Inside The Homes Of All The Trump Kids

There are kids who grow up with money, and kids who grow up with money. It's undebatable that former President Donald Trump's five children clearly fall into the latter category, despite their varying backgrounds, per Women's Health. To begin, there's Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, who are Donald's older children in their early 40s. He shares them with his ex-wife Ivana Trump. Then, there's Tiffany Trump, a daughter who Trump had with his second ex-wife, Marla Maples. And finally, there's Barron Trump, Trump's youngest child in his mid-teenage years, who continues to live with Trump and his mother, Melania Trump.

But despite their wide-ranging histories and ages, they have at least one thing in common with their dad — they have a penchant for expensive real estate. Following the end of the Trump presidency and leaving the White House, most of their real estate is now solidly in the Sunshine State (via People). Here's where the Trump kids are living now, and here are some of the famous residences that they've been lucky enough to call home.

Ivanka's first apartment in New York City

Starter homes tend to be a bit underwhelming, but not Ivanka's. Nearly two decades ago, she joined the family real estate business by buying a $1.5 million apartment at her father's Trump Park Avenue building, said LoveProperty. With 1,500 square feet, it was modest by Trump standards, including décor that lacked the heavy gold details that many other Trump properties feature. Instead, Ivanka's then-home was full of blue tones, including a blue built-in bookshelf in the living room, a blue suede couch, and blue bedroom walls.

But once Ivanka and Jared married in 2009, they relocated to his apartment in Noho instead. About seven years later, Ivanka decided to try and offload her former bachelorette pad by putting it on the market for a little more than $4 million, but there were no takers (via W Magazine). So, she decided to look for a renter instead, but still, no one was interested in living at the $18,000-per-month pad. Ivanka continued to drop the rental price to $10,450 per month, but the unfortunate situation continued. The problem could have been the in-your-face "Trump Park Avenue" sign lined in gold at the front of the building. In 2017, the Trump name came off three other Trump properties after mounting pressure from angry tenants.

The historic Washington, D.C. mansion where Ivanka lived during her father's presidency

While Ivanka served as a senior advisor to her former presidential father, she lived just two miles away from the White House at 2449 Tracy Place NW in Washington D.C. Ivanka, Jared, and their three kids rented the Colonial 7,000 foot mansion, which was built in 1923 and was known as the Waddy Wood mansion, said iDesignArch. While the building itself is historical, the inside is thoroughly modern. In 2014, architect Christian Zapatka went to work on the stately home. After the revamp, the six-bedroom pad featured a white facade, a flowing living space, several outdoor patios, and a whopping 10 fireplaces. Five of these fireplaces were restored to their former glory, and five new ones were added in a modern design.

We can't be sure what Ivanka and Jared paid while they lived here for those four years, but once they departed, the home re-entered the rental marketplace for a whopping $18,000 per month in January 2021 (via Washingtonian). That price isn't surprising, considering the surrounding neighborhood. The Waddy Wood mansion is in the Kalorama area, an elegant Washington D.C. hangout full of million-dollar estates. Many other celebrities live here, too, including the Obamas and Jeff Bezos.

Ivanka's second home on the 'Billionaire Bunker' near Miami Beach

Indian Creek Island, a tiny, super-secretive island only seven miles from Miami Beach, isn't called the "Billionaire Bunker" for nothing. This little paradise only has 32 homes, and almost all of them are owned by A-list celebrities and multimillionaires. That roster includes Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner, who bought their own getaway on the island in July of 2021, reported New York Post. However, it came at quite the price (for us mere mortals, anyway.) Ivanka and Jared paid a whopping $24 million for the six-bedroom French neoclassical-style estate, which includes a reflecting pool, manicured shrubbery, a concrete façade, and a hot tub.

Inside the pricy pad's 8,500 square feet, Ivanka and Jared enjoy a set of grand staircases adorned with wrought iron and topped with a sparkling chandelier. The home's white walls and domed ceiling are dotted with pops of gold, greenery, and intricate moldings. They picked up the mansion from billionaire businessman Alex Meruelo after he put it on the open market. But amazingly enough, this isn't even their first Billionaire Bunker purchase. In 2020, the couple purchased another mansion on the island, but that one has 200 feet of private beach access. Both of their homes on the island — as well as the other 30 here — are all protected by Indian Creek Island's personal police force.

Donald Jr.'s private Jupiter paradise with European-style details

Donald isn't the only one in the family who knows a deal when he sees one. Donald Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle picked up a home in April 2021 in Jupiter, Florida, for $10 million. This was less than what the sellers initially listed it for, reported New York Post. The location is also ideal for Donald Jr. since his ex-wife and their five children live nearby.

