Take A Look Inside Troye Sivan's Home

Troye Sivan is truly one of a kind. From his humble beginnings as a YouTuber, the Australian singer-songwriter has skyrocketed to worldwide success through a combination of killer pop hooks and a unique aesthetic. A champion for queer artists in mainstream pop culture, Sivan has become well-known for his ability to make authentically-driven, exciting choices in his music and art that always change things up. "I am constantly trying to keep myself on my toes -– and everyone else, too," the performer said in an interview with The Guardian.

So it makes total sense that when it came to his celebrity home, he'd have the same impulse to keep things innovative and unique — and "My, My, My," he's done so. Sivan's home, situated in Melbourne, Australia, is a true testament to his one-of-a-kind taste. It's a stunning property with a distinct architectural history, and filled with art, color, light, and good taste (via Architectural Digest). Influenced by his time spent over multiple continents, and his personal history and identity, it's a house that truly has to be seen to be believed, and we just had to discuss it here. Let's take a look here.

1. With his Melbourne property, Sivan brought it back home

As an international star, Sivan is very used to living away from Australia, where he spent his youth. The singer previously lived in the glamorous Hollywood Hills. According to Dirt, he put down $2 million on a starter home in Los Angeles in 2018 when he was the tender age of 22. One look at the property, and it's easy to see the roots of his aesthetic that would later influence his Melbourne home: The late '50's property is abundant in natural light, with high ceilings, natural textures, and industrial touches throughout.

It became time, however, to think about moving a little closer to home, and when Sivan bought his Melbourne property, he had one eye not only on how the house would look and feel, but how he and his loved ones would be living in it on a day-to-day basis. "You know the thing that I appreciate more than anything else when I'm here [in Australia] is the general approach to life — a grasp on what's important and the prioritizing of it: family, outdoor spaces, beers," Sivan told Architectural Digest. We have to say, we think he's got the right idea about what to get out of life!

2. Sivan's house has an incredible history

We don't believe that a property needs to have a history to be stunning. But a little bit of a story never goes amiss, and quite frankly, Troye Sivan's home's past is one that we simply love. The property was originally built in the Victorian era, and long before it was a residential space, it was the top handball court in Melbourne, known for hosting competitions way back in the 19th century, as per Vogue Living. The building was also a brick factory back in the day and later became a hotel in the mid-20th century.

Soon enough, though, its potential to be an idiosyncratic home became too good to ignore, and it came to the attention of the renowned architect John Mockridge. Buying the property and land in 1970, Mockridge transformed it, giving it the potential to become the house it is today (via Architectural Digest). Taking inspiration from its diverse history, Sivan preserved several elements of the property's former iterations, such as the '70s cork ceiling, giving the home a true sense of a living past.

3. To design the home, Sivan called upon some design experts

Despite having a clear sense about what he wanted from his Melbourne home, Sivan also knew that a little outside help wouldn't go amiss. So when a friend pointed him in the direction of his eventual collaborators, he knew it was a match made in heaven. "I started showing a friend some of my favorite houses around the world and they said you gotta work with Flack Studio," the singer-songwriter told Vogue Living. "The second I went on its Instagram, I think it was the Sandy Bay House in Tasmania ... I was like, 'OK, these guys get it.'"

Luckily, the feeling was mutual, with the studio principal David Flack also being quick to praise Sivan's instincts around design. "He knows how he wants to feel, and instantly struck me as an effortless, chilled, and honest guy who would be lots of fun to work with. Troye totally gets it," he said to Vogue Living. Sivan and Flack traded thoughts continuously to design the property, finding common ground on a range of topics, and using them to inform its eventual style.

4. A huge amount of renovation work went into the home

A home like this doesn't come out of nowhere, and although Sivan's property has an extensive history, there were still changes to be made before it could be the perfect pad for the pop music purveyor. Working in partnership with Flack Studio, Sivan's three-bedroom home had extensive renovation work. But even as they gutted the house, they kept a lot of original features, such as the brick clay floor and cork ceiling, which added -to – rather than detracted from — the quirkiness of the house, as per Hommes Studio

One particularly deft renovation move saw an entire bathroom relocated from inside the main space, where it sat in the kitchen/living area, to outside the main house proper, into an old wine cellar that sits in the outdoor courtyard. Cool, right? Once the bathroom was outside, Sivan didn't stop there. He then had a speaker installed in the space, so that he was able to play music (maybe his own?) while he and his loved ones do what they need to do. We have to say, that kinda beats taking a magazine out with you, so we respect your choices, Troye.

