25 Ideas To Decorate A Blue Themed Bedroom

Color schemes are important for more than just their aesthetic values when decorating your home. Colors can heavily influence your mood, one color creating a livelier tone where another may be more somber and tranquil. Chromotherapy is an ancient study of how colors affect the mind and can be used to heal, per Very Well Mind, and this practice has continued to the current study of color psychology.

Blue is an incredibly versatile and attractive color for decorative purposes, but it also has specific psychological benefits. According to Beauty Haven, blue reduces anxiety and aggression, promotes tranquility and calmness, and helps bring down high blood pressures and heart rates.

If you're thinking about revamping your bedroom, consider adding touches of blue or thematically centering your room around the color blue. The calming, anti-anxiety properties natural to the color are excellent to instill in your room and can help aid in calmer, peaceful nights.

1. Dark navy blue

Navy is a great shade of blue due to its versatility. The color is similar to black in its ability to match most things but offers a bit more depth and texture. As a wall color, it will create an intimate, subdued feeling. Add in a few matching throw blankets for the full effect.

2. Subtle touches of blue

Blue is bright enough in some shades that even just accents of the color will bring out the beneficial qualities. Add a pillow with blue stripes, a light blue lamp, or other subtle pops of the color for a more understated approach.

3. Updated vintage blue

Blue is a great color to bring in some vintage vibes to your bedroom. A flat blue paint color will go well with a true vintage aesthetic or with updated, vintage-inspired décor.

4. Mid-century blue

Achieve a mid-century look with a medium-toned blue wall paired with classic lighter, warm-toned woods popular to the aesthetic.

5. Light and airy blue tones

Light shades of blue, when paired with white, can create a truly airy, serene feel. Mix pale shades of blue with white, flowy materials for a dreamy, clean look.

6. Modern retro blue

Modernize a retro look by adding bold blue accents in place of traditional warmer hues. Pair with black decoration pieces for the complete effect.

7. Funky flat blue

Create a funky and fun look for your bedroom by mixing and matching lots of different colors and geometrics, but keep it toned down by incorporating a flatter, muted blue tone.

8. Zen and clean light blue

Light blue is an excellent color to achieve a zen and clean look, especially when paired with white and light woods. Add some light blue throws and other smaller decor pieces for the full effect.

9. Children's nautical blue

Have some fun when decorating a kid's room by incorporating blue via a nautical theme. Use blue sheets to mimic ocean waves, and add in a few nautical-themed décor pieces to take it up a notch.

10. Modern dark royal blue

Dark royal blue is similar to navy in its shade range but is a much brighter, bolder hue. Reinvigorate a simple modern room by adding in dark royal blue sheets, throw blankets and pillows, and décor pieces.

11. Elegant marine blue

What's a better decor style for a beach house than marine? Keep the style elegant and classic by adding beachy hues of blue with gold and sand dollar colored decorations.

12. Blue and gold child's bedroom

Keep a child's room adaptable but youthful by mixing various shades of blue with golden yellow hues. Stick with white and light woods to keep it classic.

13. Teen blue bedroom

Add color to your teen's bedroom without changing the longevity of the room by adding dramatic and youthful pops of bright and light blues.

14. Light blue toddler's room

While toddlers love all things colorful and bright, it isn't a bad idea to keep their bedroom more subdued and better equipped for resting. Keep it youthful and fun while still calming by incorporating light shades of baby blue with white and light wood tones.

15. Hints of nautical blue

Nautical is a classic and everlasting decorating theme. Ensure it's adaptable while still sticking to the theme by keeping the room mostly white, with bold pops of rich nautical blue.

16. Classic vintage blue

Incorporate vintage touches in your bedroom with a rich, medium-toned blue wall paired with light and velvety blue throws for a lux vintage feel. Pair with yellows for a more modernized, retro feel.

17. Fun and youthful dark blue

For a more youthful feel, incorporate darker blues with golds and yellows, as well as white and black decorations to make things pop.

18. Dark blue and purple bedroom

Create a luxurious bedroom by painting the walls a dark, flat blue tone paired with deep, rich plum purple accents.

19. Medium blue accents

Guest bedrooms should generally be kept somewhat simple to ensure they're more adaptable for different circumstances, but you can bring in life and warmth with a rich, medium-toned blue throw blanket.

20. Industrial rustic blue

Create an industrial rustic look in your bedroom by incorporating grays and rustic wood tones, but shake it up with a bright blue throw blanket and décor pieces.

21. Gray blue comforter

Make your bedroom feel modern and light with just a touch of color by opting for a gray-toned blue comforter.

22. Soft dusty blue

Dusty blue is a cozy, soft shade and great for a bedroom. Pair it with white for a classic, inviting feel.

23. Simple light blue

Light blue is a great shade due to its versatility. Very light shades can mimic white, meaning you can play around and make all the colors in your room varying shades of light blue.

24. Rustic blue walls

Make a small space feel rustic and charming by adding a dark blue color to the walls. Pair with other rustic, vintage decoration pieces for the full effect.

25. Pink and blue bedroom

Blue doesn't have to be the only feature color in your bedroom. Mix it in with a muted pink for a luxurious comfort oasis.