The Best Airbnbs In Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a dreamy desert town near the southern end of California that is known for its vast landscape, stellar sunsets, and more recently, a stunning list of Airbnb options. From full-blown retreats that feature a swimming pool on acres of land to modern structures that boast some out-of-this-world architecture, the Airbnb listings in Joshua Tree are so abundant and aesthetically pleasing that these accommodation options alone will have you inspired and ready to book a trip.

While there are a few different motel and hotel options such as The Joshua Tree Inn, you will find much more luxurious and comfortable accommodations on Airbnb. In fact, Joshua Tree has become such a hotspot for Airbnb rentals that it can almost be overwhelming while trying to navigate the hefty list. From the well-known and popular Invisible House to the UFO-inspired Area 55 Futuro House, we at House Digest have put together this list of the best Airbnbs in Joshua Tree so that you can experience this desert dream at its fullest.

Whisper Rock Ranch is sure to stun

With a wrap-around wooden deck that boasts 360-degree views of the desert valley, Whisper Rock Ranch is a stunning residence that gives you a real taste of luxurious living in Joshua Tree. According to the Airbnb listing, guests of Whisper Rock ranch can expect to be stunned by the adobe-style house that features massive glass windows and doors so that the surrounding nature is always in sight, even while indoors. The style of furniture and décor has iconic bohemian charm that is common in many Airbnbs throughout Joshua Tree, though there is also a hint of mid-century modern styling that pairs nicely with the overall architecture of the house.

While this private and somewhat isolated home makes for a wonderful romantic getaway, there are two bedrooms, ensuring that a group of four can fit comfortably during a stay. Wake up in the mornings to the desert sunrise through the clear glass walls and start your day in bliss before taking advantage of the outdoor amenities. Between the large pool deck and built-in jacuzzi, Whisper Rock Ranch provides guests with everything they need to soak up all of the good vibes that Joshua Tree has to offer.

The Invisible House in Joshua Tree is iconic

Joshua Tree's Invisible House is one of the most famous and marvelous Airbnbs in the desert. Featuring everything from a 100-foot indoor swimming pool to 90 acres of vast desert property, it is no wonder that this Airbnb has become one of the most recognized and iconic houses in Joshua Tree, per Airbnb. Being that it shares part of the border of Joshua Tree National Park for about half of a mile, it will come as no surprise to learn that the property actually has its own private 4,000-foot mountain on-site, meaning you can rock climb, explore, and stargaze without another soul in sight.

Called the Invisible House because of mirrored panels that make up the entire exterior of the home, guests will also appreciate the floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors that allow you to remain immersed in the desert throughout the entirety of your visit. For those staying with the maximum party size of eight guests, be sure to take full advantage of the 13-foot long dining table that is sure to make the entire group feel as though they are dining as royals. Some other nice amenities at the Invisible House include direct walk-on access to the National Park, remote-controlled LED light that can change colors, and remote-controlled blackout shades so that you can sleep in after a long night of spotting shooting stars.

The Zebra Shadow has lavish amenities

According to the Airbnb listing, Zebra Shadow got its unique name from the shadow effect that the white paneled architecture casts on the house at various times of the day. Only a five-minute drive from both the entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park as well as the main strip of businesses in downtown Joshua Tree, the Zebra Shadow Airbnb is situated perfectly for those looking to explore the small desert town while still having the option to experience the seclusion and quiet of the desert.

Though it can only fit a maximum of four people, the property has a six-person jacuzzi that features 85 jets, meaning you can spread out and drink in the desert views as you soak in the huge hot tub. With décor that reflects the culture of the desert and stunning views from each and every room in the house, Zebra Shadow offers guests the opportunity to truly experience what it means to live in the desert but with all of the lavish amenities that you could ever hope for.

The Shack Attack in Joshua Tree has major retro charm

Though it may appear a bit unassuming from the outside, The Shack Attack Airbnb is a small yet charming accommodation in Joshua Tree. As noted by the Airbnb listing, the size of the actual shack itself is just under 500 square feet, but what it doesn't have in size, it makes up for in character. This renovated house has somewhat of a cozy cabin feel to it, with lighted wooden walls and brown accents throughout the entire interior. There are also major hints of retro and vintage influence that can be seen in the white Smeg refrigerator and vinyl collection.

