A Look Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's Serene Montecito Home

Part wellness retreat, part warm family home, Gwyneth Paltrow's sunny Montecito home is exactly what one might expect from the Goop founder and Academy Award-winning actor. Paltrow walked Architectural Digest through her house, which she designed and built with husband Brad Falchuk from the ground up after seeing an empty lot for sale on a real estate app. The intention behind the six-year project was to create a forever home that the entire family could enjoy for years to come. While the process was long and filled with plenty of setbacks, the finished home shines with character and style.  

The solar-powered home is environmentally-friendly and draws inspiration from European barns and Parisian apartments, as well as Paltrow's time living in London. The interiors are filled with warm fireplaces, hand-painted wallpaper, and cool, contemporary lighting. There's even an entire wellness spa modeled after the Bain de la Marais in Paris, plus touches from designers Lindsey Adelman and Brigette Romanek. If you're seeking some serene design inspiration, you'll definitely want to take a peek at this stunning celebrity home.

1. Paltrow's family home is designed to boost mind, body, and soul

While Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop has a reputation for starting plenty of weird wellness trends, her home is more about incorporating wellness through subtle design elements. According to Vogue, Goop helped popularize ice plunges, the jade egg, ear seeds, and the cosmetic benefits of acupuncture. However, Paltrow's home aims to stimulate wellbeing and comfort with sacred geometries, symmetry, Vitruvian proportions, and elegant details.

You don't have to be a wellness guru to bring the principles of sacred geometry to your living space. This geometry studies the spiritual essence of different shapes and believes that everything is connected (via Mindbodygreen). Churches, temples, the pyramids, and other places of worship have all historically been designed with sacred geometries to help lift consciousness and promote healing (via Alycia Wicker). By practicing sacred geometry in your home, you can also make it a healing and nurturing space. Incorporate triangular shapes for balance and harmony, circles for unity, and squares for stability and grounding.

2. The home is a far cry from the super-traditional townhouse where she grew up

The serene Montecito house that Paltrow now calls home is a far cry from her childhood home in New York City's Upper East Side. According to Homes & Gardens, the star spent her early years living in a traditional townhouse filled with antique furnishings, wood-paneled spaces, posh drapes, and architectural details. The 7,205-square-foot home was owned by Paltrow's parents, producer Bruce Paltrow and actor Blythe Danner. She lived there between 1984 and 1992 before moving to California to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

The seven-bedroom house went up for sale in 2021 for a whopping $15.5 million. Considering the excellent location and perks like a terrace, garden, library, wet bar, six fireplaces, sky-high ceilings, and a chef's kitchen, the steep price tag is perhaps not so surprising. If you want to live like Gwyneth, now's your chance! But as is customary for kids to embrace the direct opposite of their parents' aesthetic, Paltrow went with a modern and minimalist look for her new house.     

3. The actor worked with the same design firm for her New York City apartment

Paltrow partnered up with New York design firm Roman and Williams once again to make her dream home a reality. As reported by Goop, the actor also worked with the team to design her New York City Tribeca apartment in the past. Roman and Williams, which was named one of Architectural Digest's top interior designers in the world, is known for its chic industrial style and use of elements like reclaimed wood, old-school tile, and antique hardware. Its star-studded client list also includes Ben Stiller. 

There are quite a few similarities between the two homes, including hand-painted wallpapers, dreamy color palettes, marble materials, cozy fireplaces, and a romantic swing in the living room. The matching entrance areas feature classic round tables with statement floral arrangements. The main difference between the two homes is the setting and amount of space available. 

4. The entryway is inspired by Paltrow's time living in London

When first stepping inside Paltrow's entrance foyer, a variety of sleek design elements vie for one's attention. There's the pristine, classic black and white checkered floors, an elegant 18th-century fireplace mantel, and artful greenery topping the circular center table. According to House & Garden, Paltrow lived in London for over a decade while married to Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay. The star became inspired by interior design elements like fireplaces, tiled floors, and high ceilings during her time abroad. She brought them into her entrance area to create a stunning first impression.

If you're considering giving your home's entrance a refresh, there are lots of ways to easily make it feel warmer and more inviting. You can give your home better curb appeal by replacing the front door, house numbers, and adding potted plants and flowers around the front entry (via Better Homes and Gardens). If you have some time on your hands, give the front entrance a fresh coat of paint, or build a stone walkway path leading to your door.  

