Amazing Celebrity Home Makeovers You'll Be Swooning Over

The appeal of the home makeover has never exactly dipped, but with the unstoppable rise of the home renovation show, they've positively boomed. So why, you may have wondered, are we so obsessed with making our homes better? According to Gail Saltz, who is NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine's associate professor of psychiatry, as humans we "have a desire to be generative and creative, and making a home is a place to feel both," per Apartment Therapy. Doing up our homes allows us to add a touch of personality here, a site of comfort there, and to create a space that's truly unique.

And celebrities understand this as much as us mere mortals do. With their luxury pads, celeb home makeovers usually price far above the $48,706 average that it costs to renovate a house in the USA, according to HomeAdvisor – and seeing celebrity home makeovers, and what's possible with the sometimes infinite reserves of cash that the rich and famous have, can be seriously motivational. So here at House Digest, we've put together a selection of our very favorite celebrity home makeovers, to give you all some premium property inspiration.

Pharrell Williams completely changed his L.A. mansion

As one of the brightest and longest-burning stars in the music stratosphere, Pharrell Williams knows how to make an impression. And when he moved into his home, which was formerly owned by the filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry (per Haute Residence), he knew he had some work to do to make the property his own.

The sprawling residence (which has a slightly high-school-esque design, we can't lie) previously felt curiously dark, despite the wall of windows that adorn the 17,245-square-foot space, with slightly worn, darker furnishings and fixtures creating a feeling of age and clashing with the sleek architecture, as seen on Love Property. Williams, however, saw the potential for the interiors to match the bones of the building and revolutionized the furnishings, replacing them with modern white and grey sofas and armchairs. Elsewhere, Williams flipped the kitchen by adding stainless steel and gold fixtures, creating a sense of luxury. No doubt plenty of other changes were made throughout the 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom home, which also, in classic L.A. fashion, has a home theater, huge pool, 30 car motor court, and tennis court.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski spent $300,000 renovating their Park Slope townhouse

When films stars and couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski purchased their 5,200-square-foot Park Slope townhouse in 2016, per Architectural Digest, they were clearly looking for a silent place (get it? "Silent Place," because they were in the film togeth– you know what, we think you made the connection, never mind) to call their own. Before their haven was complete, though, they had a lot of work to do — and $300,000 later, the townhouse was a pure vision.

The seven-bedroom, three-bathroom home's renovation retained many of the early-20th century property's distinctive features, such as the antique wooden flooring, the stately fireplaces throughout the house, and the bay windows. The décor, though, was revamped to create spaces that married the original feel of the property with modern touches and amenities. Take the dining room, for example, in which paneled walls offset by deep blue paint contrast a colorful, up-to-the-minute hanging light fixture over a sleek, long dining table. Clearly, their makeover wasn't just ideal for them, but for their eventual buyers of the property, which sold for $6.5 million in 2018, around half a million more than what they bought it for. Not a bad mark-up, folks!

Reese Witherspoon's closet got a much-needed makeover

Sometimes, changing up a single room can make a big difference. This is what "Legally Blonde" actor Reese Witherspoon discovered when she invited the queens of organization, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin from Netflix's "The Home Edit," into her home to give a pop of life to her new Nashville abode (per Life & Style). Witherspoon, who's also the executive producer on the show, according to Country Living, had a very specific idea in mind that she needed Shearer and Teplin's help with: to turn her closet into a space to store all of her iconic movie and red-carpet outfits that she'd accrued over the years.

As Witherspoon says in the episode, "I had all of my costumes in storage for years and years, and I thought this is the perfect place to put them," and Shearer and Teplin didn't disappoint. The space turned from a simple white space to a wardrobe positively popping with color, with Witherspoon's signature pink on display everywhere (Elle Woods would be very proud, Reese!). The ultra-organized closet features labeled boxes keeping items from her respective projects, with the hangers labeled to remind Witherspoon of when she wore certain dresses and clothes. Can those two come around and organize our closet next, please?!

Diane Keaton is a renovation pro

Hollywood veteran Diane Keaton isn't just an old hand at acting, but she's also a pro at property renovation. In addition to working with designer Stephen Shadley on several other renovations, she also enlisted him to help with the remodel of her Beverly Hills home, a Spanish Colonial Revival property originally designed in the 1920s, according to Architectural Digest.

Shadley gave us a window into Keaton's aesthetic tastes, stating that "Diane loves big spaces ... No ceiling can be too high, and no space can be too big for her." And while some of the spaces had already been revamped to her liking, previous changes had to be reversed by Keaton, namely a move to make the entrance hall a two-story space which was simply too big. Keaton stepped in and created a space full of charm and character, with a library greeting guests at the entrance to the home. In other areas, Keaton made the move to lighten features, creating as much opportunity for natural light to take hold in them as possible. This was the case in the dual kitchen and family room, which was brightened up as much as it could be to highlight the light that reflects into it from the gorgeous family swimming pool.

