has started on it. Regardless, between these two stunning pieces of prime Malibu land, DiCaprio is certainly living the beach house dream.

Celine Dion enjoyed her Florida beach home for years

Though she ended up selling her Jupiter Island estate for $38.5 million in 2017, according to the Daily Mail, Celine Dion enjoyed her Bahamian-inspired playground for many years. This 11,000-square-foot house had everything from a full-blown waterpark to five different pavilions on the property. With 13 bedrooms and 14 full-bathrooms, it is clear that this house is much more grandiose and extraordinary than your typical, quaint Florida beach house. Despite those amazing amenities, perhaps the best part of this estate is the fact that it has more than 400 feet of Atlantic Ocean frontage, meaning Dion was able to enjoy the beach in privacy and with ease.

Some other amazing highlights of this property include the three separate pools that include various seating areas and fire pits around them. Between the swimming pools and the picturesque palm trees, this island paradise truly acts as a tropical oasis, and it is a real wonder as to how Dion gave it up!

Cindy Crawford purchased a beach house in Miami

Despite calling their Malibu beach house home for 15 years, Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber chose to list their custom-built home for sale in 2020. However, after some trouble with the buyer, the couple ended up keeping the home and instead of losing a property, the couple ended up adding another piece of real estate to their portfolio. According to Architectural Digest, just before the start of 2021, the two quietly purchased an equally amazing waterfront home in Miami. With A-list neighbors like Karlie Kloss and billionaire Barry Sternlicht, Crawford and Gerber have managed to fit right into their exclusive new neighborhood.

The Miami house stands at around 3,800-square-feet and boasts a mid-century modern appeal that has become very popular in Miami. The five-bedroom house has access to more than 100 feet of unobscured bay views, giving their Malibu home a real run for its money. With homely ceramic tiles and exposed brick on the interior, this contemporary home avoids the undesirable coldness that sometimes comes with modern design. Even if the famous couple does end up deciding to sell their beloved Malibu home, the new Miami beach house will surely help to fill the hole in their hearts.

Donna Karan built a beach compound in Turks and Caicos

Just before he died, Donna Karan gave husband Stephan Weiss the gift of a lifetime by purchasing a stunning piece of Turks and Caicos land that was situated right next to the house in Parrot Cay that they had been renting. While sitting down with Architectural Digest, Karan said, "He asked me to promise that I would build a house on the property for each of our three children. He imagined it as a retreat where three generations could enjoy total privacy but be together." She added that the property is a "sanctuary" for her, and that her children think of it more like a vacation home.

Though it took her some time, Karan did end up fulfilling her promise. With heavy influences from Bali and Africa, this tropical retreat truly exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond your typical family beach house. According to Dominic Kozerski, one of the architects that Karan hired for the project, "Our goal was to create a sequence of calm, livable spaces that flow seamlessly from inside to out. The simplicity of the design leaves as much room as possible for Donna's personality and for the artifacts that she has collected on her world travels."

Steve Martin made lots of memories at his St. Barts villa

Despite selling his St. Barts Villa in 2015, actor Steve Martin had the opportunity to make some great memories at this 3,000-square-foot home. Situated right on top of an elevated hill, Martin's former beachside villa has some of the most beautiful and sweeping views on the island. Even the islands of St. Martin and Anguilla can be seen from the home's gorgeous pool deck which features warm, orange tiling and a built-in hot tub. As noted by Architectural Digest, the interior of the villa is very bright and beachy, with yellow walls and large windows that provide an unobstructed view of the ocean.

In addition to the four bedrooms that are inside the house, the large property also features a stunning outdoor gazebo that has comfortable couches for lounging or napping. The gazebo is surrounded by a lush lily pond, creating a totally serene and Zen environment. The entire property is a real gem and absolutely fitting for Martin's larger-than-life personality.

Julia Roberts had a gorgeous beach house in Hawaii

Located right on the most jaw-dropping piece of land in Hanalei Bay, Julia Roberts' former Hawaiian beach house is something straight out of a fantasy. With seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, this 3,700-square-foot home is the ultimate Hawaiian vacation house. According to Hawaii Life, the house was originally bought by a prominent Kauai sugar plantation manager named Hans Peter Faye in 1915. Roberts, however, acquired the property in 2011, after the family made the tough decision to put the house and surrounding property up for sale. Though the house isn't necessarily massive by any means, the land that it sits on is about two acres of untouched, pristine, ocean-front greenery.

After choosing to refocus her attention and finances on her Malibu house, Roberts sold the special Kauai beach house for $16.2 million in 2016. Being that the house offered both sea views and mountain views, this magnificent property was surely a tough one to let go of. However, Roberts bought the house for $13.375 in 2011, so she at least made a decent profit off of this slice of Hawaiian paradise.