5. Hand-painted wallpaper dazzles in the powder room

From her California home to her New York apartment, beautiful, 3D wallpaper is a common element across Paltrow's living spaces. The actors' powder room is filled with lots of different textures, including a metal antique mirror. However, the natural black and white floral pattern from MJ Atelier that literally pops from the walls is a true show-stopper. According to The Guardian, Paltrow's use of hand-painted wallpaper is very on-trend for 2022. Experts predict that people will be more willing to experiment with wall texture and painting patterns directly onto their walls.

If you want to get in on this trend and liven up your walls, there are a wide variety of different patterns and colors to choose from. Cut out pictures of your favorite meals from an old cookbook and collage them onto a kitchen wall or stencil a delicate floral pattern around a bookshelf (via House & Garden). Of course, you can also draw inspiration from cool wallpaper makers like Voutsa, Calico, and Vahallan (via Interiors by Jacquin). 

6. The elegant dining room is a mix of traditional and contemporary

More beautiful wallpaper awaits in Paltrow's formal dining room, along with an antique fireplace mantel, contemporary black chairs, and a long white dining table. The space effortlessly mixes old and new, retaining the elegance of classic European architecture with high ceilings and a stone fireplace while mixing things up with contemporary furnishings and sleek lines. Pretty floral arrangements and thin candles add the finishing touches. 

According to SF Gate, the key to achieving harmony between old and new like Paltrow is to play up contrasts with different shapes, materials, and decorations. Think pairing mid-century modern furniture with an antique rug or elegant wallpaper. It's also a good idea to keep proportions consistent so that none of the pieces become overwhelmed or take over a room. For example, if you have a small table, top it with a small lamp. Another cool way to seamlessly incorporate contemporary design with classic elements in a living space is by reupholstering your antique furniture with wild new fabric. 

7. The beautiful kitchen is designed for cooking and hanging out with family

Paltrow's light-filled kitchen feels like the perfect place to hang out with loved ones and cook a tasty meal together. The spacious room features a sliding wooden ladder to reach the tops of the cabinets, along with a kitchen island, tile backsplash, and a central range so that Paltrow can face her kids while cooking. There are also glass doors opening to the outdoors, making the space feel airier and larger.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, it's important to design a kitchen that you'll love spending time in. Of course, a kitchen needs to be functional and incorporate elements like a stove, sink, fridge, and food storage, but that doesn't mean it can't look amazing. Position items like the microwave and sink at the right height to avoid bending or reaching too much. If you like to cook, ensure there is plenty of counter space for cutting and chopping, as well as enough space around your appliances. Keep cooking essentials like oil and spices close to the range for easy access, along with your favorite pots and pans.

8. Beautiful blue plates are displayed on a wall of open shelving

One element of Paltrow's kitchen that deserves further mention is the plate-filled wall. The actor installed a full-wall plate rack to display beautiful blue-and-white dishware from Hermès to a stunning effect. While plates and dishes typically go unnoticed behind cabinet doors or shelves, bringing your favorite dishes out into the open is a great way to give them some love and take pleasure in seeing them shine every day. You don't have to display fancy dishes from Hermès, either. This display idea works equally well with treasured porcelain and fun, colorful pieces from the thrift store. Maybe you even have dishes you made yourself from a pottery class.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, there are a variety of different ways to display your dishware in the kitchen. Whether you have open shelving, traditional plate racks, or glass cabinets, you can easily get creative with your design. If you're showcasing brightly colored dishes, keeping them against a neutral background will help them pop.

9. A beautiful window swing is Paltrow's favorite spot to read and relax

Paltrow keeps things serene in her living room with an indoor swing hanging by the window. As reported by Goop, Paltrow first installed a home swing in her N.Y.C. apartment so that she could have a sweet spot to relax and play with her two children, Apple and Moses. The swing was created from an antique Indian door and was secured with silver chains. However, the hammock in her new home takes a stylistic turn. Designed by Jim Zivic for Ralph Pucci, it features a stainless steel frame with leather sling and jewel chain suspension. Paltrow topped it with some pillows and blankets to make the spot extra cozy. 

