40 Insanely Deluxe Airbnb Rentals

One of the fabulous things about Airbnb is that you can not only choose from seemingly endless locations, but you can also enjoy a wide range of experiences. Why not rent yourself a stunning treehouse if you want to be surrounded by nature or book a gorgeous beach house so that you can enjoy both the sun and the water? Or, if you're feeling extra indulgent, you could always check out the ultra-deluxe options.

But what puts a rental in the super-luxe category in the first place? Lodgify explains that it comes down to certain aspects, such as providing exclusivity, personalization, and an "experience-oriented" stay. Beyond that, you'll surely be looking for fantastic features and amenities such as top-notch tech, a pool, an amazing view, an incredible location, and perhaps even a staff on hand to make your stay as laid back and easy-breezy as possible. If that piques your luxury-loving interest, then be sure to check these 40 dreamy Airbnb rentals.

1. Massive home with a private beach

Both the bright interior and enviable exterior will keep you blissfully relaxed and excitingly entertained at this Airbnb rental in Anguilla. With room for up to 16 guests, the spacious residence has not only a pool and outdoor shower but also its own private beach.

2. Modern Baroque villa in Italy

Make your dreams come true at this Airbnb rental in Positano, Salerno, in Italy. Relish in the modern Baroque beauty when you book Villa Vicere, which boasts Renaissance art, terracotta floors, and a picturesque pool. It also has a balcony and terrace that offer unforgettable views of the hills and water.

3. Paradise in Barbados

This Airbnb rental, located in the Sugar Hill area of St. James, Barbados, has been deemed "Eden" and is undoubtedly a piece of paradise. Thanks to plenty of posh touches — like the marble staircase, entertainment center, and saltwater pool — it's simply stunning. It's understandably described as the "embodiment of luxury and subtle refinement."

4. Oceanfront abode that focuses on luxury and fun

This oceanfront Airbnb rental in San José del Cabo offers guests a cinema, a gym, and six gorgeous bedrooms with both luxury and fun in mind. Outside, you'll find space to enjoy a fire, an infinity pool with its own bridge, a swim-up bar, and plenty of places to lounge or play.

5. Amenity-filled ski chalet

Spend time on the slopes while enjoying endless fun at the end of the day by booking this Airbnb rental in Deer Crest, Utah. Along with access to ski hills, this chic chalet has a hot tub and fireplace to keep you warm, as well as a pool, cinema, soda fountain, pinball machine, and ping pong table.

6. Beachfront residence with a four-person staff

Take tropical dreaminess and add modern style, and you get this contemporary Airbnb rental in Punta Mita, Mexico. Along with a sauna, pool table, gym, and media room, it also comes with its own stunning beach, heated infinity pool, hot tub, and outdoor kitchen. And for an extra dose of luxury, this home also comes with a chef, butler, and pair of housekeepers.

7. Villa created for an 18th-century count

Originally the residence of an 18th-century count, this Airbnb rental in Italy offers you exactly what you'd want from a historical villa. Each room — including the wine tasting den and banquet hall (complete with a chef) — boasts elegantly restored touches. The exterior is just as impressive and features a pool, Baroque fountains, and a gazebo.

8. Sleek chateau in the South of France

Head to the South of France to find this Airbnb rental called Chateau Malescasse. With all of the benefits of being in the middle of wine country, this regal home has a somewhat surprisingly sleek and wonderfully modern art-filled interior.

9. Chic crescent-shaped tropical villa

This Airbnb rental will wow you with the chic tropical style that touches every corner of this uniquely crescent-shaped villa in Barbados. Outside, you'll be just as impressed by the luscious lawn, pristine patio, fabulous fountain, and enticing (as well as extra-large) pool.

10. A resort-like home with two pools

Found in Costa Rica, you will want to spend most of your time "cooped up" at this Airbnb rental, thanks to the resort-like home's two pools. Or you may want to relax inside in one of the seven private suite bedrooms.

11. Beachfront villa with fold-away glass walls

This Airbnb rental comes with a staff, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for amenities in this Thailand villa. Sitting right on the beach, it also has a pool, tennis court, home theater, and even glass walls that fold away, bringing the outdoors inside.