Rihanna has a stunning beach house in her native Barbados

It is no secret that Rihanna has had her fair share of houses and condos over the years. However, no matter how affluent or luxurious her Pacific Palisades or Beverly Hills homes have been, her beachside condo in her home country of Barbados is by far the most special. According to the Daily Mail, this 10,000-square-foot condo cost her nearly $22 million in 2013, and there have been no reports of her selling the property. Located within the luxury resort of One Sandy Lane in Paynes Bay, the condo is one of just eight similar ones in size.

With five bedrooms and its own private terrace, this opulent condo has allowed for Rihanna to return to her roots, but in major style. According to Love Property, Rihanna had initially rented the space for the holidays in 2012, but she loved it so much that she decided to drop over $20 million on it and add it to her collection of amazing real estate.

Miley Cyrus and Liam lost their beach house in a fire

Though it unfortunately burned down in the Woolsey Fire of 2018, Miley Cyrus and ex-husband Liam Hemsworth called an adorable Malibu bungalow home for a couple of years before tying the knot. It was in this celeb home that Cyrus wrote her hit song "Malibu," and enjoyed some idyllic months in the iconic and star-studded town. According to Trulia, the house was built in 1958 but had undergone renovations before Cyrus purchased it. Though it was only a mere 1,385 square feet, the house was absolutely adorable and it was located only a short walk away from Paradise Cove, one of Malibu's most pristine beaches. Despite the fact that it was a bit more inland and surrounded by lush greenery, the small distance to the sand made up for the lack of ocean views.

Plus, with two-acres of property, Cyrus and Hemsworth were able to have amazing privacy and seclusion in their retreat-like home that had gorgeous vegetation and stunning greenery. Some other amenities found on the grounds of the house included a gazebo, jacuzzi, and a two-car garage with an in-house charging unit for electric cars. Overall, this unique beach house was something special, and it was a heartbreaking loss for both Cyrus and Hemsworth.

Taylor Swift paid for her beach retreat in cash

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift paid for her $17 million Watch Hill, Rhode Island beach house in cash. This 11,000-square-foot home has the ideal East Coast charm that seems to fit Swift much more than the typical A-list California lifestyle. However, being that the house is said to be the most expensive home in Rhode Island, lavishness and luxury are certainly guaranteed. With more 700 feet of shoreline, this unbelievable property is more of a beach retreat than it is a beach house.

Though it was built in 1930, the house has remained in great condition due to proper upkeep and renovation. Another unique fact about Swift's Rhode Island mansion is that it sits on the highest point in Watch Hill, boasting unbeatable views that you seriously cannot get anywhere else in the state. As she should, Swift has been known to throw some pretty spectacular parties at this property, one of which was a 2016 4th of July shindig that supposedly got pretty insane, according to Insider. The outdoor terrace is hands down the most special place to sit and relax while taking in the surrounding views of the one-of-a-kind property.

Lady Gaga lives in her Malibu beach house

Located on a six-acre lot just across from the famous Zuma Beach, Lady Gaga is yet another A-lister who has made Malibu her top pick for a beach house. While speaking about her Malibu estate with Vogue, Gaga said, "This is my sanctuary ... my oasis of peace." This lavish beach house is more than 10,000 square feet, and even has some horse stables along with a full guest cottage. According to My Domain, Gaga bought the expansive estate for a whopping $22.5 million in 2014, and though she does have a Hollywood Hills house as well, her Malibu pad is her primary place of residence.

Some unique amenities that guests of Gaga's house will find include a 1960s-era bowling alley, full wet bar, wine cellar, and home theater that is out of this world. The open floor plan of the house allows for the space to still feel rather cozy and connected despite its massive size, and the Mediterranean-style that is very apparent on the outside of the house creates a warm and inviting appeal. With an abundance of white and classic upholstered furniture, the house is actually rather traditional looking in some ways, creating a more elegant and classic feel than one might expect from Mother Monster herself.

Halle Berry's beach house has gorgeous ocean views

Located in an exclusive Malibu neighborhood, Halle Berry's Malibu house is a part-time residence that she is known to enjoy frequently. According to The Most Expensive Homes, Berry lived here for the longest stint of time while her main home in the Hollywood Hills was undergoing repair and renovation. This primarily white house sits right on the sand, with the tide literally kissing the foundation each day. When it comes to beachside living, it doesn't get much closer than this. Purchased for around $8 million, Berry's beach house exudes luxury and lavishness in a tasteful manner.

One of the best parts of Berry's beachside manor is the fact that you can catch unreal ocean views from virtually any place in the home. Whether you're in the modern chef's kitchen or in the sleek bar area, simply look toward the nearest window and there you have the Pacific, right in plain sight. Another key amenity that adds to the overall feel of this home is the spacious hot tub that sits right outside on the balcony, giving premium views and the ability to sit and soak under the stars each night.