Here's What Your Home Design Style Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Thinking about refreshing your living space? Whether you're moving into a new home or giving your current space a design update, the process of decorating is a fun way to express your own unique, personal style and create a homey retreat. But that doesn't mean it's free from challenges. Even the best of us can take a design misstep, turning a comfortable home into a mess of furniture, clashing paint colors, and weird wallpaper. 

If you want to make better decorating decisions, why not consult the stars for a little guidance? The practice of reading celestial movements in the sky has been around for thousands of years and unless you've been hiding out under a rock you probably know your sign. Even if you don't exactly believe in it, astrology can be a useful tool for understanding your personality and preferences. And since our homes are extensions of our personalities, it makes sense that your zodiac sign can help you create the ultimate living space. There's even research on how your zodiac sign influences home décor, thanks to a study conducted by OnePoll for Article, a furniture retailer. Read on to discover the unique design style for your sign, from paint colors to furniture arrangements.

Aries: Go for a powerful red color palette

As an ambitious and passionate leader, Aries naturally kicks off the entire zodiac wheel (via Allure). This bold fire sign is known for its honesty, strength, and competitive spirit in all aspects of life. The home of an Aries should reflect this fierce independence, incorporating bright red colors, a fireplace or related alternative, and open spaces for physical activity or workouts for when they need to blow off a little steam. It's also a good idea to create space for displaying trophies or other accomplishments, as Aries are motivated by goals and have a hunger to prove themselves.

In terms of design style, Aries gravitate toward the contemporary but are not tied to a single style. As a fire sign, they will enjoy powerful design elements like a statement red wall or bold art piece. According to Den Garden, Aries should stay away from blue and neutral colors and ensure that there are warm tones woven throughout the entire living space. Since they like to be aware of their surroundings at all times, furniture should be arranged so that the rest of the room is visible when sitting, working, or lounging.

Taurus: Create the ultimate cozy oasis

Known as the homebody of the zodiac, Taurus wants to be cozy at all times. These earth signs love stability and are well-suited for living life as hermits in the wild, according to Costar. In addition, Taurus values beauty, organization, and pleasure above all else. Their homes should ideally appeal to all five senses, with beautiful paintings and artwork, pleasant music or other sounds, and fresh scents like citrus, rose, and eucalyptus. Nicknamed the gardener of the zodiac, Taurus often likes the color green and being surrounded by wood, plants, and fresh flowers. 

Ultimately, the home of a Taurus should be practical and comfortable, instead of extravagant. Since they crave normalcy, this sign tends to prefer natural and traditional styles as opposed to quirky or eclectic. Look for clay pieces, sustainable materials, and crystals for decoration. When it comes to lighting, ensure that rooms are not too bright as this will create a calming mood. 

Gemini: Think outside the box with eclectic artwork and colors

Charismatic and charming Gemini needs a home that can match their whimsical and ever-changing nature. There should be books hiding out in corners, eclectic artwork gracing the walls, and multiple splashes of vibrant color decorating each room. If there ever was a place to mix and match different styles, it is the home of a Gemini. Whether it's pairing geometric wallpaper with a bright, floral-patterned couch or rug, every room should be eye-catching and filled with amusement. 

Considering that the Gemini's biggest fear is being alone, as noted by Pop Sugar, it is important that their home has lots of comfortable couches and seating places for entertaining guests. According to Daily Dream Decor, a roomy dining area, cute chairs, and a circular table are all recommended for Gemini. This social air sign might also benefit from having a pet to keep them company. A fish tank filled with bright tropical fish or a colorful bird are both good options.

Cancer: Find vintage furnishings fit for an old soul

A lover of security and routine, Cancer feels most comfortable in predictable environments. Their homes are no exception, which is why this sign should embrace a more traditional style. These old souls are often drawn to items with history, so look for vintage pieces and a classic design aesthetic when decorating. Cozy pillows, soft blankets, and flickering candles will help create the calming atmosphere Cancers need. Since these water signs are ruled by the moon, silver is their color of choice, per The Spruce. Adding some metallic details and shiny decorations like silver candle holders or a mirror will help a Cancer feel their very best.

As this sensitive sign cares deeply for the important people in their life, it's a good idea to hang framed photos of family and friends on the walls or other sentimental memorabilia. Decorating personal spaces with items you love will create a positive shift in your home. 

Leo: Turn up the heat with orange tones

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Leo loves being the center of attention just like their ruling star, the sun. These warm personalities are natural storytellers who know how to effortlessly captivate their audiences, according to Costar. Since this fire sign is born at the height of summer, their homes should similarly bring the heat with a beachy design style and lots of warm red and orange colors. Say no to blue or other neutral tones, since these will dull Leo's shine. Additionally, having lots of windows is a plus since these help to bring in more sunshine.

As lovers of luxury, Leos like to be surrounded by royal furniture and sumptuous materials. Consider adding throne-like chairs in the dining area or adding jewels for decorations. To continue the summer vibes, incorporate tropical plants and wooden details throughout the home. Leos are the lion of the zodiac, which means they should be surrounded by a jungle aesthetic, complete with wild animal prints and lush greenery.

Virgo: Opt for classically elegant interiors

With a reputation for perfectionism, Virgo thrives in an organized, neat, and spotless environment. This detail-oriented sign will definitely notice if there's a speck of dirt on the rug or a single picture frame out of place. Since this sign is so sensitive to their space, they should opt for classic, minimalist decorations, according to Den Garden. Forget wild patterns, bold artwork, and bright colors, Virgos need an elegant, neutral color palette and comforting, round shapes. Beige and white colors reign supreme here.

