The Toilet Cleaning TikTok Hack That Makes Chores So Much Easier

Even for those who love to clean, the bathroom — specifically the toilet — is one of the most dreaded chores on a home's cleaning task list. However, a TikTok hack shared on Digital Mom Blog just might give you an idea to make that particular chore a little bit easier, allowing you to do a bit less scrubbing and keep a fresh scent lingering in your bathroom long after you've finished cleaning.

As a TikTok video from user Angelfacesllc demonstrated, all you need is a bottle of your cleaner of choice, something that has an aroma you enjoy — the individual filming the video decided on Fabuloso. Then, simply poke a hole or cut a very small slit in the bottom of the bottle and place it in your toilet tank (some suggest emptying the tank first to ensure it doesn't overflow as the bottle displaces the water in the tank).

Obviously, filling the entire toilet tank with a cleaning solution would be disastrous from both an economic and environmental perspective. However, by having the bottle of solution in the water with just a small hole or slit in it, the theory is that small amounts of the solution are released with every flush. According to the TikTok user who posted the video, it helps keep your bathroom smelling amazing, and having that cleaner going around your toilet bowl on a regular basis may even cut down on the elbow grease needed to keep your toilet sparkling clean.

Mixed opinions about the hack

Though Digital Mom Blog couldn't get enough of the toilet cleaning hack, opinions on TikTok were a bit mixed about the idea. The simple cleaning video had over 129 comments, with many warning that the tip had some potential downsides that might outweigh the perks.

One key factor that several commenters flagged was that the size of the bottle is important. While a larger bottle might stay stationary, smaller bottles can potentially float around the water tank and even get stuck or lodged, causing potential flooding. Others warned it might not be safe for a toilet, or a septic tank if your home has one of those. One user wasn't a fan from an economic perspective, as they mentioned the solution was drained way too quickly. And two additional users identified that after trying the hack, foam bubbles emerged from their toilets, so it seems it may be a trick to undertake at your own risk.

Despite all the detractors, though, there were a few commenters who were thrilled by the cleaning tip. One mentioned, "this hack is a game-changer," while another commented, "looks like a good idea." Yet another eager individual chimed in with, "I just bought a bottle for each bathroom," ready to commit wholeheartedly to the new method of cleaning her toilet.