In the backyard, guests of The Shack Attack will find a quaint seating area along with a small soaking tub that can be filled with both hot and cold water. Being that there is only one king-sized bed in the bedroom, and the living room sofa is not large enough to sleep on, The Shack Attack is intended to house only two guests at a time, making it perfect for an intimate weekend in the middle of the desert.

The Habibi House features amazing upgrades

According to the Habibi House listing on Airbnb, this desert ranch-style home was first built in the 1950s but has since been restored with some amazing upgrades. Only a short walk or three-minute drive into the main part of town, the Habibi House allows for guests to slow down in nature without completely isolating them from the rest of the world. With textiles and furniture that have come all the way from the markets of Marrakesh, Morocco, the styling and design of this property is absolutely stunning and the intention behind each and every detail can be seen effortlessly.

Able to host up to six guests, the Habibi House has three spacious bedrooms, one of which is the renovated master suite that features a lovely queen bed and its own private bathroom. Showcasing mostly neutral tones and colors, the Habibi House has a trendy aesthetic that has both modern and retro elements to it. When it comes to the outdoor area, guests can enjoy a nap in the hammock or a dip in the cowboy tub during the warmer months. There is also a beautiful sunroom that is optimal for those who want to feel as though they're in nature but with the comfort of a formal living room.

Seven Arches is perfect for a Joshua Tree retreat

Seven Arches is more of an estate than it is a house. Boasting everything from a hot tub to outdoor games like cornhole, Seven Arches is a great property for those visiting with a larger group or for a special event, suggests Airbnb. Located only one minute from Joshua Tree's trendiest restaurant, La Copine, Seven Arches gives the illusion of seclusion while still being very close to all of the conveniences of town. If you prefer to stay on the property for the majority of your visit, simply throw some food on the outdoor grill and dine by the propane fire pit or in the outdoor dining space.

The arches for which the property is named after are clearly inspired by traditional Moroccan architecture, making the surrounding California desert feel even more special and transportive. In addition to cornhole, guests will find a horseshoe toss, croquet, and a hook and ring game that will keep you occupied and entertained during any downtime that you might have.

Drink in Joshua Tree views at The Gaslight

The Gaslight in Joshua Tree creates a fun yet relaxing environment for a larger group looking to enjoy a weekend away in the Mojave Desert. Completed in January of 2020, the property was inspired by The Gaslight in New York City, which was a famous venue that hosted the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen and more, via the Airbnb listing. Photos of these artists greet you at the door and set the tone for your weekend of frivolity and restoration in nature.

The house rests on three-acres of land, situated right on top of a stunning hillside that gives guests uninterrupted views of cacti, Joshua Trees, and on occasion, local wildlife. With three different cowboy tubs on the property and a sizable hot tub for soaking under the stars, this property allows you to float in the middle of the desert no matter what time of the year you choose to visit. In addition to the main house, there is also a smaller guesthouse on the property for those with larger groups who need to spread out.

The Flying Cloud Airstream has rustic charm

If you prefer something more similar to camping than an actual house, the Flying Cloud Airstream offers adventurers the chance to sit in nature without any distractions or interruptions while still providing them with the proper shelter needed to feel comfortable and rest easily. According to the Airbnb listing, the Flying Cloud Airstream is located on more than an acre of property that is literally right next door to the national park. Between the breathtaking mountain views and lack of light pollution at night, guests of the Flying Cloud Airstream are sure to have the opportunity to snap stunning photographs and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Though an airstream might seem a bit daunting for those who prefer more luxurious accommodations, the amenities found at this rustic Airbnb are not short of impressive. In addition to a lovely outdoor deck that houses a grill and seating area right outside the door of the airstream, the interior of the Flying Cloud Airstream is also pretty nice with a sizable refrigerator, HD television, and private bedroom.

The Joshua Tree House is famous on Instagram

Having become quite popular on Instagram, the Joshua Tree House is one of the more coveted Airbnbs in Joshua Tree. Per Airbnb listing, this hacienda-style house was first built in 1949, though it has undergone some stunning renovations that have made it the perfect private oasis for those looking to reconnect with themselves in the middle of the desert. Though it is only a two-bedroom and two-bathroom house, the listing explains that they also offer the option to add a memory foam mattress in the hammock room, meaning the property can house up to six people at a time.