If you're crazy about indoor swings, why not hang one up yourself? They are a great way to add a sense of adventure to your living space and will be loved by kids of all ages. If you want to hang up a swing by yourself, be warned that it's not an easy project, and you should know what you're doing (via House Beautiful). It's always best to seek help from an expert if you have any questions. 

10. Cool lighting from Lindsey Adelman livens up the living room

One of the most unique elements of the living room is the contemporary lighting from designer Lindsey Adelman. The cool light installation wraps around a large portion of the living room ceiling, with glass orbs and metal details. It makes the space feel cool and bright, draws the eye upwards, and gives the room height.

Living room lighting has the power to make or break your space, which is why you should give some thought to lighting here. According to Homes & Gardens, living rooms serve a variety of purposes in our lives, from reading spots to home theaters. The right lighting will help the space transition from day to night with a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ideally, you should layer your lighting so that there are multiple light sources in one room. Start with a large ceiling light for ambiance, then add some dimmable lights like table lamps around the entire space for different tasks. Finish with accent lighting to draw attention to specific elements in the room, like a bookshelf or piece of artwork.

11. Paltrow keeps her marble bar stocked with Japanese whiskey

Paltrow keeps things chic in her living room with a freestanding home bar. Designed by Roman and Williams, the onyx bar is perfect for entertaining and features brass details, an open shelf for displaying glasses, and some bowls with fresh lemons and limes. The bar is typically kept well-stocked with Japanese whiskey (Paltrow's favorite) and sparkling water.

While Paltrow's bar exudes luxury, adding your own home bar doesn't have to break the bank. According to The Spruce, a small bar cart topped with some essential spirits and mixers is all you need to create the luxurious feeling of a home bar. Add in comfortable seating, a few decorative items, and a small table or two to complete the look. Alternatively, install some open shelving for a bar nook if you are short on floor space. It's the perfect place to display your favorite spirits in style.  

12. A U-shaped couch is the perfect place for large gatherings

Even Paltrow likes to relax sometimes, which is why she found the comfiest, U-shaped couch for her living area. The gray Charles Zana sofa has a retro, '70s feel, cool curves, and looks right at home in the space. While it is undoubtedly elegant, it still feels like the perfect place to pile in and hang out with family.

Choosing a couch for your home is no easy task, especially if you have a big family or like to host movie nights. You'll definitely need to consider things like size, shape, room placement, quality, and seating capacity. According to The Spruce, it's important to find a sofa that fits everyone in your household without being too large that it overwhelms the space. Measure your room before starting the hunt for a new sofa, so that there are no unexpected surprises on delivery day. If you plan to frequently use your couch, opt for a durable material that can withstand children, pets, and whatever else life throws at it.

13. Un-lacquered brass material runs throughout the entire home

From the kitchen to the delightful home spa, unlacquered brass is a constant theme in Paltrow's dream home. According to Martha Stewart, while lacquered brass has a clear coating that protects it from aging and tarnishing, unlacquered brass is left exposed. This causes the brass to age beautifully over time and develops a patina. The exact color and look of the patina depend on the surrounding elements. For example, greater humidity and salt content in the air means the patina will have a green hue. If you like materials in your home that feel natural and evolve slowly over time, then unlacquered brass might just be for you.

When taking care of unlacquered brass, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The more you polish it, the better it will look. For daily care, a microfiber cloth and dish soap are sufficient for cleaning. For a deeper clean that will remove tarnish and discoloration, turn to a brass polish and follow the specific instructions before applying (via Clever).

14. The luxury wellness spa features a hot tub, sauna, steam room, and rain showers

Would it be Gwyneth Paltrow's home if there wasn't a jaw-droppingly beautiful home spa? Modeled after the luxurious Bain de la Marais in Paris, Paltrow's personal wellness center has everything one could possibly need to relax and unwind. There's a sauna, a steam room, hot tub, plunge pool, floor-to-ceiling tiles, and even spa robes hung perfectly on the wall. According to Vanity Fair, the his-and-her shower heads alone cost $30,000.

Paltrow is not the only one who loves home spas, however. Internet searches for spa-like items such as walk-in showers have risen by 100% recently (via Homes & Gardens). Adding these elements to your bathroom not only adds personal wellness benefits but also has the potential to increase home value in the long run. Typically, homeowners can look forward to a 50 to 60% boost in home value after adding spa staples like a soaking tub and heated floors. Now that's spa-mazing!