You Can Actually Buy This Idyllic Pub And Inn In Scotland

If you've ever fantasized about packing up and moving across the world to a whole new country, you just might have the chance to do so in Scotland — that is, if you have about $2.5 million to spend on a property and want to take on a new business as well. An idyllic pub and inn recently went on the market, and it seems like a once-in-a-century opportunity — as the New York Post reported, the property in question is on the market "for the first time in 45 years."

The charmingly named "The Old Inn" is a 12-bedroom mansion in a Scottish village called Carbost, which is located within the tourist-favorite Isle of Skye. You won't just be buying a home — you'll be purchasing a bustling business, by the sounds of it. According to property consultant Peter Seymour, the pub and inn have a business turnover of about $2 million a year, so perhaps your investment will be paying for itself in no time at all.

In addition to a bed and breakfast with six bedrooms and a manager's apartment, there's a separate bunkhouse with an additional five bedrooms, so you could set things up whichever way best suits your needs. And, there's a popular pub and restaurant included as well, so all those guests will have somewhere to have a bite and catch up over a pint or two of Scotland's finest.

A little more about the property

While Scotland is known for its lush green hills, the unique property comes with one major location bonus — it's actually located waterfront, with a curved railing and a few feet of sandy, rock-strewn shore being the only thing separating guests from dipping their toes in the seaside, as photos from Graham + Sibbald demonstrate. A rustic rock wall gives a quaint cottage charm and a sense of privacy to the space while not obstructing the view, and there's a large patio area with picnic tables, perfect for enjoying sunny days.

Though any new owner could definitely revamp the property, the rooms in their current state have all the essentials, from beds to televisions, as well as plenty of windows that make the most of the seaside location by offering a gorgeous view.

The pub is exactly as you'd imagine a quaint Scottish pub to look like — a stone fireplace to sit close to on colder days, wood paneling and vintage fixtures, and plenty of cozy wooden tables. And, of course, some tartan curtains — it is Scotland, after all.

The idyllic spot is certainly a unique property, and given that Seymour told Insider that The Old Inn is "incredibly well-regarded on the island for that enjoyable public house Scottish folky ambiance," it could get snatched up quite quickly.