The Joshua Tree house is designed impeccably with bohemian-accents and neutral tones that create an inviting yet elegant environment. If you can bring yourself to leave the indoor-swinging chairs that feature cozy cushions, take a stroll around the yard and explore more than an acre of prime Joshua Tree property. Once you're ready to wind down, enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi and stargaze whilst being surrounded by more than 100 quirky Joshua Trees.

The Moondance is perfect for a fun gathering in Joshua Tree

According to Airbnb, The Moondance is a contemporary boho-style retreat that sits on more than two-acres of desert land. Being that the house itself is about 2,000 square feet and has three bedrooms that house eight different beds, this spacious Airbnb is able to accommodate up to 10 people for a fun gathering out in nature. Being that it is just a mile from Joshua Tree National Park land, the Moondance offers visitors the best of both worlds, as the park and nearby restaurants and shopping are both a mere five-minute drive away. Despite being pretty close to town, the property maintains optimal seclusion and privacy for those looking to have a more isolated escape.

Enjoy quiet mornings inside the trendy yet minimalist house or sip on your coffee in one of the many wooden chairs that surround the cozy fire pit. With a spacious and open kitchen, guests have the opportunity to cook all of their meals from the property without ever having to leave if they so choose. While there is free rein to spend your time however you may live at The Moondance Airbnb, the one thing you absolutely cannot miss is a sunset soak in the on-site hot tub. Watch the sky dance as you take in 360-degree views of the dessert right from the comfort of the relaxing tub.

The Area 55 Futuro House in Joshua Tree is out of this world

Perhaps the most unique property on our list, the Area 55 Futuro House gives travelers the opportunity to stay in a UFO-inspired structure that truly is out of this world. Per Airbnb, there are currently only 85 original Futuro Houses in existence, and this is one of them. Providing guests with a totally off-grid experience, the Area 55 Futuro House is more of a glamping accommodation than anything. Thankfully, this property does feature a small amount of solar power so that you can easily charge your phones and use their coffee maker and Bluetooth sound system without trouble.

In addition to the house itself, guests of the Area 55 Futuro House are also able to the property that is within fence line, giving you ample star-gazing at nighttime without virtually zero light pollution to get in your way. One of the most amazing features of the house is the wireless remote-controlled door, which opens exactly how one would imagine a real life flying saucer door to open.

SkyHouse Joshua Tree is a luxury desert escape

If you're looking to live out your Joshua Tree experience in total luxury, look no further than the SkyHouse Joshua Tree. This listing is so top-notch that it was even featured in the popular Hulu production "Palm Springs" in 2020, via Airbnb. The house has also been used for various ad campaigns, photoshoots, and music videos due to its secluded setting and modern aesthetic. Sitting on about eight acres of prime desert land, guests of SkyHouse Joshua Tree will find themselves begging to stay as they take in the high desert views from the comfort of this impressive property.

Between the 10-foot outdoor fire pit and the massive 1,800-square-foot pool deck, guests will definitely be tempted to spend the majority of their time outside. However, with huge sliding glass windows surrounding the entirety of the house, the SkyHouse makes it easy to feel connected to nature even while enjoying the coziness of the indoors. Best of all, if you're looking to spend a decent amount of time at Joshua Tree National Park, take advantage of the direct walk-on access that this listing provides to the Desert View Conservation Area of the park.

Cabin Cabin Cabin in Joshua Tree boasts true desert charm

According to the Airbnb listing, Cabin Cabin Cabin is located right in the heart of Joshua Tree, making it incredibly convenient for walking to local restaurants, vintage shopping, and sightseeing. Though the property pays tribute to the original homestead houses that Joshua Tree was built upon, Cabin Cabin Cabin has been renovated so that guests may experience the ultimate level of comfort and modern amenities while in the middle of the desert. While the space only has one bedroom and one king-sized bed, the adjacent sunroom features two twin-sized beds, allowing you to fit up to four guests at a time. Despite the fact that the interior has been designed meticulously with warm wooden accents and bohemian décor, the exterior of the home is truly what makes a stay at Cabin Cabin Cabin so worthwhile.

In the backyard area of the house, guests will find an adorable and private orange clawfoot tub that dispenses both cold and hot water, meaning you can use it year round no matter what the weather is like. The overhead string lights completely set the tone as you relax and soak under the starry sky or watch the sun go down and paint a sky of pink. In addition to the tub, there are also two shaded hammocks for lounging.