Although the estate is in Jupiter, its ivy-lined exterior, brick patio, stone walls, and crisscross greenery next to the resort-style pool make it look like it's straight from Europe. Inside, Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle have more than 11,000 square feet and six bedrooms to their names. Classic Floridian white walls and tile floors fill the space, which also includes a private gym, an entertainment room with a pool table and wet bar, a colossal office, and front-row views of the Loxahatchee River. Plus, according to People, the two-floor pad tucked at the end of a cul-de-sac offers tons of privacy behind a foreboding gate.

Donald Jr.'s Hampton retreat in a gated community

Before Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle packed up for the Sunshine State, they lived in another celebrity retreat — the Hamptons. They had a Bridgehampton estate with seven bedrooms and a full lineup of outdoor amenities, including a temperature-controlled pool with a waterfall. They had purchased the pad only two years before, but luckily, 2021 was a good time to sell in the Hamptons. Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle sold the gray-sided traditional mansion with a wood deck for double what they bought it for, according to Yahoo! News.

Just like Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle's newer home in Jupiter, their former Hampton escape was super-private. It was nestled within a gated neighborhood and sat on four lush acres, reported Insider. The house's 9,000 square feet were also more than equipped to house Donald Jr.'s five children during their visits. The space included two separate dining areas, including one with a sunroom-style layout; a chef's kitchen with stone, wood, and white details; a sunny patio; and a grand master suite with a deck that overlooked the entire property. But if all the home's amenities weren't enough, it's also just a short drive from several Bridgehampton beaches, which are known as some of the most beautiful in all of the Hamptons.

Eric's Mediterranean-style Florida home near his brother

Ivanka and Donald Jr. are by no means the only Trump kids to have headed south. Donald and Ivana's youngest child, Eric, also splurged on an estate in Jupiter, Florida. He bought it in March of 2021, and it's located in the Trump National Golf Club. It's in another private neighborhood that's next door to where Donald Jr. and his girlfriend have a home, reported Insider. Eric and his wife, Lara Trump, bought a five-bedroom pad here for more than $3 million and, at 9,981 square feet, it's also the biggest one at the club.

Like several other Trump kids' homes, Eric's mansion has a Mediterranean-style façade but modern, top-of-the-line details inside. Standout features in the home include rare two primary bedrooms, separate closets for both Lara and Eric, and a resort-style backyard equipped with a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen. Also, in typical Trump style, Eric's new hangout is oozing with luxe upgrades, per The Sun. The kitchen is completely lined in white marble, and sparkling chandeliers can be found in nearly every room. Romantic furniture and drapery have been chosen for the living room and bedrooms, and intricate moldings can be spotted in every room.

Tiffany might be moving to South Beach, Miami

Yup, another Trump child is possibly heading to Florida with the rest of her family. Tiffany, a twenty-something Georgetown Law School graduate, has been searching for a Miami home of her own with fiancé Michael Boulos, reported People. However, it's not all-work and no-play in Miami (because how could that be in the Magic City?) She and Boulos were photographed taking a break from house-searching to hang out at hotspots like SAAM at SLS Brickell, which are cozy and upscale lounges featuring nostalgic touches and classic elegance. They were also spotted at Joia Beach, a hip beach club and eatery.

According to Page Six, Tiffany — Maples and Trump's only child — is interested in finding a pad in South Beach, known for its nightclubs, celebrity chef restaurants, and high-end fashion. But it doesn't seem like the couple is rushing to make a real estate purchase. They're hunkered down in the luxury hotel The Setai, Miami Beach, which is an ultra-luxe respite offering Asian-inspired rooms, top-of-the-line features, and prices upwards of $1,200 per night. It's located directly on the beach and is near tons of Miami highlights. It's a worthy spot for an heiress, and was nominated the best resort in the entire city by Travel + Leisure.

The Calabasas home Tiffany shared with her mom

Between Donald and Ivana's 17-year marriage and Donald and Melania's current marriage, it's easy to forget about Marla Maples, who was Donald's second wife, per Trulia. They were married for seven years, and during that time, they had one daughter, Tiffany. In the same year that Trump and Maples divorced, Maples picked up a 5,770 square foot Spanish-style home for her and her daughter for $1.349 million.

It was no Trump Tower, but with five bedrooms, a pool with a water slide and a bar, an area for playing basketball, and an area for outdoor entertaining, it was still a pretty luxe spot for Tiffany to grow up in. However, in 2013, Maples decided it was time to move on from her daughter's childhood home. She sold the estate in 2013 for a little more than $2 million, picking up a nearly $1 million profit in the process.

Barron's home in Mar-a-Lago

Since the end of Trump's American presidency in January of 2021, he's been holed up at Mar-a-Lago, a Palm Beach resort that he has both owned and resided in since he purchased it nearly 40 years for just $5 million, reported Town & Country. But since Donald's youngest son, Barron, has yet to leave the nest at 15-years-old, he's been spending his days at Mar-a-Lago too alongside his mother, Melania. The colossal mansion has 128 rooms and sits on 20 acres, but it's not like Barron has full run of the place. In 1995, Donald converted the estate into a members-only beach club. It comes with a ballroom lined with $7 million worth of gold leaf, an area for playing polo, various resort-style pools and private beaches, and even a lavish gate welcoming members (while keeping out the public), said Insider.

