30 Best Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Bedrooms are a place for rest and repose, but you also spend time in there relaxing, reading, and enjoying the beginning and end of each day. To that end, why not create a bedroom that is a sanctuary for you? Vivid colors and unique hues are sure to inspire your creativity when it comes to adding in all of those final decorating touches. 

While Sleep.com says a cozy bedroom comes from the right lighting and a feeling of safety, comfort is essential as well. Comfort is about more than just the right sheets, pillows, and blankets, too. You may find yours in a particular piece of art, by having plants in your room, or by looking at certain paint colors. Blues and greens are calming and creative-inspiring colors, but there are other paint colors that evoke relaxation and happiness, comfort and safety, and peacefulness, too. Go with your favorite colors, or pick something completely different — each of these bedrooms is sure to inspire you when you redo your own!

1. Dreamy vivid dark blue

The simple design of this room makes it look cozy. The vivid dark blue wall color perfectly matches the hue in the accent fern painting on the wall, while the gold painting makes the wood headboard, lamp, and stand pop. This dark blue gives off such creative vibes.

2. Warming yellow

This gorgeous yellow bedroom will inspire your wild side. It looks great with the collection of plants, but would also work well with a wilderness theme and animal print bedding. 

3. Chalkboard paint perfection

Use chalkboard paint to create an accent wall in your bedroom that can change with your taste in décor. You can draw a design and keep it, or try something new every few months — you'll be inspired to create your own works of art. The black paint also gives the room a vintage aesthetic. 

4. Dreamy clouds

The paint colors and effects on the wall of this bedroom add to its coziness. It's like a beautiful cloudy sky inspiring thoughts of relaxation. This is a great way to integrate a white aesthetic into your bedroom without it being boring.

5. Nautical blues

A little painter's tape can go a long way when it comes to inspiring paint colors and designs. This room has a nautical design perfect for anyone who likes being out on the water or dreams of aquatic travels.

6. Bright yellows

This bright yellow bedroom will inspire your creativity and motivate you to get out of bed in the morning. Paired with the right art and accessories, the room gives off warmth.

7. Refreshing minty green

The minty green walls of this delightful bedroom work well with the yellow and green décor. It's a crisp and refreshing look that will inspire happy mornings.

8. Dark and sophisticated

Your bedroom is the one room in the house where it's great to go with dark paint colors. The dimmer the room, the more inspired you'll be to get that full eight hours of sleep. The gray walls in this bedroom add a sophisticated look, and the reds add a bit of color that doesn't clash. 

9. Shades of turquoise

There's so much you can do with this multi-colored room. The two shades of turquoise paint would work well with country-style home décor or even something more dressed down, inspiring a more simplistic look. The addition of bedding with matching hues brings the look together.

10. Tangerine dreams

Imagine the possibilities when it comes to this beautiful orange accent wall. This shade of orange paint will have you ready for breakfast when you wake up, but lends itself well to dark nights and well lit mornings.

11. Glorious gray

Even a bedroom decked out in grays and white can look stylish and elegant. Consider spicing up a boring white bedroom with a creative wall like the once in this photo. Who says a neutral room can't inspire a pop of creativity?

12. Mixing darks and lights

This room screams creativity and style. The combination of the denim blue focus wall with the pink décor accents is beautiful. Be inspired to combine your favorite dark and light colors for a unique aesthetic.

13. Gray simplicity

If the sleek style of this minimalist bedroom doesn't inspire you, nothing will. It's beautiful in its simplicity, but still stylish with the addition of a large potted dry plant.

14. Enhancing the room's design

Be inspired by the structure of the room you're working with. Matching the various shades of blue in the painting, this boring white room becomes a magnificent piece of art itself.

15. Inspire your inner vampire

Whether you want to express your inner vampire or you simply like the color red, this luscious red bedroom will inspire passion. Pair it with gunmetal grays, black, or even with other bright paint colors.

16. Be Inspired by nature

Get your inspiration to decorate from the great outdoors. This pale green wall paint in this relaxing bedroom lends itself well to the nature inspired décor within the room.

17. Combining paint and paper

The rich dark turquoise walls in this room are even more striking with the addition of a wallpapered accent wall. This room will truly inspire creativity in anyone who sleeps there.

18. Paint it (almost) black

Whether you see this as a very dark blue or as a black paint color, it will inspire your goth side. White in the paintings and on the bedspread really stand out in this ultra dark room.

19. Lounging in violet

For anyone passionate about purples, this lilac bedroom will surely help you find joy. Lavender inspires optimism and adds a warm feeling of spring. Like this image, you can pair your purples with grays and whites for a comfortable and relaxed look.

20. Vintage pinks

Pink bedrooms are as good for adults as they are for little princesses. This almost coral paint color offers a vintage feel that will inspire you to take it easy when it's time for relaxation.

21. Sky blue's the limit

This bright shade of sky blue paint will inspire you to think about the outdoors while you decorate. This room would look beautiful with some bird art on the walls and lots of live houseplants.

22. Get mellow with taupe

For some, this taupe room may look a little bland, but it lends itself to inspiration from nature. It's like a cool autumn breeze — bring in dried flowers and other earthy tones.

23. Leafy greens

If you like bringing the outdoors in but want a brighter color, this leafy green bedroom is sure to bring you joy. Use the hue as inspiration for your next plant shopping excursion, or for picking out striking leafy patterned bedroom décor.

24. Creative combinations

Find inspiration by creating the right color combos to design a cozy bedroom. The light, happy pink focal point on the darker green background wall gives this room multiple dimensions.

25. Sunrise colors

You'll be inspired to squeeze fresh orange juice when you wake up in this room each morning. The red additions with the orange accent wall just add to the refreshing feel this room gives off.

26. Sandy tans

This room looks like a warm desert oasis. Be inspired to relax and take it easy with these natural, earthy tones.

27. Embrace the rainbow

You don't have to repaint an entire white bedroom to add some color. Find inspiration in the colors of the rainbow with this colorful accent wall. You can directly paint the wall, or use panels.

28. Pretty in pink

Adding a pink accent wall to any basic white bedroom brings extra creativity to the space. This shade of pink will inspire anyone's feminine side, and it pairs well with prints on linens.

29. Embrace the dark side

If you love the color black, this is the perfect inspiration to embrace your joy of darkness. Imagine how easy it will be to fall asleep in this bedroom! 

30. Put the cherry on top

This bedroom has a vintage look and the cherry red paint color mixes well with the wood grain. Be inspired to embrace the '70s with this classic vibe.