Inside Nina Dobrev's Stunning European Style Home

Known for her starring roles in hit television series like "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and "The Vampire Diaries" (not to mention Netflix's delightful holiday romantic comedy "Love Hard"), actress Nina Dobrev is a familiar face in Hollywood. The Bulgarian-Canadian actress gave Architectural Digest a sneak peek into her stunning West Hollywood home, revealing European-inspired interiors and cool design sense. The Spanish-style architecture dates back to the 1920s and has been carefully preserved to retain its original elegance.

Stepping inside, Dobrev's exquisite taste is evident. Antique terra cotta floors and an oven imported from Italy honor her European heritage in the kitchen, while splashes of color and artwork from her travels add a personalized touch to the living room. Other highlights include the sunny backyard space, original wood flooring from the 1920s, and an open-concept kitchen which Dobrev remodeled herself during the pandemic. Every room of this beautiful home offers plenty of amazing design inspiration. In this article, we're taking a look at some of the most memorable parts of the star's home tour and taking design notes for ourselves along the way.

1. The pandemic inspired Nina to give her 1920s West Hollywood home a thorough remodel

Like many of us, Dobrev found herself with some extra time on her hands at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. "[It] was the first time that I was in my home for an extended period of time," the actress told Architectural Digest. Since she was no longer traveling for work or leisure, Dobrev had plenty of time on her hands. This encouraged her to tackle multiple home makeover projects, including a kitchen remodel. She also gave the exterior of her home a fresh coat of white paint.

Dobrev is not alone in her pandemic home improvement projects. According to NPR, home improvement spending in the United States rose to an all-time high after the pandemic hit, with a record number of people adding decks and fences to their backyard spaces. With more time at home, people want to make their living spaces as comfortable and attractive as possible.

2. The actress painted the home's exterior all by herself

In true DIY spirit, Dobrev painted the outside of her home all by herself instead of hiring professionals. To achieve a brighter and airier look, she covered the mustard-yellow walls with a neutral white matte paint from Home Depot, as reported by Architectural Digest. While white paint is a great option for a home's exterior since it feels fresh, classic, and versatile, it can also be challenging to pick your perfect shade of white. According to Elle Decor, the trick to selecting the right white is deciding what type of mood you want in your home and then choose either a warm or cool tone.

If you're feeling brave like Dobrev and want to paint your own house, start by washing the walls twice with a pressure washer (via The Spruce). This will remove layers of dust and dirt built up over the years. If the existing layer of paint is in good condition, you probably do not need to bother applying primer. To speed up the painting time, use a paint roller on any flat surfaces or turn to paint spraying for covering large spaces. While it's no walk in the park, painting your own home can be super rewarding.

3. The bright and airy living room features thoughtful details

One of the most beautiful parts of Dobrev's home is the light-filled living area. The actress has filled the space with subtle pops of color and contemporary furnishings while preserving some of the home's original 1920s details, like the statement fireplace. Bouquets of fresh flowers and leafy green plants make the space feel alive, along with serene crystals, framed artwork, and large windows. Accessories make the space feel inviting and homey.

A photo from Dobrev's travels in Africa rests above the fireplace for a personal touch. Elsewhere, a print of David Bowie (a gift from Dobrev's boyfriend, Olympic gold-medalist snowboarder Shaun White) hangs on the wall. According to The Spruce, accessories give a room personality and make it feel finished. To achieve this look in your own living space, incorporate lots of plants and flowers, arrange artwork on the walls, and choose one statement piece to tie everything together.

4. An open-concept kitchen is perfect for cooking and entertaining

With olive green cabinets, butcher block countertops, white subway tiles, and a Dolomite island, Dobrev's gleaming open-concept kitchen is a gorgeous sight. However, it used to be a cramped galley kitchen where Dobrev spent barely any time. At the pandemic's start, she knocked down one of the original walls to open up the space and make it more functional. According to Better Homes & Gardens, open kitchens create the perfect environment for cooking and socializing. Installing seating around a kitchen island will let you hang out with your guests while putting the finishing touches on homemade meals.

