This Is The Best Crystal For Your Living Room

Crystals can and have been used in a variety of ways — to increase energy flow in a space, encourage calmness, attract love, or even brighten up a room. Shopping for the right crystal, though, can be overwhelming. The wide variety of options, all with different properties, appearances, and functions, can make selecting a crystal for your home difficult.

The living room is the heart of your home, and choosing the right crystal for your space can be a great way to generate good vibes in this important location. According to Bustle, the best crystals for your living room will increase positivity and eliminate stagnant energy. The living room is likely the first place you sit down after a long day or the first thing your guests see when they come over. Crystals like selenite and apophyllite are excellent for absorbing any negative vibes and promoting positive energy for one of the most important spaces in your home.


Selenite is a great crystal to display in your living room. According to Bustle, selenite is excellent for helping to purify your environment, and when placed near a window or in the path of light, it can add a sparkle to your living room.

This crystal boasts a variety of benefits. Healthline says selenite gets its trace elements from selenium and contains an array of both physical and metaphysical benefits. These properties include providing a clear mind, aiding your intuitive abilities, clearing out stagnant energy, and increasing your mood and energy levels.

According to The Path Provides, this crystal is found in caves around the globe, especially Morocco, Greece, Mexico, and Australia. It is named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. If a traditional selenite tower isn't your style, you can also look for its varieties — including the unique desert rose selenite, or gypsum, the mineral that forms selenite.


Another crystal you can display in your living room is apophyllite. A phyllosilicate mineral, Bustle says this crystal should be placed in the center of your living room and helps increase positivity. According to Energy Muse, apophyllite gets its name from the Greek words "apo," meaning "from," and "phyllon," meaning "leaf," due to its flakiness when exposed to heat, also translated as "it flakes off." They also say apophyllite increases youthful spontaneity and is suitable for clearing out negative energy and anxieties. says that apophyllite is found in volcano streams and quarries in India. The crystal is usually clear but can also be found with orange and pink tints, as well as more opaque shades of green.

Energy Muse says apophyllite can also be used ritually to eliminate anxiety in meditation. With a variety of colors and cluster sizes and numerous physical and metaphysical benefits, apophyllite is an excellent addition to any living room.