This Couple Found An Unconventional Way To Go Viral Selling Their House

Meet the new viral sensations Lawrance Simpson, 34, and his wife Clarissa Turner, 29, whose daringly brilliant listing has got everyone talking. The New Zealand couple bared it all — well, sort of — in front of their quaint A-frame cottage located in the foothills of the Southern Alps to announce their intention to sell their house. Their cheeky ad worked its magic, catapulting them into the world of overnight, internet stardom, as well as attracting significant interest in the rural property.

"I've had a decent amount of interest," Simpson says. Apparently, primarily from Christchurch residents seeking a sanctuary in nature, and of course, equally cheeky prospective buyers who want to know if the naked couple comes with the house — they do not. "Lifestyle getaway, plus glacier views!" the listing says, which is currently on Trade Me for the asking price of $315,000. "Gets more sun than any other property in Franz Josef," it continues.

The one-bedroom and one bathroom house

The rural property sits on a two-acre land, offering the best views in Franz Josef, per the listing. It is a dwelling of a singular bedroom and bathroom spanning several square feet of living space. Many would agree that the beautiful alpine A-frame cottage is the epitome of a country bolthole as it lies amongst the foothills of the Southern Alps. But eventual buyers would not feel completely secluded since the house is one kilometer away from the local school and three kilometers north of Queenstown, where bars and cafés abound.

The dwelling is divided into two primary areas: the living space and lofted bedroom measuring 4500 meters square and the paddock of about 3500 meters square, consisting of an old farm shed. We love that the facilities make sense for the location of the property. There is a greenhouse and rainwater tank that supplies water to the house and another for gardening and other outdoor activities.

Noteworthy features

For parking, there is a graveled area that can accommodate three cars. One can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of power courtesy of the solar panels that light up the main house and surroundings. The house comes fully furnished with a Queen-sized bed and two couches that fold out into beds. As expected, the features are minimalistic, offering a theme of wood paneling and simplicity. The kitchen boasts of a gas stove, Kauri kitchen benchtops, and the bathroom, a small, white sink with cabinets. Other noteworthy eco-friendly facilities in the house include a composting toilet and greywater system for gardening.

You may be wondering why the couple is giving up this lovely property with lush greenery. Like with most unfortunate tales in recent times, it all starts with COVID-19. Simpson's work as a local guide of eight years on the Franz Josef Glacier has come to an abrupt end because of the pandemic. Due to closed borders and the absence of tourists, he, along with 30 other staff, has been forced to relocate to Queenstown to seek other opportunities.