This TikTok Hack Shows You How To Hang 10 Shirts In 10 Seconds

Do you have a mountain of clothes piled on a chair in your bedroom? Don't worry, we all do. Thankfully, Tik Tok user Carol Larson of @mommaneedsahobby found an answer to our problem. Her page is dedicated to giving us hacks for everyday life. It includes Dollar Tree hacks, moving hacks, and mom hacks, to name a few. However, her most genius TikTok hack is how she hangs 10 shirts in 10 seconds.

If you've ever had trouble hanging shirts with smaller necklines, like turtlenecks, mock neck shirts, and high neck shirts, it's time for you to start using Larson's method. She not only speeds up the hanging process, but saves the lifespan of your shirts. The most common method of hanging shirts involves stretching the neckline over the hanger. Over time, this distorts the shape of shirts, according to Hangorize. This happens even quicker depending on the fabric of your shirts. The thinner they are, the quicker they will lose their shape with the usual hanging method.

Putting away that pile of clothes

Carol Larson's TikTok hack for hanging 10 shirts in 10 seconds is fairly easy to do. You start by putting your non-dominant hand in through the neck hole of your shirt and out the bottom. You'll continue looping shirts on your arm until all the shirts are on your arm. The next step is to grab a hanger and hold it in your non-dominant hand (the arm that has all your shirts). You want the hook of the hanger pointing to you. With your dominant hand, pull the bottom of the last shirt you looped on your arm down over the hanger. Voilà, you just hung your first shirt. 

Now all you have to do is keep repeating this last step for every shirt on your arm. Once you get the hang of this new way of hanging your shirts in your closet, that mountain of clothes in your bedroom will be gone before it even had the chance to pile up.