As an earth sign, Virgo prefers to be around soft surfaces. Their living spaces will ideally be filled with pillows, fresh flowers, and candles. Intelligent Virgo will also benefit from having books about Buddhism and food harvesting close at hand, as well as a chessboard and puzzles. Writing tools and up-to-date technology like laptops and tablets are also important, since Virgo's planet is Mercury, the ruler of communication.

Libra: Surround yourself with symmetry

Represented by the scales, Libra is a sign focused on harmony and balance. The interior of their homes should reflect this quality with symmetrical furniture arrangements and a mix of different colors and patterns. All four elements should be included in the Libra home, including fire, wood, water, and metal. As an air sign they gravitate towards beautiful objects, bright colors, and cute knickknacks that reflect their great taste, as noted by Daily Dream Decor. They prefer detailed over simple pieces, and are not afraid of over-the-top flea market finds or wall art from the thrift store, as long as it has character. Ideally, the Libra home should prove that variety is the spice of life.

These social butterflies love to host and entertain people, so creating inviting social spaces in the kitchen, dining area, and living room is of particular importance. Knitted pillows and darker wood furniture like mahogany celebrate Libra's autumn energy in style.

Scorpio: Design a dark and shadowy retreat

Known as the bad boy of the zodiac, Scorpio is unlike any other sign. With ruling planet Pluto symbolizing destruction and transformation, per Allure, this emotional water sign is not afraid of death or the dark. Since they thrive on dark energy, their living spaces should incorporate mysterious colors like blue and black, with a touch of deep red or burgundy. Scorpios have a flair for the dramatic, which shows up in their homes through materials like metal and leather. The Scorpio lair is at its best when filled with candles, mystery novels, images of skulls or spiders, and other spooky, Gothic-themed décor. 

In terms of furniture, a majestic bed is a must for Scorpio, along with soft and sensual fabrics like velvet. Ultimately they need a space where they can let their imagination roam and be passionate, since they, like all water signs, draw their strength from dreams and the psychic realm. 

Sagittarius: Cultivate your own indoor plant jungle

Any Sagittarius worth their salt knows the world is their oyster, just waiting to be explored. According to Allure, these fire signs are wanderers, so their homes are lively, ever-changing, and filled with unique finds from faraway destinations. There should be plenty of room to roam, as well as natural light, candles, and wood materials, all of which nourish fire. The idea is to bring the outside in, as Sagittarius is a free spirit who loves the great outdoors. You can theme your home like a wood cabin in the wilderness or a tropical plant jungle filled with a collection of your favorite houseplants

When decorating, Sagittarius should inspire their natural wanderlust by hanging world maps on the wall, displaying astronomy posters, and stocking playful board games. Colorful pop art and whimsical items are also right at home in Sagittarian living spaces, as nothing is too eclectic for the wild archer. 

Capricorn: Prioritize practical and functional pieces

Arguably the most responsible sign in the entire zodiac, Capricorns are often disciplined rule followers who don't like to stray too far from the beaten path. Therefore their homes require a conservative design style, as opposed to anything too bold or modern. According to Den Garden, earthy color palettes work best for the Capricorn home, along with subtle lighting and simple decorative items like landscape pictures and family photos. Most importantly, Capricorns need a well-equipped home office or desk area where they can crunch numbers, read up on the latest news, and complete their to-do lists.

While this self-sufficient sign enjoys working hard, they also like to unwind at the end of the day. Create a calming mood with pine and cedar scents, fresh cut flowers, and small plants throughout your living space. And don't forget to leave plenty of room for storage and tools, since Capricorns like to be prepared for any emergency, big or small.

Aquarius: Let your free spirit shine

A rebel at heart, Aquarius is a true out-of-the-box thinker with a taste for the unconventional. Since their heads are often off floating in the clouds, they enjoy rooms with a view and plenty of windows to let in natural light. Their design style tends to be modern, according to Den Garden, and they look for a color palette of whites, blues, and purples. No decorative frills are needed in the Aquarius home, just functional and high-quality furnishings with a fun, futuristic twist. For example, a white kitchen with a stainless steel fridge, geometric lighting fixtures, and a glass wall is an Aquarian dream.

As the last air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius values fresh air and scents. It's a good idea to incorporate an air purifier into your living space, as well as salt lamps and clean fragrances like sea breeze and peppermint. To help get your creative juices flowing, create a dedicated area for play and other activities like drawing and working out.

Pisces: Embrace your inner romantic with soft colors and spaces for self-care

As the incurable romantic of the zodiac, Pisces seeks a design style that reflects their dreamy nature. The Danish concept of hygge will check all of their boxes, according to The Spruce. The style prioritizes warm comfort, happy coziness, and well-being, and can be applied to any living space, big or small. To maximize hygge in your home, all you need are some candles, greenery, string lights, fluffy blankets, and maybe a cozy nook for curling up with a good book. This Nordic style is focused on creating inviting living spaces where you can let your hair down and enjoy the little things in life, like hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.

Some Pisces-specific elements worth incorporating include soothing color palettes that evoke the sea, plush blankets, and water features like small indoor fountains. This sensitive water sign is all about reflection, so don't forget to add mirrors, glass, and plenty of windows to the home.