40 Walk-In Shower Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Walk-in showers not only look astounding, but they add more value to your home. One way is due to the accessibility as compared to traditional tub showers. There is nothing to walk over to enter the shower so people of all mobility levels can utilize it, making your home appeal to a wide range of buyers, according to ReBath. They also increase the value of your home by making small bathrooms appear larger.

You don't need a lot of space to install a walk-in shower, so you can convert many half baths. Although, you may want to keep at least one full bathroom with a tub. Some drawbacks with walk-in showers are that they can be slippery if water spills out of the shower pan, and they can be chilly from all the airflow in the shower. According to Home Guide, it costs from $3,500 to $15,000 to install a walk-in shower. The price varies depending on if you choose tile, stone, or concrete and if you have an existing tub shower.

1. Fireplace

There's nothing more luxurious than having a walk-in shower with a fireplace. This bathroom also features large windows with frosted glass and nearby trees creating privacy. 

2. Black finishes

What makes this bathroom look so modern is the contrast between the white marble tiles and the matte black finishes of the hardware. 

3. All white

This all-white bathroom looks clean and crisp with texture coming from the small tile floor and shiplap accent wall. 

4. Skylight

Even small bathrooms can be luxurious. The skylight is what makes this bathroom beautiful, filling the room with sunlight. 

5. Gold accents

The gold hardware in this bathroom makes the blue and purple tiles pop, and adds warm tones to the cool marble tile shower. 

6. Glass dividers

Using glass dividers in a bathroom like this one separates the three sections without making the bathroom appear closed off or small. 

7. Small spaces

Walk-in showers with glass walls make a small bathroom appear larger than it is, unlike a bathroom cluttered with a bulky tub and shower curtain.

8. Concrete

This bathroom has concrete tiles that surround the entire room, making the walk-in shower fit in seamlessly and adding to the industrial look. 

9. Exposed brick

The exposed brick wall in this bathroom is different from usual bathroom designs, yet looks perfect in this bathroom. 

10. Glass walls

A walk-in shower with glass walls looks more luxurious than fiberglass. Here the glass is sparkling with black hardware. 

11. Accent tiles

This small bathroom benefits from a walk-in shower. The accent wall in the shower adds to the design of the bathroom without it looking cluttered. 

12. Shower bench

A bench in a walk-in shower takes it up a notch from a regular shower. This large walk-in shower also features a rainfall showerhead and marble tiles. 

13. Wet room

This small bathroom utilizes the little space it has by turning the entire room into a wet room. The shower here has a curtain that tucks away when not in use. 

14. Blue glass door

Using blue glass in a walk-in shower changes it uniquely. Giving the tile a unique look. This one offers a couple showerhead options.

15. Silver hardware and black accents

This industrial-style bathroom stands out because it mixes sleek silver hardware with accents of black and wood cabinets. 

16. Small tiles

Using small tiles like in this walk-in shower adds texture to the room. This walk-in shower also has a rounded door that looks nice between the rounded sink and bathtub. 

17. No door

It's rare that a walk-in shower wouldn't have a door, but this shower is an exception. There is only a glass wall and a lip on the floor to keep the water contained. 

18. Attached to the tub

This walk-in shower is minimal yet stunning in an all-white bathroom. It has a rainfall showerhead with a handheld showerhead and is conveniently next to the tub. 

19. Upgraded showerhead

What upgrades this walk-in shower is the showerhead and its many features. It has a rainfall showerhead, handheld attachment, and four square body sprays. 

20. Black hardware

This walk-in shower is not only gifted with a large frosted glass window, it also has a black showerhead to match the window trim. 

21. Horizontal window

Adding a horizontal window high on the wall of a walk-in shower adds natural light without worrying about anyone seeing through the window. 

22. Seafoam green subway tiles

This bathroom could not be complete without a large walk-in shower tiled in seafoam green subway tiles. 

23. Accent tiles

While this bathroom is small, it's been designed for you not to notice. Most of the bathroom has white tiles to make the room look brighter, but blue tiles are used as accents in the shower and by the toilet. 

24. Walk-in with an enterence

This large walk-in shower has two showerheads and a step to enter where you can turn on the water before stepping into the shower. 

25. Add plants

Putting in plants that do well in high humidity is a great way to style a bathroom. They add a natural element and reduce the number of toxins in the air, according 21 Oak

26. Vertical subway tiles

Vertical subway tiles help elongate a smaller bathroom, giving it more height in an already small space.

27. Large walk-in shower

Real luxury can be seen in a bathroom like this one. It's minimalistic, yet extravagant. The entire right side of the room is the walk-in shower with a tub as well. 

28. Green and gold

The combination of green subway tiles and cabinets with gold fixtures is what pulls this room together. 

29. Skylight

A skylight can make the smallest walk-in shower look luxurious. It adds natural light without having to worry about anyone looking through your window. 

30. Double shower

This walk-in shower is complete with two rainfall showerheads to fit two people. This way the shower can be shared with each person choosing the temperature of their water. 

31. Boho style

This boho-styled bathroom is warm and inviting. It incorporates a lot of woven baskets, wood, and marble patterned walls. 

32. Round walk-in shower

This walk-in shower is different from the rest because its glass walls are round. It's a fairly large walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead attached to the ceiling. 

33. Stone bathroom

This bathroom is minimal with luxurious finishes. The walk-in shower has a rainfall showerhead and in the mirror, you can see a heated towel rack. 

34. Modern bathroom

This sleek bathroom has shiny black marble flooring and a walk-in shower with a silver rainfall showerhead, a window, and nooks to keep towels nearby. 

35. Black accents

Using only white for the tiles, tub, and sinks makes the black in the shower stand out while keeping the design minimal. 

36. Heated towel rack

This black and white bathroom adds interest with penny tiles on one wall. But the real star of this space is the heated towel rack so you can always have a warm towel after showering. 

37. Marble walls

The marble pattern walls take this bathroom up a notch, plus the large walk-in shower offers couples the chance to shower together with different water temps. 

38. Lots of plants

This walk-in shower is filled with plants. The greenery brings life to the cement walls and wood accents in the shower floor and the mirror by the tub. 

39. Two levels

This bathroom has a tub inside of the walk-in shower. The tub is sitting on the highest level, then you step down to the walk-in shower, and then down again to step out. 

40. Shower, sauna, and tub

This bathroom is packed with all the amenities you might need. The walk-in shower is complete with a rainfall showerhead, beautiful tile, and a bamboo bathmat. However, the bathroom also has a tub and a large sauna.