5. The home is an open-plan paradise

The interior of Troye Sivan's property truly needs to be seen to be believed. Luckily, Sivan was willing to share his space in a home tour with Architectural Digest, in which the open-plan nature of the property is showcased in all its glory. The cavernous living area operates over a split level, with a staircase running up the space's back wall, taking us up to the landing, which has an office space and seating area. "This is one of my favorite places in the house to come and look. It's kind of lofty," Sivan says, as he leans over the railing, down into the main living space.

In said room, tiled flooring supports a dedicated living room area, a dining space, the kitchen, and seating nooks facing the garden. The whole space is framed by huge floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding light into the house and illuminating the mix of muted neutrals and brighter pops of color that make the house a feast for the eyes. One key feature in the living room is what Sivan calls "literally the most comfortable couch in the world," as he falls onto it, a gorgeous green sofa by Maker&Son. "Fallen asleep here a good few nights," Sivan confesses while lying on the couch. According to the brand, the couch cost a whopping $7,800.

6. You're never too far from greenery

Located in leafy Melbourne, Sivan has taken every opportunity to welcome greenery into his home. And he's managed to do so with gusto, creating a house abundant with plant life, both in the courtyard space outside and within its four walls. The courtyard pays homage to his life experiences, incorporating plants native to the three places he has lived: Australia, California, and Japan, as per Hommes Studio

From the kitchen to the seating area, potted plants perch on every surface, ranging from small, tasteful bonsai trees to saplings that run almost up to the tall ceiling. In fact, Sivan's created a bit of a theme of using indoor trees in the house, with an apple tree, fully bearing fruit, sitting nestled on his dining table, a bowl of apples from the tree perched next to it. Sivan's tree-enthusiasm (tr-enthusiasm? Is that a thing? It is now!) taps into the trend of indoor trees as a style statement for 2022, as discussed via WGSN. Move over, tiny succulents, as mature trees of all varieties used inside the home are a must-have, something that Sivan clearly knows well.

7. Sivan's house is a collage of interesting textures

There are people in the world who like uniformity and order from their design and materials, and there are people in the world who like anything but. (And there are people in between, hey, we see you too!) Sivan firmly falls into the latter camp, creating a home that's full of different textures and materials to achieve an eclectic, colorful, eye-catching effect.

In the main space alone, brown ceramic floor tiles sit next to a fabric rug, which houses a wooden and a glass coffee table. A leather and plush fabric sofa surround the carpet. As the gaze is drawn further up, the black metal beams and railings that frame the mezzanine level sit opposite the natural textures of the lampshades and the leaves of an indoor tree. And once your eye hits the ceiling? That's cork, folks. The light brown shade works seamlessly with the cream walls. The abundance of textures creates a surprising sense of balance in the space, making it look rich without being overwhelming. And Sivan is all about balance, since he believes his house is his meditation nook. He believes every person should imagine their house while meditating, so it's important to create one full of balance and joy, as per Hommes Studio.

8. You're never far from natural light in the home

Any designer knows how precious natural light is as a resource to keep a home feeling generous and spacious, and in Troye Sivan's house, you're not going to struggle for it. The house is positively flooded with natural light in the open-plan main space, due to the full-size windows that line the entire back wall of the property, leading out into the garden courtyard. Further light is contributed to the space through windows in the kitchen and the bedrooms, and a circular skylight in the bathroom, supplying the home with multiple light sources on different levels.

In the living/kitchen area, low-level electric lighting adds atmosphere to the room. And Sivan knows how to mix it up with contrasts elements. While much of the home feels light and airy, some rooms are more cave-like and closed-in, giving them a decidedly intimate feel, such as the moody outdoor bathroom, painted in seductive deep red tones.

9. It's a family affair in the house, with sister Sage having her own room

It's important never to forget where you come from, which Sivan clearly understands well. Not only has he set up shop in his home country of Australia, but he's made space for his nearest and dearest in his property, including younger sister Sage, who has her very own room, as seen on her Instagram.

The room continues the trend that Sivan has created in the house for bold, yet tasteful, color combinations. The dusty pink textured walls are the perfect foil for the darker fabrics of the bed, with a dark gray-green headboard and army-green bedsheets with a pop of pink. Above the bed, a pair of paintings are framed in a light wooden tone, and a small vase filled with pinecones painted gold provides further eye candy. A small white lamp on the bedside cabinet offers an additional light source, and Sage even has her own bathroom. Thanks, big bro!