12. Italian villa with a tower and private park

The interior of this Airbnb rental in Florence, Italy, will delight you with old-world charm. Outside, you can take a dip in the pool or roam around the property, which is so big it's referred to as a park. You can also enjoy the stunning view from the villa's very own tower.

13. Eco-friendly luxury in Mexico

An estate that sits on a sprawling 86 acres, this Airbnb rental in Mexico is actually found inside the Sian Ka'an Nature Reserve. That's why, along with extreme luxury, this is a sustainable villa with an eco-minded staff.

14. Top-notch Tuscan villa in the Caribbean

Although this Airbnb rental is found in the sunny Caribbean, it was built like a Tuscan villa. That means you'll be able to soak up the vibrant Italian aesthetic while enjoying island weather and decadent delights.

15. Preserved chateau with modern comforts

Another option for those who are looking for an unforgettable French holiday, this Airbnb rental will be the top choice for anyone who loves history or "grandeur." Dating back hundreds of years, Chateau Pessac has been carefully preserved. It's also been updated with all the modern amenities you need to keep you comfortable.

16. Star-filled exclusive resort area in the Dominican Republic

With famous figures like dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, singer Julio Iglesias, and the late legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta all choosing to stay in this exclusive resort area, you can be assured that this Airbnb rental in the Dominican Republic has something special to offer you and your potential traveling companions.

17. Luxurious Moroccan villa with a striking style

Experience Moroccan luxury in this eye-catching Airbnb rental. The pool, hot tub, gym, and stunning two-acre property can only rival the interior, which features seemingly countless rooms, each more strikingly beautiful than the last.

18. A supreme villa in Croatia

Everything about this Airbnb rental in Split Riviera, Croatia, is over-the-top. It has unreal views of the bay and an equally mesmerizing look at the mountains. Inside, it has chic décor that can be spotted through the walls of windows, which makes it unique and luxurious. That's probably why it's called Villa Korcula Supreme.

19. Italian villa from the 1600s

A man known as Count Cosimo Bernardini once called this Airbnb rental home. An Italian villa close to Pisa, the residence dates back to 1624. That's why you'll find historic, regal, and luxurious touches everywhere, from the library and formal living room to the gardens and pool.

20. Multi-level tropical modernist villa in Thailand

With a slick contemporary style referred to in the listing as tropical modernism, this Airbnb rental in Thailand is a multi-level mansion filled with awesome amenities. A cinema, a gym, and an upper-level L-shaped infinity pool will keep you wonderfully entertained while a chef will keep you happily fed.

21. Picturesque Italian castle

Book this Airbnb rental, and you'll find yourself in one of eight castle apartments. With details that will make you feel like you've been transported to the past, this palace also has modern luxuries like a heated pool, hot tubs, and a wine bar. Beyond that, there's a thermal lake and hot springs with mud used for therapeutic purposes.

22. Gothic 12-century castle in Ireland

If castles pique your travel-loving interest, then check out this Airbnb rental in Ireland. A 12th-century residence, you can book the entire gothic Fanningstown Castle, updated to suit modern needs and wants.

23. Sprawling castle in Portugal

This Airbnb rental in Portugal will surely catch your eye and make you eager to book a stay. You can find details from the 12th and 19th centuries in the sprawling Manueline-style castle, which spans over 21,500 square feet and even includes a tower.

24. Stately mansion in Barbados

Enjoy estate living at this Airbnb rental in St. James, Barbados. Every detail about this massive nine-bedroom home — from the carved four-poster beds and exquisite art to the gazebo and terraces — makes it a place to indulge in a dreamy vacation.

25. Stunning castle in Ireland

It's hard to imagine not feeling like a royal while staying at this Airbnb rental. Known as Wilton Castle, the 19th-century home in Ireland actually looks like two castles put together. However, there's no doubt that every inch is fascinating and filled with luxury.

