30 Exterior House Color Ideas To Make Your Home Look More Inviting

If you've been thinking of changing up the exterior color of your home, consider picking a hue or combination of shades that will make people want to visit your home and make you smile each time you walk up to the front porch. Fortunately, inviting colors come in all different shades. While yellow and orange make you think of the warmth of the sun, blue has long been thought of as a comforting color — and comfort is inviting. While all people react differently to different colors, Psychology Today points out that blue lights have been known to make people feel at ease. But, blue isn't the only color that'll make your home help you feel at ease.

Below you'll find 30 different paint colors that will liven up any home. From bright, fun shades to mild tones, there's something for all tastes. And, if you don't want to go all one color with white accents, there are some fantastic combos.

1. Daring reds

A hue similar to the red found on barns may not be a color that first pops in your mind when it comes to painting your home. However, as you can see, it makes this house stand out in a sea of plain whites, grays, and pale blues. It's the house people will notice first on the block.

2. Denim blues

If you want a blue house, go for a shade of blue that stands out and feels happy, like this medium blue hue that almost looks like the color of a favorite pair of jeans. It sure looks more fun and inviting than the pale baby blue you see on some houses.

3. A brighter blue

If the last shade of blue was a little too dark for your tastes, this brighter shade may be better suited. It too has kind of a denim feel to it when paired with the dark gray shutters, but it also has a bright and inviting tone that makes the whites and grays pop.

4. Purplish blues

Here's another blue home that seems to invite you to come right in. This deep blue almost has a purple tone to it in the right light, and pairs well with the gray stone accents and roof.

5. Pairing orange and gray

While a gray house with white accents isn't likely to stand out much in the neighborhood, one with a beautiful orange door and orange accents via the windows will call out to people. Orange is a warm and inviting color that adds something more to a basic bland color palette.

6. Black beauty

Unless you're a vampire, black may not be the first color you lean to when it comes to painting your home's exterior. However, this back house has a classic look that makes it more inviting than scary.

7. Crayon yellows

Yellow is a great choice in exterior paint colors if you don't mind your house standing out like a bright burst of sunlight in your neighborhood. People won't be able to help but smile when they see this colorful hue.

8. Happy turquoise

Turquoise is a popular color inside homes, but it can be just as beautifully inviting on the outside of your house. It also pairs well with colorful flowerbeds. 

9. Tasty bright green

Bright green or lime, whichever you prefer to call it, almost offers a whimsical look to a home. While this may seem like a good color for a shed, it's also an excellent color to make your home stand out and be the talk of the community.

10. Custard yellows

Warm yellows come in all different shades, like this pale yellow that looks like a comforting bowl of custard. The addition of the green door makes this cute home even more inviting.

11. Pretty pale purple

Pale purple is a great color for more than just dollhouses. This pretty home looks like a nice place to visit and the turquoise accents make it look more inviting and artistic.

12. Minty green

While the relaxing rocking chairs may add to the atmosphere, this minty green shade definitely gives a house an inviting feel. To give things a little character, the darker blue door and shutters help bring out the green and make things look classy.

13. Pretty in pink

Pink offers a unique and inviting look to a home. It gives off a feeling of safety, comfort, and love. To offset the bubblegum takeover, the pretty planters filled with greens and flowers make this place look like a nice home to visit.

14. Rich yellows

There are many shades of yellow to pick for a house color. This one is very vivid and is made even brighter with the combination of the blue door and window. It's like looking up on a cloud-free sunny day.

15. Just the right red

While red tends to be reserved for brick homes and adobes, even a wood or panel home would look delightfully warm and inviting with a red paint job. This shade of red isn't too bright and would look especially fantastic during the holiday season.

16. A lighter shade of pink

Blue goes with almost anything, and the bright hue chosen as accents for this pink house really make the lighter shade of pink stand out. This beautiful place looks like a wonderful place to spend time in.

17. Orange delight

Orange is another color that gives that feeling of sunshine and warmth. This inviting color is sure to make guests visit feel welcome and invited, even if they're just hanging around with you outside.

18. Pinks and peaches

While bright and flashy colors that are considered "warm" are awfully inviting, so are milder tones. This pale pink house looks comforting and the peach-colored door gives it a little extra kick of color.

19. Pretty pale blue

While darker and vivid hues of blue really stand out, lighter shades of blue are also warm and inviting. Blue is a cheerful color and highlighted by the snow in this image, this blue house really stands out.

20. A neutral delight

Whether you call it cream or off-white, this house looks like a tasty gingerbread home, in a way. The pale yellowish tone pairs well with the brown roof. It all has an inviting feel, as long as you don't think there's a wicked witch inside!

21. Glorious gray

Just like black, gray has a bit of a dark feel to it, but it is also inviting. If your home has some gorgeous stonework like this home, gray is an excellent color choice. The darker gray accents really add to the beauty.

22. Light gray

One of the benefits of colors that are light but not quite white is that they don't show grime as easily. This light gray paint color is gorgeous, and the blue door makes it look even more inviting.

23. The palest turquoise

This house is the palest shade of turquoise, making it very easy on the eyes. This house doesn't scream for attention, but it still looks like a place you'd want to visit and spend time in.

24. Taupe brown

Want something dark but feel like black is a little too morbid for your taste? A dark taupe brown gives an air of mystery without looking too dark. The brown tone is very inviting and looks wonderful next to a lush green lawn.

25. Greige glory

Another warm and inviting shade of brown is this greige. It looks beautiful next to this nice brown door and the pretty green hedges.

26. Magenta accents

You can add some fun colors to your basic white home exterior. This home's magenta accents are beautiful. It almost looks like the house is pink instead of an off-white hue.

27. Lush greens

This lovely green makes even a tiny house look comfortable and inviting. This green would look great paired with more than white borders or a dark brown door, but looks nice like this as well.

28. Peachy beige

Just as yellows are warm and inviting, this peachy beige exterior house color is delightful. The darker gray roof makes the color stand out even more.

29. Outrageous color combinations

Consider painting your home some fun and crazy colors. Even the brightest color combinations give off an inviting vibe, and these color blends are wonderful.

30. Some dark accents

If you prefer the tranquility of a white house, consider making the white glow by pairing it with some dark accents. You don't even have to go with black — this rich dark door and almost black shutters look classy.