10. Sivan's home is an art-lover's dream

Troye Sivan's house is a far cry from the clean, white, sometimes-identical celeb homes of L.A. His Melbourne property is chock-full of his tastes and personal objects, including a huge amount of unique artwork treasured by the pop star. David Flack, principal of design firm Flack Studios, who helped Sivan design the property, discussed the singer's desire to champion Australian art and artists, as per Vogue Living.

Flack and Sivan eventually landed on Australian artist Sydney Ball's work. "We first started identifying who and what we really liked and Ball was a big part of that," says Flack to Vogue Living. It's easy to see why Ball's art would align with Sivan's aesthetic: One look at the late artist's work reveals a predilection towards unapologetic use of color, a boldness around shapes and textures, and careful contrasts, as seen via Art Gallery New South Wales. These are all hallmarks found in Sivan's home in varying ways. A match made in heaven!

11. The kitchen is a perfect combination of neutral tones

In any good home, the kitchen is a centerpiece. And in Troye Sivan's house, it's no different. The singer's kitchen effortlessly came together as a gorgeous space that he could entertain family and friends in. The cooking space is a tasteful display of neutrals, with light oak timber veneer cabinetry offset against the black metals of the structure of the home, and a light gray backsplash positioned over the hob. According to Vogue Living, the marble benchtop from Bluechip Marble & Granite adds a muted splash of color in a darker jade tone.

The kitchen is aided by a huge amount of natural light pouring in from the windows by the deep basin sinks. A high counter provides a place for hanging out and for food prepping, and the cooking space is augmented by industrial touches, like the Flack-designed aged brass utensil rail.

12. The use of pinks is an elegant touch in the home

There's no getting around it, Sivan's house is not shy about color. Which we love. And there's one color, in particular, that shows up again and again: pink. Pinks show up in various shades throughout the Melbourne property, and often in smaller moments, like in the living room where a deep, dusty pink throw pillow sits perched on the Maker&Son sofa.

Elsewhere, though, pink is the name of the game, to stunning effect. In sister Sage's bedroom, the walls are painted in light dusty pink, and accentuated by the bedsheets, creating a deeply cozy effect. However, in the main suite, the pinks truly take center stage. The deep pink Tisca Versailles carpet is offset by the light pink walls of the bedroom, a gentle contrast that's only highlighted by the white Icelandic sheepskin armchair/stool combo. In the ensuite, pink marble is paired with dusty pink walls, adding a further touch of drama. Sivan's home is a testament to the fact that shades of pink vary enormously in tone and impact. "Different pinks can give off different vibes," interior designer Caleb Anderson told Architectural Digest, pointing towards the gentleness of lighter pinks and the boldness of stronger shades like fuchsia.

13. The outdoor toilet is an unexpected feature

So, we have a confession to make. We didn't think that we loved outdoor toilets. But that was until we saw the one in (or outside) Troye Sivan's home, and now, everything's changed. Sivan has taken what was previously a wine cellar in the outdoor courtyard of the house and turned it into a stunning outdoor toilet, painted in oxblood tones for a decidedly cave-like feel. The brooding space is brightened up by a splash of pink marble offset with darker shades, and is made to feel even more luxurious with dark light fixtures and a vanity mirror.

Sivan is also not afraid to use the space for more than just its intended purpose, often cranking up the music through the inbuilt speakers to make a rave-like atmosphere. Although very different, Sivan isn't the only person hopping on the train for an outside bathroom. Other celebs, like Jennifer Aniston, are embracing the trend of indoor-outdoor toilets and wash spaces, connecting their bathrooms with nature in a more pronounced way, says the Telegraph.

14. The garden provides a luscious sanctuary

A garden can make or break a home for many people (it certainly can for us), and creating an outdoor space that feels just right can bring untold peace and joy. This is something that Sivan clearly understands and values, as can be seen through his stunning courtyard and garden space. The sprawling outdoor space is a vibrant assembly of colors and plants, with a diverse range of greenery living in the enclosed courtyard. Sivan intended that the courtyard's plants remain "unquestionably Australian," honoring the local fauna and making a veritable natural haven. "It's like paradise for me," he said. "I spend a lot of time out here watering the garden, taking care of the plants."

Throughout the garden, furniture is placed elegantly and with purpose, with casual outdoor chairs and a table serving as an excellent space for Sivan and his guests to hang out. Above all, the garden delivers one thing: a sense of peace, an escape from the busy world, and a refuge from Sivan's jet-set career.