Predictably, the Trump family lives in a private wing in Mar-a-Lago that's far from the eyes of members, who pay up to $200,000 for a membership to the club. (That doesn't include a minimum $2,000 spend at the club's restaurants or the $14,000 annual fee.) However, judging by Donald's penchant for gold and ornate décor, and the fact Mar-a-Lago looks more like a royal residence than a resort, we can bet the family wing has many of the same details.

Barron had his own floor at Trump Tower

Most kids are happy to get their own rooms, but as the son of a man worth $2.5 billion, Barron had an entire floor to call his own while living at Trump Tower with the Don and Melania, reported People. While "floor" can be a vague term in New York City since apartments are, on average, about 860 square feet, Barron's floor was no studio apartment (via Curbed). It had several rooms, including a full chef's kitchen, a living area (for all of the entertaining he was doing?), a bedroom, and even an area for the maid to reside in. He has had this floor since he was born in 2006.

The entire penthouse apartment was valued at $100 million and featured three floors of space at 725 Fifth Avenue (via Guest of a Guest). Like other Trump residences, this apartment had over-the-top, opulent details and an abundance of gold. Plus, from those 58 stories up, it offered stunning views of New York City's hottest commodity — Central Park.

The Trump kids' opulent Georgian mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut

Much has changed for the Trumps since Donald bought an estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, almost 40 years ago for $4 million, reported Town & Country. At the time, it was perfect for Donald and then-wife Ivana, as well as their growing family, who made good use of the property's six acres of lush lawns that overlooked Indian Harbor. With a Georgian-style façade that included a white exterior and columns surrounding the front entrance, it had just the right amount of glamour for the Trump family. The Cinderella-style staircase, hand-painted murals, oriental rugs, touches of gold, and putting green didn't hurt either.

But when the couple called it quits in 1992, Ivana snagged the 20,000 square foot home for herself and the kids. She lived here for six more years until she decided to move on and sold the palace for more than three times its purchase price at $15 million. These days, the price of the eight-bedroom Connecticut mansion has only continued to grow. In 2014, the now-owners tried to sell it for $54 million to no avail, but the price has remained near that number (via Insider). Plus, to make the place more comfortable, the owners removed much of Trumps' over-the-top décor, while also adding amenities like an area for playing tennis and a separate building for guests with its own pool.

The Palm Beach estate where the Trump kids lived after their parents' divorce

After Ivana and Donald divorced and she sold the Georgian estate, Ivana decided to head back to Florida. A stone's throw away from her former home Mar-a-Lago, she purchased a Mediterranean-style mansion in Palm Beach, according to Florida Weekly. This became one of the residences where Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka stayed with their mother. Known as Concha Marina, the nearly 15,000 square foot home sits directly next to the beach with amazing ocean views from many of the nine bedrooms' windows.

But this also was no ordinary mother's hideaway. Sitting on a little less than an acre, Concha Marina has lots of cool amenities that surely kept the Trump kids entertained. This included a secret passageway leading straight to the beach, a loft above the garage that can accommodate four vehicles, as well as a unique swimming pool shaped like a lotus flower. Outside, there's also tons of lush foliage, including ivy-lined walls, colorful tropical flowers, and an expansive lawn. In 2014, though, Ivana decided to part with her Palm Beach getaway. She put it on the market for nearly $19 million, saying that now that her children were grown and gone, there was no need for such a large nest.

The Trump kids' 230-acre Westchester retreat

Mar-a-Lago isn't the only resort-style property that the Trump kids call home. In 1996, 11 years after Donald bought Mar-a-Lago, he purchased Seven Springs. This 60-room house in Westchester County, New York, dates back a century, reported Scene Therapy. We would tell you what town this private estate is in but, with 230 acres, Silver Springs actually falls in three towns — Bedford, Armonk, and Chappaqua. Despite Westchester's colossal wealth (people such as Ralph Lauren, Richard Gere, and Chevy Chase all have homes here,) Seven Springs is the biggest estate owned for personal use in the county, per its website.

However, Donald got it for quite the steal. He paid only $7.5 million for the historic estate. It was originally built over five years for Eugene Meyer, a financier and newspaper publisher. Donald had planned to convert it into a Trump golf course, but the community didn't allow that to happen (via Forbes). So instead, Seven Springs became a family getaway with three pools, several carriage houses, a separate guest mansion, 15 bedrooms, and, in typical Trump style, lots of European-inspired décor touches. And those touches were pretty authentic. Hundreds of masons and artisans from all over the planet flew to Westchester to put their own touches on the brick estate.