As part of the remodel, Dobrev mixed lots of different materials together. Smooth counters, textured Dolomite, and white tiles for the backsplash create cool contrast and texture, while the lacquered hardware on the knobs and faucet will age gracefully with time. Other features include a high-tech fridge that opens automatically and an elegant farmhouse sink. As reported by Architectural Digest, the actresses' favorite part is the new spice rack since it makes her feel like she's officially adulting.

5. European influences can be found throughout the kitchen

Many of the kitchen elements have European heritage, just like Dobrev herself. The stunning oven, which looks almost too beautiful to cook on, was imported from Italy. According to Architectural Digest, it's made by a brand called ILVE, which is known for creating stylish and high-performing commercial-grade cooking appliances. These handcrafted ovens are produced in the company's headquarters outside of Venice, which was established in 1952, per the brand's official website.

Another European influence found in Dobrev's kitchen is the reclaimed terra cotta tile flooring. Terra cotta, which means 'baked earth' in Italian, is a ceramic tile made from iron-rich clay (via The Spruce). Due to their earthy, reddish tones, these tiles are a great option for home flooring and will instantly add a rustic touch to any room. The antique tiles in Dobrev's kitchen are all unique and feature little cracks and imperfections for a special, lived-in feel.

6. A sunny breakfast nook is the perfect place to start the day

During Dobrev's remodel, she added a cozy breakfast nook next to the kitchen with space for about 10 people. According to Architectural Digest, this sunny spot is her favorite place to spend time reading or sipping a warm cup of coffee in the morning. One of the most striking parts of the space is the table's sculptural plant centerpiece, which is arranged according to the Japanese art of ikebana. As reported by The Spruce, ikebana is characterized by clean lines and simplicity and tends to incorporate flowers that have significance in Japanese culture, like camellia, peony, and narcissus.

Install a bench along the wall and bring in a small table to create an idyllic breakfast nook in your home. Blankets and pillows will make the space feel extra cozy, while wall art and pendant-style lighting add character, per Better Homes & Gardens. If your nook is adjacent to the kitchen, you can integrate the two areas by repeating the same color scheme and materials. 

7. The dining room space seamlessly transitions to the outdoors

To create a home fit for hosting and entertaining, Dobrev invested in a statement dining room table. The beautiful wooden table from Arbor Exchange is crafted from solid oak and features rounded edges and legs. Reclaimed chairs and a bench along one side provide complimentary touches, along with a candle centerpiece, two hanging lights, and framed artwork. Open French doors help the room flow seamlessly into the adjacent outdoor area.

There are plenty of reasons why linking your indoor space with the outdoors beyond is a good idea. Not only do you get more natural airflow, but the room will instantly feel brighter, larger, and more open. According to Real Homes, when connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, you should utilize the same flooring material for both areas to make them harmonious. Additionally, solid walls should be replaced with transparent ones. French doors, sliding glass doors, and bi-fold doors are all great options.

8. The house features plenty of original details from the 1920s

Dating back to the late 1920s, Dobrev's Spanish-style home is not lacking in charm or character. As reported by Architectural Digest, many of the original architectural details have been carefully preserved, including the elegant crown molding from 1929 on the walls, an antique black fireplace in the living room, and creaky hardwood flooring throughout the house. According to Apartment Therapy, old homes often boast better, more durable materials and unique built-ins that newer homes just don't have. Plus, they offer an unbeatable sense of history.

Even though Dobrev lives in an old home, it certainly doesn't feel old. To balance history with modern comfort, Dobrev updated her home by knocking down walls for openness, refreshing the kitchen, and adding contemporary furnishings. If you live in an older house, you can look to Dobrev's home for inspiration on how to create a comfy living space. A fresh coat of paint, new appliances, and light fixtures are all great ways to breathe new life into a home.