Mindy Kaling performed renovations on two separate spaces in her home

Mindy Kaling is no stranger to home renovations, and when it comes to her spaces she likes to focus on them one at a time. When "The Morning Show" star decided to give her daughter's playroom a much-needed revamp, she enlisted "The Home Edit" organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin to give it a serious boost, according to Hello! magazine. The home makeover team created a space for Kaling's daughter that any child would love, a well-organized yet playful room that arranges her toys into easy-to-access boxes divided up by shape and use.

Prior to giving the playroom a change, Kaling had turned her renovation hand to her garden. Working with The Studio at One King's Lane stylist Alyssa Lewis and sought-after interior designer Katie Ridder to work with her (per Hello! magazine), Kaling created a space that feels communal and functional. In addition to adding a seating area that functions both as a family spot and a working space for her and her team, she also added in an enormous dining table so she "can have Nancy Meyers-style dinner parties out here," she said. "Or that's my fantasy anyway!" Dreams really can come true, Mindy!

Viola Davis performed a home makeover for her best friend

As one of the most renowned actors of her generation, Viola Davis knows how to bring quality to a project. And when she stepped in to perform a house renovation for a close friend, she did just that — while simultaneously proving that celebrities aren't just out to makeover homes for themselves, but as a way to give back to the people that they love.

To give her best friend, Michelle O'Neill, the ground floor she always wanted, Davis worked with famed HGTV stars the "Property Brothers" on their show "Celebrity IOU," according to House Beautiful. Davis turned the living space, formerly a little dark and enclosed (not helped by the darker furnishings in the room), into a bright and airy haven, with an open-plan design and chic, light sofas and chairs complemented by overhead lighting. Davis also made sure O'Neill's personal predilections were covered in the makeover, with everything from installing brand-new insulation to keep her often-chilly friend warm, to sourcing two new record players so she can indulge her love of music. Most exciting of all for O'Neill, though, was the home office that Davis installed for her. "I've never had a place where I could just close the door," she states in the episode. Now, where can we find a celebrity friend like Davis?

Lauren Conrad made sure to keep an eye on her home's architecture

Alumna of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" and "The Hills," Lauren Conrad, is no stranger to luxurious home spaces — or when to move onto something new, be it a reality TV franchise or a interior design aesthetic. She combined these qualities when she showcased her stunning home redesign to MyDomaine. Working with interior designer Katherine Carter, Conrad's Pacific Palisades home was revamped to match her tastes; her abode combines Spanish and California influences with midcentury-modern and vintage furniture, as seen in the living room, which tastefully joins styles that are highlighted with the enormous windows and bright-white walls allowing light to flood in.

While Conrad has her preferences, she's also realistic about what's possible for a home makeover, and she offers some valuable tips to aspiring renovators. "I think you have to work within the bones of the house," she states, adding that "it's about making a place your own without changing it too much. I think when you try to completely change a space to be something it's not, it doesn't look as natural; it looks look a little awkward." One look at Conrad's gorgeous design work in her home, and we'd say that she's got a point there.

Scott Disick has a talent for property renovation

Who'd have thought that "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star Scott Disick had a hidden talent for home makeovers up his sleeve? Few could have predicted the move, but when E! announced "Flip It Like Disick" in 2019, Disick began his journey to house renovation royalty (per House Beautiful). And luckily, Disick has some serious celebrity royalty to draw on, including his nearest and dearest; he helped his former partner's sister, Khloé Kardashian, with exciting ideas and some logistical issues, on how to renovate her pool in a clip from E! Entertainment.

If there were any doubts about Disick's creds in this area, though, a peek at his own home makeover should put your mind at ease. Disick pulled off an incredible home transformation of his five-bedroom, six-bathroom house in the Hidden Hills, utterly revamping it and creating a totally unique and totally gorgeous modern farmhouse (per the Daily Mail). Bought for $3.2 million, Disick threw everything he had at the home, changing up the interiors from the formerly drab and antiquated aesthetic to a mélange of wooden floors and fixtures, sleek glass-lined staircases, marble floors and walls in the master bathroom, and furnishings which elegantly toe the line between throwback and modern. We've gotta say, Scott, you've got some talent here.

Selena Gomez started early with property makeovers

When someone gets famous as early in their life as Selena Gomez did, investing in property is a smart long-term move. Gomez demonstrated her understanding of this when she purchased a home in Studio City, selling it for a $500,000-plus markup after performing a complete remodel on the property, according to MyDomaine. The 1951 traditional-style home, clocking in a pretty modest (well, for celeb standards, anyway) 3,188 square feet of space, four bedrooms, and four bathrooms, was flipped to create a space that embraces vibrant art pieces, French-style fixtures, and deft décor choices throughout.

In the great room, for example, old-style brick floors offer a base for the chef's kitchen, which combines marble countertops and a rustic center island with skylit white cabinets and a huge brick-lined nook for the stove. The great room leads on to a separate living space, where a bright-green velvet sofa sits underneath a vivid neon sign, across from a huge brick fireplace with an antique mirror nestled on top. Gomez also revamped her guesthouse, creating a private and peaceful space for her visitors, and which leads out to the large pool with a separate spa feature.

