Inside 50 Cent's Lavish Mansion Formerly Owned By Mike Tyson

Rapper 50 Cent bought former boxer Mike Tyson's 50,000-square-foot home in Farmington, Connecticut for €3.3m ($4.4 million), according to The Sun. When Tyson went bankrupt in 2003, he had to sell a handful of his assets. His Connecticut home was the first thing to go, and 50 Cent swooped in and bought it. Although the 21 bedroom home has an enormous amount of activities to offer with two pools, multiple game rooms, two basketball courts, a nightclub, and more, it was expensive to maintain. 50 Cent paid €50,000 ($65,000) for the mansion's maintenance every month.

Due to the high cost of keeping the house running, 50 Cent decided to put the house on the market for $18.8 million. It sat on the market for 12 years before he dropped the asking price to $3.1 million and sold it to US businessman Casey Askar, owner of several fast food restaurants, in 2019 per CT Post.

Multiple rooms to enjoy

The Connecticut estate has 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms filled with endless activities to do, according to The Sun. Multiple game rooms have pool tables, poker tables, and roulette tables; any chance to get a gamble going. Along with the game rooms, there's a home cinema, a nightclub, a recording studio, a home gym, an indoor basketball court, and an indoor pool.

As soon as you walk into the mansion, you see a marble floor that is the main feature throughout the home and two staircases leading to the second floor. Upstairs, the master bedroom is decorated simply with a couple of couches and a bed, but it holds gorgeous views of the garden. It also has a metal staircase that leads to another floor. The walk-in closets are glass-fronted, keeping up with the opulent style of the home. While there are 25 bathrooms, most of them are decorated with huge bathtubs, walk-in glass showers, and huge brightly lit mirrors with marble flooring — all with enormous windows overlooking the gardens just like most of the bedrooms.

An elegant foyer

In addition to the master bedrooms and the bathrooms, the mansion has high ceilings with large windows in every room. Most of the walls are painted white in the foyer and have dark wood features sprinkled throughout the entrance, according to Business Insider. The open floor plan travels into the dining room, where a diamond chandelier hangs above their dining table surrounded by white chairs. Minimal decor fills the area, such as a floor-to-ceiling gold frame mirror, dark wood mirror reflected hutch and an accent chest.

On the opposite side of the dining area is the reception room, where a Weber grand piano sits. Nearby is the kitchen made for the main chef of the house and possibly the only room in the house with dark wood floors that match the interior. It has emerald green granite countertops along with dark wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. A huge window rests above the sink giving views of the garden.

Tremendous outdoor space

Even though the mansion has the most beautiful interior decor, the outdoor space has a lot to offer. The home is surrounded by a profusion of trees behind a metal gate with a lion statue that leads to the driveway and entrance of the house, according to Business Insider. There are trails perfect for taking walks or bike riding around the estate. Far off to the side, there's a huge basketball court that has 50 Cent's team name printed on it. Next to that, a pond sits in the middle of the area with a water spout feature. Sitting along the pond is a guest house overlooking the water away from the main house. As if the 21 bedrooms weren't enough to hold all the guests, the guest house is perfect for company.

The outdoor pool is the most luxurious feature of the outdoor space. It's surrounded by cobblestones and lounge chairs to relax on. It's not the biggest pool, but it does have its own grotto where you can sit and hang out. The grotto is extremely spacious, surrounded by stone walls and more lounge chairs to hide from the sun's rays.