26. French neoclassical home in Beverly Hills

Would you expect anything less than a deluxe residence in Beverly Hills? This Airbnb rental that's not far from Rodeo Drive is built in a French neoclassical design yet has the kind of L.A. luxury you may desire. This includes a chic interior design, a grand staircase, highly styled outdoor space, a hot tub, and two swimming pools.

27. Stunning mansion in Spain

Called Cuatro Torres, this Airbnb rental in Spain does, indeed, have four towers, as the name suggests. There is one tower on each corner, and each has a view of the five-acre property as well as the sea. Inside the 19th-century residence, you'll notice incredible wood details, gilded art, and stunning chandeliers, just to name a few lavish details.

28. Luxury chalet in Whistler

Situated in Canada's Whistler, British Columbia, known for its ideal skiing conditions, this Airbnb rental is described as luxurious and comforting. That's because the seriously spacious chalet, which is built around a totem pole, is filled with both natural details and awesome amenities.

29. Awe-inspiring 16th-century estate in Italy

The view of this Airbnb rental in Italy is almost as awe-inspiring as every view from inside this gorgeous villa. All aspects of this 16th-century Lake Como estate — including both the home itself and the property that surrounds it as well as the dreamy location — will make you feel like an Italian king or queen.

30. Gorgeous Spanish home with 600 acres

You'll be able to bring a large group of your friends and family to this Airbnb rental in Spain. With nine bedrooms and plenty of common areas that are all perfectly picturesque, the home comes with a staggering 600 acres of property.

31. Breathtaking French castle

This Airbnb rental may truly take your breath away. A French castle, guests will find 22 bedrooms, 34 bathrooms, a theater, a chapel, and a spa. Outside, it has lakes, gardens, and a moat. Yes, a moat! There's also an indoor pool with a stunning ceiling, wine cellar, and (eek!) Medieval prison cells.

32. Regal residence in the French countryside

Just a train or car ride away from Paris, this Airbnb rental is located in the peaceful French countryside area of Loire Valley. A stately castle with regal rooms and refined décor, you'll want to soak up every aspect of this classy residence.

33. Former chateau of a French perfumer

Travel to Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, to stay in this Airbnb rental that was once the home of a famous 19th-century perfumer. Called Chateau Saint Georges, the castle boasts refined touches from top to bottom as well as a large private park that's found outside.

34. Italian villa with a pair of boats

Thanks to its exquisite design and stunning style, you may never want to step away from this Airbnb rental during your stay. However, if you're going to enjoy the area around this lakefront home, you can use one of the two available boats to take out onto the water.

35. Castle with an over $1 million renovations

Complete with turrets and gargoyles, this Airbnb rental in France is a restored 19th-century castle that looks out at sea. In fact, in 2009, the owners spent more than $1 million bringing the residence up to luxurious modern standards.

36. Beachside villa with an elevator

This Airbnb rental in Spain is so posh that it even has an elevator to take your delightfully pampered self to each floor of the beautiful villa. Outside, lounge beside the pool under massive palm trees or wander to see the water by this beautiful beachside abode.

37. Medieval keep castle

Embrace an over-the-top joie de vivre-filled vacation at this particular French Airbnb rental. Perhaps a seemingly unusual castle at first glance thanks to its striking tower, its appearance has to do with the fact that it's actually a stately medieval keep that can be traced back to the 11th century.

38. Contemporary villa in Greece

Given the name Villa Joy, you'll surely experience a range of delightful feelings while staying at this Airbnb rental. Located in Greece and boasting a contemporary design, each luxurious space has clearly been styled with great care.

39. Former holiday home for Italian nobles

Once a holiday home for Italian nobles in the 15th-century, this Airbnb rental has retained its old-world beauty while offering guests a dreamy blue pool, a manicured tennis court, and a billiards parlor. Beyond all of that, towering cypress trees dot the perfectly lush property.

40. Resort amenities at a residence in Mexico

This massive Airbnb rental in Mexico is so grand that guests get to enjoy the kind of spaces and luxuries that come along with a resort. That includes an infinity pool, spots to soak up the sun, endless interior amenities, and a chef and driver on staff.