French Montana bought his renovation project from a fellow musician

We sometimes feel like, despite the size of their individual star power, the actual population of the celebrity world is pretty small — and we never see that clearer than when celebs buy houses from each other. This was the case when rapper French Montana ended up purchasing a Hidden Hills compound from Selena Gomez, shelling out $3.3 million in 2016, which he then ended up completely renovating and selling at a tidy profit of $1.7 million, according to Architectural Digest. While Gomez opted to decorate the Moreau Estates property in vivid tones of purple and turquoise, Montana decided to make things a little simpler, painting the walls in shades of grey and white and flipping the kitchen to brighten the formerly dark aesthetic.

And a musician of Montana's caliber couldn't go without a recording studio on-site, so Montana saw to it that a $400,000 bespoke recording studio was built into the property. This added to the myriad other features that the property already boasted, including a media room, billiards room, and a wine cellar. And speaking of the celebrity world being tiny, when he sold up, who was it that helped him? None other than Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim of the smash-hit "Selling Sunset." It's a small world after all!

Adele's renovated home sat on over 80 acres of land

Adele certainly didn't go easy on the old décor of her Sussex mansion, which didn't stick around long once the British singer bought the property in 2011, says OK!. Built at the turn of the 20th century, the positively enormous home features ten bedrooms, ten bathrooms, five reception rooms, and it is set on a pretty modest lot of land ... just 84.7 acres of it. While Adele only lived in the home for a year, it underwent an extensive renovation to bring it up to speed, and is now the picture of modern meeting old English style, with a grand dining space complete with portraiture and a lengthy dining table existing alongside an ultra-modern games room which has its own bar.

Some of the home's early-20th century rooms were also repurposed and were doubtless more useful to the singer, with a former ballroom made over into a massive, stylish dining and kitchen area, which also has living space adjoining it. In the master bedroom, a bay window with a seat would allow Adele to gaze out over her grounds and ruminate on her next mega-hit. And whenever Adele needed to get somewhere fast, there's always space for the chopper to land — on the helipad.

Amal and George Clooney's renovation includes some interesting features

When you consider a makeover, what do you think to do? Maybe a new chair here, a new lick of paint there? Well, if you're a combination of one of the most famous and wealthy movie stars in the world, and one of the most successful and well-known human rights lawyers, your options are a little more extensive. Amal and George Clooney put well over a million dollars towards renovating his Los Angeles home into a more family-friendly affair, following the birth of the couple's twin children, reports the Daily Mail. And the stuff included in the renovation? It's pretty wild.

This is no small job, with the addition of new buildings to the property, including a villa and a play cottage. The main house also benefits from the renovation, with a brand-new steel staircase, an extension to the property's existing deck, and brand-new windows to brighten up the interiors. And that's not all, as in addition to a new pizza oven and a water feature in the works, the Clooneys also have their sights on installing their very own cable car on the grounds. We mean hey, if we had the cash, we would too.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West created a modern haven

There are few love stories as multi-layered and sweeping as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's, and an epic tale of fame and family needs an epic location to play out in. The former couple knew this, creating a minimalist modern masterpiece out of a Bel-Air mansion that they purchased together in 2013, according to The Sun. The 10,000-square-foot home has an ultra-contemporary villa feel, with the grounds boasting a massive pool and a pavilion running alongside, and a huge courtyard driveway with plenty of space for their many vehicles.

But it's inside where the true wow factor of the makeover comes in. Kardashian and West's design work, which clearly set them back a pretty penny, transformed the space into an all-white haven, with cavernous white ceilings contrasting against the light grey floors. Enormous floor-to-ceiling windows mean that the space is never without light, and when the sun goes down, recess lighting keeps the home alive. Other people chimed as much with the famous pair's aesthetic tastes, as when it came to selling the property in 2017, it went for an impressive nearly $20 million – double the price they paid for it a few years prior.

Courtney Cox has been a home renovator for decades

It's hard to believe that Courteney Cox has had any spare time in her adult life, with a full decade devoted to filming seasons of the smash-hit "Friends." However, the actor has in fact been cultivating a lucrative sideline in property flipping since the 1980s, as noted by the Mirror. According to actor Robert Duncan McNeill, who starred with Cox in the 1987 film "Masters of the Universe," she was well on her property renovation journey when they worked together — and says that he "heard that even in those friends days that she would buy — she loved to flip houses. She loved to remodel, renovate, and then flip it out."

And if there was any doubt about Cox's property makeover expertise, all one has to do is check out her own Malibu home, which the star also renovated (per Hello! magazine). The property is a gorgeously decorated space, with a muted color scheme running throughout, and a living area that combines super-comfy furnishings with tasteful works of art and flower arrangements. In the kitchen, greys and whites dominate, with white countertops and shelving units sitting next to ultra-modern appliances. And in the two acres of outdoor space, Cox can lounge by her pool — potentially while thinking about her next property acquisition.