9. Dobrev's cozy bedroom has a unique art piece hanging above the bed

Dobrev's open and inviting bedroom features airy windows, bright and cheerful bedding, and a large area rug to tie the space together. One of the most eye-catching parts of the room is the longhorn art hanging above the bed. After seeing the piece for sale on the side of the road, Dobrev instantly fell in love and decided it belonged in her home, Architectural Digest reported. Since the art piece is hefty, special care was taken when installing it above the actresses' bed.

If you've been wanting to decorate your bedroom, start with the space above the bed. This focal point is typically the first thing one notices when walking into a bedroom, per UTR Decorating. While there are plenty of different decoration styles to choose from, some cute ideas include making your own gallery wall by hanging up small, framed pictures or playing with fun color combinations (via Apartment Therapy).

10. The charming bathroom contains tile work from the 1920s

Stepping inside Dobrev's blue and white bathroom is like turning back the clock to another era. Per Architectural Digest, the charming space features original tile work from the 1920s, and just like in the kitchen, these antique floors show their age with little cracks and imperfections. According to Old House Online, tiles that reflect a home's age will always stay in style. While modern updates can quickly fall out of trend, these original elements have lasting appeal.

If you are thinking about restoring the tile in your bathroom to its original elegance, there are plenty of antique styles to choose from. Subway tile is a hallmark of bathrooms from the early 1900s, since the material could be easily cleaned and kept germ-free, per Period Homes. White tiles were especially popular because you could easily spot dirt on them. Hex floor tiles were another popular since they often featured decorative mosaic patterns.

11. The cozy movie room is decorated with artwork from Nina's mom

Even Hollywood stars need a cozy space for Netflix binges and movie marathons. Per Architectural Digest, Dobrev's den features a cushy Cloud Couch perfect for sinking into after a long day, as well as plenty of fluffy pillows and blankets. According to Clever, the Cloud is a go-to favorite of celebrities due to its streamlined design and luxurious comfort. While the steep $4,000 price tag might deter you from adding this couch to your own living space, there are more affordable alternatives available from brands like Valyou Furniture.

Dobrev's movie room decorations include statues, crystals, and candles. On the walls, framed artwork adds a personalized feel, especially the charcoal painting made by Dobrev's mother. The beautiful, handmade painting depicts an X-ray of an old film camera. When Dobrev wants to make the room feel like a real movie screening space, she pulls the light-blocking drapes down for instant darkness.

12. Surfboard trophies from the Teen Choice Awards liven up the home gym

Out in the backyard, the former pool house has been converted into a home gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Dobrev makes her workouts more fun and motivating with pretty weights from Pent Fitness made of metal and wood, reported Architectural Digest. The cherry-red Smeg fridge in the corner of the room adds a cool, retro-inspired vibe while ensuring the actress stays hydrated after working up a sweat. To liven up the space, Dobrev decorated the walls with surfboard trophies from her Teen Choice Awards wins, along with neon signs from a Coachella-themed birthday party. 

If you're in the process of decorating your own home gym, be sure to take some notes! According to The Spruce, you can make a room workout ready by simply adding wall art, bringing in better lighting or mirrors, and installing storage space for organization. Fresh and lively interiors will go a long way with inspiring your next run on the treadmill.

13. There's also a backyard space perfect for relaxing and unwinding

No home in Los Angeles would be complete without a backyard pool space for cooling off on hot days. According to Architectural Digest, Dobrev's pool has been turned into a little zen zone, complete with plenty of leafy greenery. Whether taking a dip or swimming laps, the pool is the place to be on a sunny day. The spacious backyard also includes a large outdoor table for dining al fresco and chilling with friends.

Big or small, you can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing escape you'll love spending time in. According to MyDomaine, planting a garden or incorporating lush greenery will make the area feel more calming, along with decorating in a neutral color palette and incorporating natural materials like wood and wicker. Candles, string lights, brightly colored throw pillows, and weather-resistant rugs are also great additions to any outdoor space since they help create a cozy and casual vibe.